The games are Free!!!!!!! Still waiting for the “haha we got you there” post …. It locks some content I believe, some modes. Laser League could be cool, too. I’ve been on the verge of buying The Bridge and Rocketbirds several times since their release, and also considered 2064. Who and why did choose this game? just waiting for the mobo to arrive :D. Okay, it isn’t quite Diablo III and Nioh, but okay, I can certainly make do with Friday the 13th and 2064: ROM. And you can put those Dualshock controllers down – as a PlayLink title, Knowledge is Power needs nothing but your handy smart phone. Give people a choice, simple. Obviously I have asked a question on a board where only 5 year olds answer. Yeah, its scummy as [DELETED]. Don’t forget Dead Star which shut down about 6 months after going into PS Plus. Also, with Drawn To Death servers being shutdown soon, aren’t we being given games that will expire sooner than our memberships? Tell you whats not bad if you had both games on disc from this months plus you could sell them both and make £15ish then download the plus games and you would be quids in. I’ll play the games on my Vita and Vita is also the only reason they’re on the list. I already have Friday the 13th…and an odd choice since Dead By Daylight is very similar and was on Plus recently (though F13 is better). Expansion came out the same month so they hooked people by giving them “free” game and forcing them to buy the expansion because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game fully. Can anyone help me kill jason in a private match. It’s bad enough that the Vita and the PS3 games are being dropped in March, without having the PS4 section full of games I have no interest in playing as well. Not a troll just pointing out you are talking nonsense. Senior Director, SIE Content Communications, Eric Lempel Playing either 2-vs-2 or 3-vs-3, the basic goal is simple: eliminate the opposition. Producer, Square Enix, Gavin Moore Huge let down. All rights reserved. Most of the multiplayer games, once bought, won't cost you any more money and the games are cheaper as a rule of thumb. The Bridge is good but the other PS3/Vita games are terrible. It’s ludicrously good value, increasing with added time as a subscriber - and this October, it’s in the Halloween spirit. Did all the budget go on September’s games?? Its too bad i have so many friends on Ps4. Lead Writer, Activision Editorial, Sid Shuman you might enjoy them aswell. I’d rather just buy the one game in a decade that might be worth downloading for 10 bucks than have to subscribe for 10 years at hundreds of € and not even get to keep the game unless I keep doing so. Every month I’m forced to subscribe to this, it’s like you’re handing out bad publicity, and it’s been going on for sooo long… *facepalm* Even my loyalty has its limits. Not every month is going to be a winner… Last month was worth the entire year for me. Friday 13th is way too similar a game to give out a couple of months after dead by daylight. Well I live in England. Dead by Daylight, then Destiny and now two(!) Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Well if you think you will get to enjoy 2 free games this month and its the worst month ever plus must be pretty good. Well… The Bridge is actually a good puzzle game! Friday the 13th is just as bad or worse as Dead by Daylight. Well it had an update 18hrs ago and is being taken over by a whole new development team for future work on the game. I think you should be giving Sony a big thank you. I have been with plus since launch and have around 10 games that are no longer usable. 4-5 months ago I bought both DbD and Ft13 and they ended up being given for free in these last months. Exceedingly bad. It was already down to like 10€ for physical copies. Do kids in France, Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia etc celebrate Halloween? But PS4 is complete trash. It's not that it's difficult to be successful, it's just real easy not to be. Created by the studio behind the ruthlessly addictive OlliOlli skating series, Laser League is a lightning-fast competitive multiplayer game that starts out as a simple test of raw reflexes and fast becomes a deeply-strategic team showdown. I hope at least you are getting paid by Sony. Its basically the same game. Do you even like games? Everyone with half a brain could see that game was destined to be dead on arrival after it’s first trailer it was shown. Master Reboot, The Bridge, Rocketbirds 2 and 2064 Read Only Memories also join the service. Tell my little Nephews we don’t celebrate Halloween, Play one of the other games if that ones to similar. We obviously couldn’t let it pass without serving up a little seasonal treat for PlayStation Plus users, so to get you in the mood for a spook-tacular Halloween, we’re kicking-off October with notorious horror icon and sporting goods aficionado Jason Voorhees. And in case it wasn’t clear this month’s games again have the last 2 years of “free” games.??? We obviously couldn’t let it pass without serving up a little seasonal treat for PlayStation Plus users, so to get you in the mood for a spook-tacular Halloween, we’re kicking-off October with notorious horror icon and sporting goods aficionado Jason Voorhees. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I hate PvP. I dont want to argue, if you get my point its ok, if you dont i dont care. Well, that’s up to how you play…. Master Reboot and The Bridge for me, guess the “leak” about Diablo 3 and Nioh was just wishful thinking….