They are a peace of work and full of it. So I was tired and treading carefully we were just friends. Privacy Their conversations will be intelligent and fun. It can be over in Gemini’s mind long before that. I know I’m jumping around everywhere, haha, but I did want to point something out on both Gemini and Capricorn that some may think differently about. Good luck! I’m completely attracted to and admire his manly nature which is he takes care of business always to ensure im taken care of and comfortable. When they are in bed, he will like routine. He is caring, loving, possesive n lusty tooo. Here are some long lasting couples where one is Gemini or Scorpio and the other is neither: Goldie Hawn (Scorpio) and Kurt Russell (Pisces), Matthew McConaughey (Scorpio) and Camila Alves (Aquarius), Tom Hanks (Cancer) and Rita Wilson (Scorpio), Anette Benning (Gemini) and Warren Beatty (Aries). So recently I ask him for his suggestions to spend more time with him because getting to know him will make me feel more comfortable around him. Overall, the relationship of Capricorn man with Gemini woman clearly will have challenges and obstacles, but it can work much better than expected if the two involved truly love each other. It was pressure he was feeling. Capricorn woman - information and insights on the Capricorn woman. of course my Capricorn man is slow .but I really feel as if he don’t want to talk . TMI but we have tried things I never thought of and I am very experienced lol. This can sometimes be taken the wrong way by others. As for my undecisiveness, he doesn’t understand nor accepts it, and this is something I’m willing to negotiate by trying to fix. A Gemini woman may even try one or two every now and them. For this compatibility to work well, both have to sort out their communication issues. The Gemini can be two sided express one emotion and keep the other emotion outside the box. While the Capricorn man is a man of few words, the Gemini woman talks incessantly. Learn how your comment data is processed. its been 1month to our relationship! He is a serious businessman, and she is a light-hearted social butterfly, but with some adjustments, they can do well as a couple. Their differences will test their relationship all the time: she will go with the flow, he will only trust on past experiences. This can make it difficult for her to settle down with one person. We loved each other but sometimes we cannot trust each other that was always make us fighting. But its like i can never really leave the cappy alone its like hes such a challenge and so interesting. Michelle, I wish you and your guy the best! We got in a weird kind of fight on last Friday, and at the end he said he will always love me, nothing can change that ever period good night Cassidy. He can plan all he wants. We are not all like that though I can tell you that. I think we were both too young though and we both needed to experience a lot more things, but I always think of him and we have remained friends.