Find the best way to get in touch with Chase by joining Muck Rack. The paradox of trans visibility: I want to be seen as any woman, and as trans, Sam Smith's they/them pronoun backlash highlights an ongoing cultural disconnect, Trump wants to legalize trans discrimination by legalizing sex discrimination. He is the deputy director for Transgender Justice ACLU LGBT and HIV Project. By contrast, mocking the penis sizes of men of color is a familiar and comfortable part of the American discourse and serves whiteness. The language is intended to suggest that some people working to make change are not impacted by the law and must call in those who, by virtue of being “directly impacted,” have a unique (and important) perspective on what changes are needed. "I am not telling you that, and I don't even know," I responded. Chase Strangio. Understandably, the trans community was hurt by her remarks then — and especially now as she digs into her anti-trans ideology. To then write about a woman who is trans and remind the reader of her deadname under the pretense that what she was called at birth is important to understanding who she is today actually evokes the image of a man for readers and contributes to the insidious social understanding that "this person claimed to be a woman but was really a man.". Opinion | What Mario Lopez said about transgender kids isn't just dumb. We did not liberate ourselves from the structures of white supremacy at the end of the Civil War. This discourse betrays our deep limitations. The United States Government Wants a World Where Trans People Don’t Exist, Opinion | Nobody needs to know a transgender person's deadname — not even a reporter, Opinion | Lorena Borjas was a guardian and healer of the trans community in New York, ‘It’s Degrading.’ Transgender Youth Targeted in Dozens of Bills Across America, I’m a Trans Lawyer Who Fought for Trans Rights-and Lives-at the Supreme Court Last Week. This is no doubt because the majority of the Parkland survivors in the media are white, and speaking about trans-ness in the abstract can be filtered or imagined through the lens of whiteness. I don’t know how or with whom or any of the details. Their prime target was Joel Weber. And back in October of last year, Chase tweeted one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen (although it has since been deleted): There went any question I had about whether Chase’s transition included growing a set of balls. Some people choose stage names for their careers. The trans activist to whom Chase used to provide legal counsel – Aimee Stephens – died recently. When you search my name on Google, the most prominent related searches are usually "Chase Strangio birth name" "Chase Strangio before"; from there, it's easy to find my deadname — the one I was given at birth that does not align with my gender. They are suing to PREVENT DUE PROCESS. I become an appropriate voice for a story of discrimination but then suddenly there is room for only one voice. Even now, people discriminate trans people and try to suppress them. Furthermore, he was featured in TV programs like “The Rachel Maddow Show”, “Up”, “Democracy Now”, etc. Chase Strangio (r) met with ACLU client Chelsea Manning after Manning's release from prison in 2017. Chase can live however he chooses. But yeah. He currently is around 37/38 years old and was born in the year 1982/1983. COTR LLC — But here’s where it just gets crazy. She came out as trans in 2013. And starting girls’ soccer at 5 years old became the sole way for me to connect with my body when I was otherwise traumatized by living in it. For 52 years, Aimee was known as someone other than Aimee. And my legibility has always allowed me to imagine a future for myself and to believe that I have a right to self-determination in that future. Anyway, some of the replies to Chase’s woe-is-me-omg-it-hurts-to-see-my-old-name tweet were absolutely priceless: Back to the original topic. I can and must hold both those truths. For all the pain I carry, I do not carry the inherited trauma of generations whose labor was uncompensated, whose existence criminalized, whose reproductive capacities were surveilled, controlled, and in some cases, eliminated for eugenic imperatives. Going back to the Caitlyn Jenner example, OF COURSE Caitlyn’s former sex/name is important to understanding Caitlyn as a person – just look at what she did when she was a man for crying out loud. The Fight (2020) Chase Strangio is a transgender rights activist and a lawyer. Commentary: Stonewall story is still playing out, Semenya Forced to Alter Body to Comfort Slower Women, Caster Semenya Is Being Forced to Alter her Body to Make Slower Runners Feel Secure in Their Womanhood. Because that’s a thing. And of course, within the trans community, it is trans people of color who experience the highest rates of violence and discrimination. But a deadname is neither important nor necessary to include in any reporting, and it's particularly disrespectful in an obituary, which is meant to honor and commemorate someone's life. I am The Other in a society that needs binaries, that deploys notions of gender difference to sustain patriarchal norms. That’s TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL, according to Chase. Check this out. The idea that our bodies invade the privacy or integrity or identity of others is deeply painful and wrong. And then when trans people call out in pain over the dismissal of who we are, we are cast as bullies tearing down an LGB hero. Some choose to change their names because they hated their families and no longer want to associate with them.