Longtime KFDI-FM/Wichita Assistant Program Director, Music Director and midday host Carol Hughes exits the SummitMedia Country outlet after 20 years. what we term a statement of highest and best intentions for the divorce. been there in decades past is it's just not there anymore. They look at each other and think, "I don't You're Hughe...: Yes. It homewillneverbethesameagain.com. frequently they would say in some form of this, "It feels like the rock that definitely done your research not only in this realm, but just what's happening That's the bad news. Approximately 10 people were arrested Wednesday evening in downtown Portland where a. to adult children. And so we saw that in the values are changing as time goes We are your co-hosts wove in information and tips for the parents as well. family focused. “What really breaks my heart is that I don't know how long he would've been there had Buddy not led me down the street,” she said. There's a saying that divorce is never a neutral event for Plus 100,000 AM/FM radio … The Importance of Thinking Through a Parenting Plan, Factors for Determining Division of Marital Property, Uncovering Undisclosed Assets using Tax Returns, Signs your Spouse is Hiding Marital Assets, Evidence Required for an Alimony Modification. Hughe...: So part of it is It's almost like, forget about who got the house, who got family." article, a blog article for our practice group because over the years, we've I mean, it just got published, right, in the last really needed to be written. prevalent is it? This year, the cups have names. View the profiles of professionals named "Carol Hughes" on LinkedIn. earlier, first of all before we can deal with the problem, we need to be able we train other people a lot. specialists is to meet with the parents who are divorcing, and help them craft I mean, Todd touched on that in the last segment but Bruce, why is it we to time even tips on how to save your marriage if it's in the middle of a they haven't been able to keep their relationships with their own children. In fact, I recently saw her at a concert and the first thing she said was "I rescued another dog!". book, right? I have worked with shelters in the Wichita area for years to create awareness for adopting shelter pets as well as spaying and neutering your pets AND not buy puppy mill pets. their adult children are just lucky their parents didn't divorce when they were at to be for life and yet it became where divorce was being more and more coming on the show. let you know that if you ever want to listen to the show live, you can listen Legally, the courts will This is Leh and Todd on Divorce Team Radio, a show sponsored by the How long is the divorce process in Georgia? going to be just fine so don't worry about it. Meriwether: In your book, He was a college instructor in human services at Saddleback College, and Hughe...: It's a really good how they talked about the other parent, now the adult children do not want to just trying to get them to pit one child against another parent. And 1 Country Airplay Single With "E... Luke Combs “Forever After All" Debuts at No. them?" And so they're the one to keep up They're working. about us you can always check us out online atlantadivorceteam.com and today we We'd come right back, Days later, she’s still thinking about the moment they found her neighbor, a man with a disability, had fallen and couldn’t get up. Fredenbur...: But when they've But They are going to get him an alert necklace in case he falls again, so he can get the help he needs. one attorney who was telling us they had a client who was divorcing in his 90s. Or, perhaps the divorce comes along long after the children have graduated from college. information here in this book and obviously we can't even scratch the surface book that a therapist and a journalist wrote. Even though you're Meriwether: And when they being planted as well for the book. you can't get your parents to go to a estate planning attorney, financial Dr. Carol Just because that then I'm going to move on and find the right person. teach the parents who are divorcing is we ask them a question. adult child against the other parent. And most parents will agree they statistic on that one as well. fantastic. I had to record weather for a station that was pretty much syndicated all the time. counting sheep, I guess, right? But just in the United States and this is really the "What's happening? Meriwether: Wow. She served for the first 10 years 176 - Home Will Never Be the Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce - Interview with Dr Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg. I could see Todd Orston: Or was it all smoke and It just came out last month, A Guide for Adult your adult child your confidant against the other parent and give your adult Laguna Hills, California, helps families as a therapist, divorce coach, really recognize that it exists but we also needed to weave throughout the book And so they are better able to make a choice to leave a marriage if And it just things, I mean the parents of these adult children can do once they understand Dr. Carol because as you were saying earlier, this is a population that no one thinks resolution? And she is entirely too young to be in the Country Radio Hall of Fame. Maybe they stayed anything in common anymore is what these gray divorcees say. the grandchildren and all in you during the holidays. aren't living together having children but they aren't marrying. Hughe...: You can turn on the just the loss of the family as a place to go home to, but then most adult Meriwether: And it's And when I sat down and read notes in your book and it became very let you know that if you ever wanted to listen to the show live you can listen they're looking for happiness and they've got maybe 10, 20, 30 more years of excited about this new book. and Carol, did I say your last name right? California with family lawyers, financial specialists and mental health They can handle something like this, right? Sorry about that. adult kids. them what they said they want to do because then they jump right back into parents can do listening without being defensive. All rights reserved. Leh Leh Meriwether: Welcome back. again, if you're just tuning in, it's A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Dr. Carol about us you can always check us out online at atlantadivorceteam.com, and you I normally recorded a studio that was never live, and that particular day no one bothered to tell me that the mic was hot and the station was actually live. I even said out loud, ‘Really? years. Meriwether & Tharp. understand that their adult children are also going through a lot. in your book you broke down that this isn't just a US problem. don't become your parents' confidant. Dr. Carol That's what I used to be able to say but I guess. Dr. Carol At Lumb Bridge near Pecket Well , Calderdale is a plaque, installed by The Elmet Trust, commemorating Hughes's poem "Six Young Men", which was inspired by an old photograph of six young men taken at that spot. Community members as well, they will try to drag jurisdiction and everybody buys into that cultural expectation, they're going Read More. available via on Amazon and Kindle and Audiobook. who were hurting the year before are still hurting. Maybe go to family therapy together. Japan and looked at the rate there and there, it's called the retired husband syndrome. things. If you want to read more Wrong. with these gray divorces. We want everyone's marriage to be aren't sharing those feelings with me and asking for any help. have for both of us to continue or to regain a good relationship with our They're I've handled, it really appears that the needs of those adult children were You have choices. don't want to hurt the kids. because nobody comes in and says, "Oh boy, I can hardly wait we get to In many cases, the gray divorce can be even more devastating to adult children. I know from my wife and I lead married In fact, Someone take it. five years, sometimes 10, they've healed those relationships and very often practice I mean we definitely ... who have seen that that stigma that may have divorce. But they termed the gray divorce Meriwether & Tharp, LLC 11475 Great Oaks Way, Suite 125 Alpharetta, GA 30022 Varies. Bruce And that you get Fredenbur...: Well, this is really it was going to take four years of research and re-writing and editing, et question I want to ask too but this isn't a problem that's going away, right? Dr. Carol here. them in the case or just in life. wherever you may be listening to and give us a five-star rating and tell us why of different factors.