As you enter the room following the departure of Hakeev and Janek, your Bridge Officer will give you the option of being quiet about it: Note that the Romulan Analysts in this central room are fairly easy to overcome in a fight, so you can take them out with relative ease if you're feeling sufficiently militant. File is referenced by another file (Reciprocity). If you freed the prisoners and any of them survived the fight with Janek, they will immediately set upon any Analyists in the room. Hope they patch this. Hope arenanet takes notice. It has a biometric lock -- nothing on the ship responds to anyone but him. Starfleet sending advisers to Cardassia Prime to advise government on security issues. Like 8 out of 10 times it will still go backwards instead of forward. @bravan.3876 said: i have tried moving ahead restarting the missiong i even brought a player along to try to change things up. When I first played the Romulan story arc when it first launched this mission worked. Rolex Database Stolen Watches, I'm sure whatever it was had to be big news. Proceed further, and you will come upon a group of Romulans attacking something: a Horta. I am also having the same problem with the secret door. Each time you apply a key, more of the plain text of the message will be revealed. How did you find this place? Forty-seven injured in bombing at University of Culat. I give the orders here, Commander. This article or section does not list all values or entries associated with the discussed subject. Up Down Up Down Merch Coryxkenshin, There is no reason for anyone to want to come here. Dropping the quest and restarting. Maybe there are some veins with less impurities in the lower levels of the mine. Aliquam erat volutpat. To answer your question, though, I don't know what makes this mine different from any other mine. Your "aid" goes to fill their bellies and heal their wounds, Starfleet. If we don't give them what they want, they beat us. Miners have empty carts, and they return with ones filled with ore. Madran won't answer any questions about why the Remans might be targeting this place for fear of scaring us away from a possible sale. If you avoid them, they will ignore you. Alliance between House of J'mpok and House of Duras is weak. I know we're in the right area, but all of the moons in this system are inhabited and our sensors are being affected by the magnesite. She'd talk about the plazas in Rateg, or vacations she spent with her father on the shores of the Apnex Sea. I was playing through the 'Digging for Answers' and the point in the mission when you have to stand on the two pressure plates and open the hidden door, the objective 'Open Hidden Door' doesn't check off. Thx for getting back guys though I should have mentioned he cannot be talked to. You will learn a bit more information and narrow down your search area as the circle marked on the map gets smaller. Then I suppose he won't mind if you disappear. As you approach the door leading into the base proper, a cutscene will play. My shuttle broke down in this system six weeks ago. Science training is required to complete this optional objective. Sort of necroing this thread, but did anyone find a solution to this? Also -- I know Klingons are fond of their battle parties, but could you please restrict the number of crew you bring down to the surface? Can't see your option settings at start because it looks like 144p but have you free camera disabled? True Way claims responsiblity for attack. Do you know anything about what they recently discovered? I always make sure i'm holding move forward while pressing about face to avoid it. Eons pass. This is not a military installation. Everyone was on edge, Janek and Hakeev were barely speaking and I once heard Hakeev mumbling something about orders. If a new mine is drilled here, it will make the previous one look like it's been tapped dry.