Set yourself up to succeed on exam day. Testing center experiences vary, so pick the right experience for you. Data privacy is no exception. You need to score at least 450 to pass. ISACA is, and will continue to be, ready to serve you. There are no limits on how many times you can take the exam in general, only to how often you can take it in each testing period (only the once). With this passing score and the other requirements being met, you can apply for CISA certification. Compare exam experiences       Check the exam schedule. Earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit hours to ensure that you maintain an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in the field of information systems audit, control and security. Once you have passed the CISA exam, you can fill out this certification application and send it in with the required documents. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is a $50 fee for the certification, due when you apply. ISACA uses a 200-800 point scale to score the CISA exam. This is why it is essential you plan in advance for which testing window you want to enroll, study ahead of time, then register for that exam testing window. Prior to doing so, you must meet the following requirements: Prove to your peers and stakeholders that your skills and knowledge are up to date and relevant. 1—The Process of Auditing Information Systems (21%) Here are valuable four steps they offer for how to register for CISA exam 2019. This white paper explores challenges to the principles of independence and objectivity, and how ITAF can resolve them. No matter how broad or deep you want to go or take your team, ISACA has the structured, proven and flexible training options to take you from any level to new heights and destinations in IT audit, risk management, control, information security, cybersecurity, IT governance and beyond. Gain a competitive edge as an active informed professional in information systems, cybersecurity and business. Build capabilities and improve your enterprise performance. Get an early start on your career journey as an ISACA student member. Learn why ISACA in-person training—for you or your team—is in a class of its own. The phrase “the only constant is change” rings true for every single one of the organizations I have been a part of. Validate your expertise and experience. Remember that test center availability is always first-come, first served so you want to be there early if you’re in a busy location. If you are within 48 hours of your scheduled testing appointment, you must take the exam or forfeit the registration fee. The new 4th edition of ITAF outlines standards and best practices aligned with the sequence of the audit process (risk assessment, planning and field work) to guide you in assessing the operational effectiveness of an enterprise and in ensuring compliance. Please note that payment is required before you can schedule an exam. ISACA delivers expert-designed in-person training on-site through hands-on, Training Week courses across North America, through workshops and sessions at conferences around the globe, and online. CISA certification exams can now be taken via online remote proctored or at an in-person testing center. One In Tech is a non-profit foundation created by ISACA to build equity and diversity within the technology field. .membership-benefits { We are all of you! The passing score of 450 or higher represents a minimum consistent standard of knowledge, according to the ISACA Certification Committee. Your registration will be valid for one year from that date as well. It means you have answered the minimum number of questions to show that you have the practical knowledge needed for the job task. Whether you are in or looking to land an entry-level position, an experienced IT practitioner or manager, or at the top of your field, ISACA® offers the credentials to prove you have what it takes to excel in your current and future roles. You will receive a preliminary pass/fail on the screen when you finish the exam, so you at least know if you passed.