On the ACT English, there are three main ways that word choice becomes important: This final topic is large enough that we have a whole separate article dedicated to it. (Among/Between) me and you, I think Kallie won the contest. x��[K�+���W���=�w7ñ��� ��Jf&�܄�M�~�*�Tzu���c���*�T��[=����ï��u����/_��N�~��?ƭ6�ԓ�O&�����O?�,�����q8��o�?����3}��Z�������'79���~x������ϳ��y�1�g�U�#ϳ�r���^���7D5`���� F\��v9�8��"��;���X3?.�Y̌� ���m���:�?i�Nغ����O;�}��b�T�INN+?��AKW��ҕ�_�4^@DWD,���8^q���r@�r�U\+c�ַt��O.��߃ �u*`0�ctĂ�>}Q 2� m�1�f "�v�2��Dxc�-~�0�Dc�h]�}��I������� �(�=%,E�Z����g|���Ƨ�f���ťk�=�o!��� ����@�~��Hs��� Good spelling help and standardized test prep. -a, an. These two assessments are short, but effective tests for frequently confused words such as to, two, and too or they're, there, and their; great for a diagnostic test. This skill is important for college level work, such as writing papers. 4 0 obj -cite/site/sight The following sentence uses the commonly misused words correctly: There are not many tardies during the passing periods now that the sweeps are happening. -proceed/precede Instead they should be could HAVE, would/will HAVE, should HAVE, and might HAVE. Now that you know how to tackle one of the trickier subjects on the ACT English, try another: here is how to take on idioms on the ACT. 2 0 obj ��Hxy�����������;9�-9C�?p4s�!�J 5m����,�VH�q���a#������{��K��Or��p��t��o}t��T�C۔(y�Y�]�;߻vso�{Ȏ��Y� $S� e�-���������Պeg�$���r� K�@CO@�;T�r-a�����^� |�6[����|�_6pU7�,«^��^�IJ�L���. accept and except), the definitions of the words, and 10-12 sentences offering context and a c. This is a quiz of 35 sentences in which the students must choose which commonly confused word is correct by circling it. Page. Most of the ACT English questions focus on grammar, punctuation and style. Here, you’ll find an easily confused words worksheet for early learners and one for more advanced learners. By reading our guides or using another prep method, you can learn the various grammar rules that are important for being able to answer most of the questions on ACT English. This is the only word that really implies something that helps wake you up, which is what is needed to correctly complete the sentence. ������c4=ԥ����aF@?� +�>�B�����/��5��C��?�� Q��'�F����(Eؤx(@ 8&R���E�̈@���������q�va���&jV�`��C�ؙl/� sR D�� i(~. Words Commonly Confused Worksheet Part 1: For each of the following sentences, circle the word or words that best complete the sentence correctly. Either worksheet could be used by teachers for younger children or ESL students. 1. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Cover the concepts first, and then use the worksheet to help students practice their skills. Ask yourself: what is doing the revealing? Now you can understand why the answer is (B) better than. (There/their/they're, than/then, etc.) This resource is packed with two sets of task cards, sorts, games, posters, and a quiz for each set of words to help your students master these tricky homophones. There’s an explanation about commonly confused words before each printable worksheet, and the answers are provided in the PDF file. But in the right context, one of them can also mean showing greater importance. But don’t bother spending a lot of time worrying about this list. The makers of the ACT know which words are most confusing for students, and focus on these when writing the test. Let’s look at this example from the ACT and use the above strategy to answer it. This is one of those “everyday English” mistakes. This works well as both a pre-test and a post-test. -loose/lose “Principal” means the main person or part. “Led” is the past tense form of the verb lead. If you see “of” being used as a helping verb, it will be incorrect! The 5 Strategies You Must Be Using to Improve 4+ ACT Points, How to Get a Perfect 36 ACT, by a Perfect Scorer. When you see one of these words underlined, look at the rest of the sentence. What SAT Target Score Should You Be Aiming For? So (B) and (C) are out. B; 2. Each page offers 2-3 commonly confused or misused words (i.e. -break/brake Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal -their, there, they're Can you tell which one is correct? 3. 5. Also included in: Practice & Assess Grammar: Differentiation BUNDLE! Get rid of C and D, which both have the dreaded “of” construction. ާ�n���u�F���C,��=>���B���k����q� You are probably familiar with all of the words in the answer choices, so let’s look at them closely to see which one best fits the sentence. Both of these test your ability to understand when a word is being used incorrectly. Now it’s a matter of differentiating between “reveals” and “reveal." topic: Problem words, words commonly confused in English 1 | level: Advanced Below you'll find pairs of words that are commonly confused in writing. Again, this doesn’t really work because the two traditions aren’t actually competing with each other. Commonly Confused Words TEST. Since “years” is a plural noun, we need the plural verb, which is “reveal." flashcard set{{course.flashcardSetCoun > 1 ? So (A) is out. Go over the concepts first, and then use the worksheet to help students understand. This has led some people to believe that “of” is actually the correct word to use in these circumstances - but it’s not! Answers 1 Do you accept payment by credit card? The second question I gave you about smelling coffee in the morning had one of these meaning in context errors. An assessment testing if students know the differences between contractions and other confused words! 1 Do you ..... payment by credit card? - a Word document with the words, their definitions and example, Commonly Confused Words Vocabulary Practice and Test If you liked this English lesson, you'll love our program. ACTIVITY SUGGESTION. 1 0 obj I think my pants are a little too _____ Along with more detailed lessons, you'll get thousands of practice problems organized by individual skills so you learn most effectively. I’ll go into each of these question types in more detail below. -to, too, two <> Many of these examples are among the top 10 misused words, so if students can master their proper usage, they will be ahead. “Change” implies that something was one way, and then became another way. Consider extending this exercise by having your learners compare their answers by reading them aloud in pairs or small groups.