He was frequently attacked by those small white toy dogs common here, whose owners NEVER kept their little attack toys on leashes. Please refer to “There’s always an “if” when you get a Chabrador” paragraph for more info. He l9ves meeting new people however if he decides he doesn’t like you you probably shouldn’t try approaching him. Talking about the other physical characteristics of this dog breed, the Golden Retriever Chow Mix has a slightly curved tail and dropped ears that hang from the sides of the face. Something went wrong. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of whether this mixed-breed dog or hybrid is good for you. But this sweet chow/lab needs more than we can give her. You’re welcome! Later he took to running by my side on a bike. I grew up on in a ranch with cattle dogs and a wild hybrid they don’t come any where close to how loyal the chabrador are. She absolutely hates water which is not typical of the lab part of her. Their devotion is one of their prominent qualities, as the hybrid between the family dog and the protector means a loyal guard dog that craves your attention. This breed is young compared to the Chow Chow. Keep reading below on how to find one! Overall, the Golden Retriever Chow Mix prefers to lounge and then head outdoors and play. The Labrador Chow Mix lifespan is about 9 to 12 years. Golden Chows require a lot of space. the origins of the Chow-Chow and the origins of the Golden Retriever. LONG, LONG walks twice a day improved the escape instinct, which I suppose suited the golden genetics, but not what you’d expect from a chow chow. Other physical features include dark eyes, a black nose, a medium-length snout, and big feet. I love animals and have a beautiful Golden Retriever of my own. Another health problem in your Golden Retriever Chow Mix that you may want to watch out for is cataract. They are known for being fluffy, aloof, and devoted pets. She was an amazing dog, someone had to be missing her. The offspring of the purebred Chow-Chow and the purebred Golden Retriever, the Golden Retriever Chow Mix is a fluffy dog that carries the best characteristics of its parent breeds. Some will look like fluffier Golden Retrievers. Martha Stewart is also a fan and owns three. I miss him very much. Daisy is short and has long hair and she doesn’t have excessive shedding. Likes moderate attention. How long does a Golden retriever Chow mix live. I will so miss her. Goldens are also extremely active dogs. Most mixed breeds originated around that time and became popular in the late ’90s, early 2000’s. Adults he was good with, but he was not a fan of kids, like most chows. Thanks for sharing Sherrie! This mix has made them less friendly with children and strangers, so if you want to bring out their Golden Retriever qualities, early socialization is required. Others, it will likely be a time consuming chore you might not even be able to handle. Got him from the local shelter. Get a pup and make sure he has early socialization with other animals and people. After a week I noticed that she seems not to be that fond of my 4 year old child. However, breeders agree that mixed breeds usually have moderate temperaments so I wouldn’t prepare myself for the worst scenario, just for the sake of it. It is best that you don’t get the Golden Retriever Chow Mix home if you stay outdoors most of the time and cannot take your dog along with you. The adoption center had very little info on his background . Listen, Chihuahua dog breeds are no different from the rest of all large and small lap dogs. In this post, we break down some of the most asked questions about the Golden retriever Chow mix. Golden Chows will need an average amount of exercise, and they don’t have boundless energy. As an adult, your dog needs daily walks, at least one short play session, and mental stimulation. She’s loyal, affectionate, and very intelligent, however she can inherit the Chow Chows’ pride, and in some rare cases, their tendency towards aggression. And subscribe to our newsletter to get more dog posts right into your inbox. See you on the Other Side. Goldens love affection of all kinds, including from strangers. You’ll often see their fur as a golden yellow, but blue, red and black are also possible coat colors. I was really worried about what i was getting myself into. Your Golden Chow will likely inherit the stubbornness of their Chow Chow parent. The breed was adopted across the U.S for being great with kids, family, and even strangers. 9 to 14 years is what to expect as a typical lifespan for chow chow mixed dog breeds. He didn’t play with other dogs. We say likely because no two Golden Retriever Chow Mix dogs will have the exact same physical characteristics, personality traits, and health problems. thanks for viewing. any puppy will be a handful and don't expect a 9 year old to take care of him. The Chow Chow is a low and boisterous pet, which the Golden Retriever is calm and patient. We told an animal behaviorist about this and made some recommendations like bringing home one or more of the kids’ favorite stuffed animals with the kids’ unlaundered clothes on them. Interestingly, Golden chows are believe to be a new designer dog breed, so if you too are surprised at how far the Golden Retrievers have come as they are without a doubt the youngest dog breed when compared to the Chow Chow, you are not alone . They live anywhere from 10-13 years and stand at 23 inches tall. He’s got all the best & worst traits of his primary breeds but I’d adopt a Lab, a Chow