Figure 3-35 illustrates dimensioning chamfers, 45° chamfers, and internal chamfers. If so, DON'T go back to the model. Chamfer notes can be attached to view and sketch chamfers. When prompted to select the first line to define a chamfer, select the edge of a 3D solid or surface. CREO is not a software you learn in an hour of playing with it like solidworks, solidedge, inventor. Bevels or chamfers the edges of two 2D objects or the adjacent faces of a 3D solid. I now need to dimension the hole using the 'chamfer dimesion' option. I'm just about there   In past interviews top question after why are you leaving your present position is how comfortable are you with xyz CAD s/w? It is not uncommon on Japanese drawings to see "C1" or "R2" for a 1mm chamfer or 2mm fillet radius. Click to add corners in the leader if appropriate, right-click, and then select Done. Reverses the previous action in the command. But PTC is trying to improve the product, not always to the likes of their customers, but they do try. Click OK to close the Edit Chamfer Note dialog box. We hired a guy here once who knew our products and similar manufacturing and was an Inventor expert. On the drawing, select the chamfered model or sketch edge. The default attachment point is the midpoint of the chamfer, but after the chamfer note is created, you can click the attachment point and drag the point to a new location on the same view. Guess not. Sets the chamfer distances from the intersecting points of the first and second objects. For example, the base of the Taj Mahal is a cube with chamfered corners, thereby creating an octagonal architectural footprint. In this second example, Representation is Outline and Edge chamfers are On. He just couldn't wrap his head around Creo. associated text, fake dimension, tolerance, text before/after, etc.) Open a drawing of a part that has edge chamfers. thats doesn't make sense, every CAD package I've ever used has that feature its drawing module. Select the first of two objects or the first line segment of a 2D polyline to define the chamfer. say if the O.D had a chamfer at either end then 2X would be acceptable. With modern computer-aided design, rounded curve transitions are often used instead of chamfers, to further reduce stress and improve evenness of electroplating. Click to place the chamfer note. A chamfer can be added along the edge of a 3D solid or surface. Why do I need to go back to the model, I don't understand? To find out more about the categories of personal information collected and the purposes for which such information will be used, please refer to our privacy policy. If you use a leader lineline that connects an annotation object to the related object or point, you need to pick a position for the note. Tekla User Assistance It's way too Unintuitive to just pick up and run with. Sets the chamfer distance from the intersecting point of the selected objects and the XY angle from the first object or line segment. [citation needed]. Register for the world’s largest manufacturing technology forum for free today to stay in the know. holes; the ends of rods, bolts, and pins; the corners of the long-edges of plates; any other place where two surfaces meet at a sharp angle. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. All Rights reserved. Here the building is chamfered but the sidewalk/street has taken on a conventional, 90-degree layout, eliminating the loading zone or parking spaces. I had some very private battles with Unigraphics development over some added features that should have prevented a release from going out, but it was released anyway. Select a reference line or edge from the model or sketch that shares endpoints or intersects with the chamfer. Select the second object or line segment of a 2D polyline to define the chamfer. Once the base surface is selected, you specify the two chamfer distances and the edges of the base surface to chamfer. In the example here, the radius call out is correct, but the symbol wants to have a different meaning. Last updated March 10, 2020 by Sometimes defined as a form of bevel, it is often created at a 45° angle between two adjoining right-angled faces. Chamfer notes are typical where it's a critical feature... Notes re: "break sharp edges" are common for overall edge condition as well. I used Solidworks only on one side project once and it was so easy to run with. Get answers fast from Autodesk support staff and product experts in the forums. Just searching for an answer here, and have to chime in about how trash this product is. A chamfered sidewalk street corner in historic Ponce, Puerto Rico, The Great gate (Darwaza-i rauza) gateway to the Taj Mahal, having chamfered tower corners. This is because it is generally easier to manufacture and much easier to precisely check the dimensions of a chamfer than a radius, and errors in the profile of either radius could otherwise cause interference between the radii before the flat surfaces make contact with one another. Here the all around symbol is used correctly, because the radius does apply all around the figure shown. Chamfers are commonly used in architecture, both for functional and aesthetic reasons. To learn more, please refer to the cookie policy. Chamfers are used in furniture such as counters and table tops to ease their edges to keep people from bruising themselves in the otherwise sharp corner. This is particularly important for hard materials, like most metals, and for heavy assemblies, like press tools. © 2020 Copyright We use this to prevent automated spam submissions. If both distances are set to zero, the selected objects or line segments are extended or trimmed so they intersect. There are many on here how may have already run across your situation and solved it. Maybe I should print that statement out and hang in on my office wall in big letters or hand that to my manager and see what his/her reaction will be. You can define a default color and line type for edge chamfers in drawings. Controls