Replace white milk with chocolate milk, over either. Close. pebbles  - they're WAYYYY more substantial - here's my rationale: Rice Krispies are like eating air; cocoa krispies are like eating chocolate air Fruity Pebbles are AWESOME - so it just stands to reason that given the identical texture, cocoa pebbles are the superior treat, You are both wrong. Steve T. Philadelphia, PA; 701 friends 416 reviews You know, everything has been getting cheapened because "there is not inflation." Report as inappropriate. 0 0. All Rights Reserved. I know. Fail, and rant off. Because the more you find out, the uglier everything seems. Rick. You know, like bacon now coming in a 12oz. That'd be one from each of the three major brands (Kellogg's, Post, and General Mills). 0 0. It looks like nothing was found at this location. I'd usually say "are the ****" .. but not in this situation. Hell, my face would break out after eating a bowl of CP. 2009/07/03 10-year GC received; last 0.5 done! Counting me for Pebbles, I have this at 6-5 in favor of Pebbles so far. James, May 4, 2008 in General Polls. I don't eat chocolate cereals, but if I did I'd go for Cocoa Krispies I'm sure. I didn't know I'd have to write a description. (C) OfficeChai 2020. After some deliberation, we decided to go with the three most popular, purely chocolate cereals: Cocoa Krispies, Cocoa Puffs and Cocoa Pebbles. OG Chocos are way better than any American cereal by far. Sign up for a new account in our community. Settle this fight to the death between Rebecca S and I. Krispies Jim,'s all about the end result chocolate milk and krispies is da bomb. Yesterday, Dan had one request and one request alone for me when I went grocery shopping. Krispies. YUMMMMMMMM, "It's far better to be alone than wish you were." Cocoa Krispies vs. Cocoa Pebbles There can only be one true cocoa cereal. In the UK they're called Coco Pops. We crowned one the king of the cereal milks. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. 04-22-08 Visa Interview and Visa APPROVED! But I can't eat a whole breakfast of them. I really don't like any of those too much. It was cocoa krispies with horizon organic lowfat 2% milk. This conversation is older than 2 months and has been closed to new posts. 2006/10/27 Pras' conditional GC arrives -- .5 to go (2 yrs to Conditions Removal), 2008/07/21 I-751 (conditions removal) filed, 2008/08/22 I-751 biometrics completed, 2009/06/18 I-751 approved. No wonder the birds Cuckoo! regalame una sonrisita con sabor a viento. Cocoa Krispies are only OK a handful at a time or else they get nasty. If you listen closely, the slogan actually goes. Co-Founder of VJ Fluffy Kitty Posse -31 Dec 2003 MARRIED26 Jan 2004 Filed I130; 23 May 2005 Received Visa30 Jun 2005 Arrived at Chicago POE02 Apr 2007 Filed I751; 22 May 2008 Received 10-yr green card14 Jul 2012 Citizenship Oath Ceremony, none of the above! I prefer Cocoa Krispies all the way - Cocoa Pebbles have a funny, chemical taste to me. All rights reserved. It goes ...Cocoa PuffsCount ChoculaCocoa PebblesCocoa Krispies. Two down, 1.5 to go. package. I was deprived of sugary cereals as a child, so as a result, I have no interest in them as an adult. There is a HUGE difference between cocoa puffs, cocoa pebbles and cocoa krispies. We tasted for sweetness, chocolate flavor and all around drinkability. Soooo, yeah. 26 Jan 2004 Filed I130; 23 May 2005 Received Visa, 02 Apr 2007 Filed I751; 22 May 2008 Received 10-yr green card, Only have had Cocoa Crispies--right way to take them is like popcorn (as-is, no milk, in quantity). Cocoa Pebbles Cocoa Krispies. Maybe try one of the links below or a search? I soooo blew it. I hate Cocoa Puffs. No love for the Puff. cocoa krispies, i have some in the cabinet. Now...its just muddy water. Sign in. I don't think i've ever had cocoa krispies. 2009/07/23 Pras files N-400, 2009/11/16 My 46TH birthday, Pras N-400 approved, 2010/03/18 Pras' swear-in, ---------------------------------------------------------------------. You know, like bacon now coming in a 12oz. ), Ishu tum he mere Prabhu:::Jesus you are my Lord. Sugary cereals are awesome desserts but for a whole breakfast... ugh. Wishing you ten-fold that which you wish upon all others. You know, everything has been getting cheapened because "there is not inflation." I'll have to try them sometime. - Ann Landers, 03-03-08 Consulate in Rio de Janeiro received petition. Although I used to mix Cocoa Puffs with Capn Crunch Peanut Butter cereal, and still enjoy it solo, Cocoa Krispies is and has always been the move. Cocoa Krispies, Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Pebbles, or Count Chocula? Well, they decided to cheapen cocoa pebbles, the undisputed winner in this debate. It's easy! You know, like bacon now coming in a 12oz.