or a Lab-Chow again without hesitation. Our other rescue baby is a much gentler mix of Australian shepherd/ lab / and 3 others thrown in and amazingly enough part chow. This, because of their size could spell disaster for you legally. Do all lab chow mixes have purple tongues? If the Golden Retriever Chow Mix puppy inherits the personality of the Golden Retriever, then you can expect it to be a playful, social, loving, and friendly dog. No. My concern is her training with door manner is still awful. Need to mention I do teach my children from a very young age to respect dogs and teach them that they can bite. Golden Chow’s shed a lot! Thank you, I have a chow lab mix. These designer dogs are really the most suited to families that have no young children. He’s the love of my life. When bringing a mix breed dog home, always be ready with some information beforehand. They are known for being stubborn when training, but are very intelligent and can be easily trained once they see you as Alpha. As far as the exercise needs of the Golden Retriever Chow Mix are concerned, the dog loves being outdoors but it won’t appreciate anything more moderate activity. This is true for both appearance and temperament. Take your Golden Chow to a professional groomer every month to keep their fur trimmed. No matter what, you can expect a thick double coat that will need daily brushing. She is ok with him. I found her abandoned on the street. tommy. Looking back, we explored the surrounding wilds for at least two solid hours a day. This includes combing and cleaning its fur three to four times a week to keep it untangled and hygienic. Watch that their weight stays at a healthy number, so they avoid heart and lung problems. The only thing we know about the breed is that it has only been around for the past two decades. She lived for every person in the household to pet her. Eddie Mc Farren has been proudly advocating for pets and animal welfare for countless years and he's been doing so with passion and commitment to excellence. She was so well mannered I knew she had to belong to someone, and after two days of looking for her owner, I found out her owner had passed away, and her owners family abandoned her. However, have you ever considered a Golden Chow? He’s got the “soft mouth” from the lab, which is awesome. Potty training is not hard, but you need to teach your Chow Lab Mix more than just how to ask herself out. My Husband and I are retired and have a 11 year old mix breed that we have had for 10 years and will not give up. It’s a medium-size dog around 18 to 24 inches, weighing between 50 to … Overall, the Golden Retriever Chow Mix is a big, fluffy dog. The Chabrador comes from two large dogs with very different personalities. Your dog might have a splotchy multi-colored tongue. Let me know if you have any questions! Check out our feeding guide here. And yes, her negative experience with Hurricane, of course, can affect her behavior. I give them affection and lovings but she wants nothing to do with us. She got along perfectly with other dogs, cats, horses and guinea pigs. My “Bear Bear” will always be my buddy! Golden retriever Chow mix dog breed is on the rise and enjoying a significant surge in popularity since this designer dog breed came to light. However, the parent of an individual Golden Retriever Chow Mix with the stronger genes will somewhat determine the personality traits that the pup inherits. He’s roughly a year old. Thanks for subscribing! She gets many compliments on what a good, pretty and happy dog she is. I would like this to stop and want to scent train for fun so no bunny gets hurt. Golden Chows are not known for having health issues and are relatively healthy, though. Temperament is where these dogs differ most from a Golden Retriever. If you want to take the pressure off their joints, take them to your next swimming class. Pay attention to their ears and their nails as well. She was found wandering the park, so he caught her and had her tied up outside until he could bring her to the shelter Monday morning. Make sure their diet mostly consists of protein and fats with low carbs. Thanks. I got my Petey when I was 8 years old and he was only about 13 weeks. Everyone liked him and I got many compliments on him. If you haven't heard of a Bloody Dane before, that's okay. Still, these pets will need loving homes and will be great companions, whether they’re purebred or not. One of my cats was not afraid of anything and the pitt bull loved me. If your dog is more of a Chow Chow, training will be more difficult. I got my second dog as a 16th birthday present, and her loyalty for me was just as strong as my first. Still, they will be your friend for life if you give them that attention. I would recommend if you are looking to get one. They are focused to the point of obsession and will work hard to achieve any task that you give them. BTW, that wonderful cat, Tiger, was even able to change the dog’s owner’s attitude about cats around. You would think someone is killing her the way she screams. When we moved to our farm, the neighbors had a pitt bull. However, this is the only true negative to owning a designer dog (unless you care about coat color). if she would be a fit . The Chow Chow is another story; you’ll likely find them at the pound. How long does a golden retriever chow mix live? These dogs tend to combine traits from either side inherently, and that makes them be stubborn to train. Even when there’s a treat involved she tries to take it from a distance.