I choose the option same as stream (which was chosen as 12000kbps). Posted by 9 hours ago. Let’s hit apply to save the changes we’ve made so far. What is the Alternative Solution if OBS Recording Audio Choppy? I would generally advise yes unless you confident enough to skip. thanks for the straightforward answer! But, I recommend downloading a tool that we can use to get the best results. Your base (canvas) resolution should be the resolution of the monitor you're using. So far it works better than previous configurations, since chat messages are not distorted by OBS scaling from base to output. And this is what the program will look like. It’s a good idea to set this once and not mess around with it too much as every time you adjust it, you’ll have to resize all your overlays. In the second part of our best settings for OBS Studio video, we talk about recording, audio, video, hotkey, and advance options. The example above shows that the computer is able to produce a base canvas size of 1080 at either 60FPS or 30FPS. Video settings – OBS Studio Learn how your comment data is processed. Perhaps you want different hotkeys or different resolutions set for various games. I prefer to leave mine on 1920 x 1080, or 1080p, as this is the best OBS Studio settings for me, for a few reasons. Based on my results, I’m going to tab back to OBS and choose the Dallas, TX server. Let’s hit apply and move on. What we really need to find out is what are the best settings for your stream. Let’s get started. The VMAF, PSNR, and MS_SSIM scores will all be lower than if I had just streamed in 1080p30 at 4300kbps. Under Video settings, OBS gives both Base and Output Resolution options for recording and downscaling if it’s necessary. You can see if your chosen resolution is the correct aspect to the right of the resolution drop-down menu where it says “Aspect Ratio” followed by the ratio, such as 16:9, 4:3, etc. Want to record games with full screen? Depending on the game, I can choose to leave it as 1920x1080 for the output resolution, or scale it down as necessary for encoding needs. You can either double left click (or right click and choose properties), both methods will produce the same result, which is to configure how OBS Studio is capturing the video source. We can also choose to enable push-to-mute, which is useful if you want to avoid loud noises like coughs on stream, or push-to-talk which is great if you have a lot of background noise and want there to be silence from your microphone unless you’re talking. Doesn't hurt to try it, though, if you don't want to manage 2 profiles. Hit apply to save your settings so far. Encoder – This can dependent on your computer specs. Second, when I record videos they will be recorded at 1080p instead of a lower resolution. But when it comes to streaming, sometimes lowering the quality in one area can help boost it in another. This filter change how OBS shrinks your stream, including what details to keep and which to discard. If you didn’t use the Twitch Bandwidth test tool to estimate your upload speed, I recommend using TestMy.net to run an upload test. Base Canvas Resolution is what OBS suggests you could use for recording. When you need to set up the same OBS recording settings, you can go to the Menu option and select, Back to the home interface, you can click the, Record Screen with OBS Recording Settings, Leave your comment and join our discussion. Click on Configure Crossbar and a new window will pop open. Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and Facebook Gaming compatible overlays, alerts, and stream designs. Tweak the video quality, video codec, frame rate, audio quality and others. You should turn off Lookahead and Psychovisual Tuning to switch off the Max Quality option. If you’re unsure what your default mic is set to then you can directly select the microphone you’d like to use here. i am still displaying it on the same 2k monitor. Simply explained, OBS Studio is a free program that will allow you to record from various inputs ie: your computer monitor, a capture device, etc (those are the main two I’ve bothered to dabble with). Second, when I record videos they will be recorded at 1080p instead of a lower resolution. All of my layout elements are scaled for a single resolution (1920x1080), I don't expect to encode at any resolution higher than 1920x1080. The first option I want to talk about here is the Desktop Audio Device. Part 1: The Best OBS Settings for Recording Gameplay Video, Part 2: Best OBS Alternative to Record Gameplay Video, Part 3: FAQs about The Best OBS Recording Settings, How to Record a Livestorm Webinar on Windows/Mac, Review & Tutorial of Bandicam Screen Recorder to Capture Screen on Windows, How to Record Screen or Audio with QuickTime. In this example I didn’t change the settings, I just left it as default. If you’re wondering, how do I choose my bit rate? Add annotation, mouse click, shapes, callouts, and texts in different fonts. Once we run the test tool we’ll see a couple of options. However, the tool will give you the best results. Once you click the desired button, the application will commence to download. About Aiseesoft | Privacy | Support | Tutorial | Affiliate | Contact us Copyright © 2020 Aiseesoft Studio. I wanted to show those steps to let you see there is no freeware/spyware ad dons. It can either be the full size of the screen, or a smaller portion of it. Make sure to leave this tool open after the tests are complete. For this reason, I personally recommend staying at 2,500 Kbps or below. On the home screen, you will see the device name you added along the bottom window. (How to fix OBS black screen?). The Base (Canvas) Resolution is the resolution of your monitor. But if for some reason you have a different aspect ratio – I recommend setting your canvas to one of these aspect ratios, as they are recommend for Twitch. This setting determines the resolution of the space you use to layout your overlays in OBS.