Chevron Renaissance is a $400 million development on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia comprising 713[1] individually owned residential lots located above the Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre. In order to secure the posts, I first put it up against the 4x4 posts that were set in the concrete blocks and clamped them tight to hold it into place. I did this project over a couple of days but with an extra hand and clear weather, you could definitely knock it out in a day or two. [2][3][4][5], The Chevron Renaissance commercial development occupies the block of land extending from the Gold Coast Highway in the east to Ferny Avenue in the west and from Circle on Cavill in the south halfway towards Cavill Avenue and Elkhorn Avenue in the north. [6][7], Chevron Renaissance is the most significant Gold Coast development since the late 1950s. In order to get the boards perfectly spaced, I used a 1x3 board to place in between. I cut the board so that both ends would meet at the middle of each 4x4 posts. Today, Caltex has extended this tradition into our retail business, partnering with some of the best nationwide loyalty programs such as the Plus! Subscribe to our newsletter and always be the first to hear about what is happening. © 2001 – 2020 Chevron Corporation. Above right: In this 1997 image, a revised Caltex logo shone atop one of its “action stations.”. We’ve always put our customers at the center of our message, as we did in the umbrella campaign “What Drives You” that ran from 2001 to 2011. Today, the Caltex brand is equated with quality service in our many Eastern Hemisphere countries. September 30, 2020 I put up 4x4 posts and connected them together with 2x4 pressure treated lumber. A 1960 print ad described a Caltex service station as “an oasis in the night,” where drivers could leave their troubles behind. A chevron privacy wall! As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, Caltex faces a bright future based on our superior products, leading loyalty programs, strong partnerships – and most notably, the trust engendered by our longevity and consistent record of serving motorists’ needs. [8][9], In 1987 most of the Chevron was demolished, leaving Surfers Paradise with a two-hectare hole in the middle of town for more than a decade due to the recession and lack of interest from property developers. I started of with setting the 4x4 posts. The onsite management of Chevron Renaissance residential lots is managed by Accor under the brand name of Mantra Towers of Chevron, previously The Towers of Chevron Renaissance. It was a massive project including five acres of retail, commercial and dining space, three residential towers and two acres of garden podium and lagoon on the roof. In October 1999 Raptis Group unveiled plans for the $400 million Chevron Renaissance development and announced work would begin immediately.[8][10]. I was super excited when this wall was finally finished, the rain was fighting me all the way. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Caltex’s future is shining bright indeed. Over the past eight decades, Caltex has prospered by always placing customers first in its far-flung markets. This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. We’re working together to provide energy that drives human progress. Our strong results come from empowering our people. This was followed in September by a second wing. Most of our markets still offer full service on the forecourt, ensuring that motorists can look for a “friendly smile and a helpful attitude.”. But not bad for a 16 ft. privacy fence. The development was carried out at an average of 4.5 apartments a week over three years. Because we understand that the well-being of people everywhere depends on energy. We also have non-fuels partnerships in Asia and South Africa with well-known and admired brands such as Burger King, convenience stores like 7-Eleven, and Bosch Car Workshops to provide motorists with more reasons to visit us. Chevron Renaissance is a $400 million development on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia comprising 713 individually owned residential lots located above the Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre. 2006 UDIA National Award for Excellence for High Density Housing; 2005 QMBA State Housing & Construction Awards for Residential Buildings (high-rise over 3 storeys) over $10M; 2005 QMBA Gold Coast Housing & Construction Awards for Outdoor Living & Landscaping, Excellence in Workplace Health & Safety, Residential Buildings (high-rise over 3 storeys) over $50M and Low-rise Multi Residential House; 2005 UDIA Qld Awards for Excellence for Multi Level Development; 2003 QMBA State Housing & Construction Awards for Project of the Year 2003 and Multi Level Residential Buildings over $10M; 2003 QMBA Gold Coast Housing & Construction Awards for Regional Project of the Year and Multi Level Residential Building over $20M; 2001 Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) Urban Design Awards for Built Projects Category; 2001 UDIA (Qld) Awards for Excellence for Retail Category. Above left: Clean lines and functional operations typified Calex’s retail stations – such as this one in the vicinity of Cape Town, South Africa, set near the foot of Table Mountain -- in 1956. October 30, 2017 Delivery & Pickup Options - 3 reviews of Oasis Market & Grill - Chevron - Food & Grocery "Best garlic fries, burgers, and nachos Envy Turlock Hilmar area for the price. It will make it easier for measuring to draw a line directly down the center of each 4x4 post. My post complies with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines. program in Singapore and the B-card in Malaysia. Just measure cut and nail. This worked perfectly in making sure the spacing was on point. My inspiration for this project was found here on DIY Passion. We strive to enable human progress in a sustainable manner to serve the world’s growing population and create a better future. From our earliest days, Caltex has been earning trust throughout its communities by supporting pressing needs – from educational programs in South Africa to dragon boating in Cambodia. Above left: In a 1985 ad, the company captured the range of its cultural sponsorships with a headline that read: “Arias, arabesques, or a Chopin nocturne: the performing arts thrive on CALTEX soil.” Above right: Children at a school in Penang, Malaysia, benefited from Caltex’s support for STEM education. Enter your job or project budget range? When the two partners merged in 2001 to form ChevronTexaco (later Chevron Corporation), Caltex evolved from a joint-venture company to a marketing brand that has become critical to Chevron’s long-term success.