the chamfer distance with a mathematical expression. I doubt that will change. This symbol circles the corner of the base platform to show that the section being pointed at needs welding the whole way around it, like a circle. Chamfers are frequently used in machining, carpentry, furniture, concrete formwork, mirrors, printed circuit boards, and to facilitate assembly of many mechanical engineering designs. I've tried adding a constrained sketch, still cannot create. Allows for the beveling of more than one set of objects. Drawing may be dimensioned entirely with whole numbers and common fractions, or entirely with decimals, or with a combination of the two. Sign up for our eNewsletter now to stay in-the-know. Continue to create and place chamfer notes, right-click, and then select Done to quit. If appropriate. Open a drawing of a part that has edge chamfers, and double-click the drawing background to open the drawing properties. You... Click to place the chamfer note. Flat transitional edge between two faces of a manufactured object, Madsen et al., "Engineering Drawing and Design" page 179. Go to the annotate tab, select the SHOW MODEL ANNOTATIONS icon, make sure dimension is selected in the pop up and select the chamfer, it will show your dimension. Press Enter to end selection. Background color is often used for edge chamfer lines for the reason that you may not want to print edge chamfers, or see them in small scale drawings, but you want to be able select them, for example, to add chamfer marks. Once you know how, it's not difficult and you can add mapkeys to speed up common processes, but learning the ins and outs of the drawing package is a pain you'll never forget. When depicting a chamfer of a round hole, follow the practice of dimensioning as shown (figure 3-35, view C) except where the chamfer diameter requires dimensional control. The drawing will show two points like an X and a Y, for example, between sections needing welding. Edit the Dimension Style to change the settings. Modify the part properties and edge chamfer properties so that edge chamfers are visible and you can easily select them. Figure 3-35 illustrates dimensioning chamfers, 45° chamfers, and internal chamfers. The layer affects object properties including color and linetype. The main argument I read is on this board, "Creo is a difficult program to master, typically 6-9 months,  but once you know it you'll make better designs than most CAD packages.". A reference line, required for chamfer calculation, must be a linear model edge or sketch line that shares endpoints or intersects with the chamfer. When depicting a chamfer of a round hole, follow the practice of dimensioning as shown (figure 3-35, view C) except where the chamfer diameter requires dimensional control. Yeah, I have a bad attitude for sure. Trimble is an international company focusing on positioning-related technology for different industries. I felt I was much nicer, just calling it trash. Sectional views, I still can't figure it out. Job boards as well  .. Must have experience with SWX that speaks volumes. Does Creo have this ability like Inventor/Solidworks/SolidEdge? Right-click a chamfer note and select Edit Chamfer Note. Also, apply this type of control to the chamfer diameter on a shaft. If you want to be productive, then learn how the software works. yup you can say that. When the edges are rounded instead, they are called bullnosed. We use your comments to improve our content. Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.5 It is weird that you are on my case about bashing the software unnecessarily. My productivity has dropped to zero or let me put it this way, its going on week two on creating a detail drawing, I gave up and went home and did it in SWX in less that 45minutes. What tolerance should I have to apply? This website or its third-party tools process personal data (e.g. Sets the chamfer distances for the base and other (adjacent) surface. The original Barcelona Eixample city block design, showing the chamfered corners of buildings and streets, and including gardens that never materialized. Many city blocks in Barcelona, Valencia and various other cities in Spain, and street corners (curbs) in Ponce, Puerto Rico, are chamfered. Hello All, I have a question regarding to this thread, so if I have a callout for chamfer of 0.5x45 and we have a note that all dimensions and tolerance are per ASME Y14.5M-1994. Weld on site. Yes, I think that now I get your point. While Shift is held down, a temporary value of zero is assigned to the current chamfer distance and angle values. Chamfers are also essential for components which humans will handle, to prevent injuries, and also to prevent damage to other components. The drawing will show two points like an X and a Y, for example, between sections needing welding. See below for typical examples of the ways showing edge chamfers. In machining a chamfer is a slope cut at any right-angled edge, e.g. When a past corporate decision forced us to change from UG V18, they had already told us we could not upgrade, to Pro/E 2001, we put every user through 13 days of training. Background color is used in edge chamfer lines, because you usually do not want to show edge chamfers in printouts, but may want to see and select them in the drawing, for example, to add associative notes. After the edge of a 3D solid or surface is selected, you can indicate which adjacent surface is the base surface. The chamfering was designed as an embellishment and a modernization of urban space in Barcelona's mid-19th century Eixample or Expansion District, where the buildings follow the chamfering of the sidewalks and streets. You would really need to take the initiative and buy some books and scour the internet for tutorials. Just pulling a couple of key things out of your response: "couldn't find candidates with Pro-E/ Creo experience" that tells you there is $$ in experience with Pro/e and possibly opportunities with a limited pool of applicants.