And with the exception of those on Active Duty orders (they get paid through the state the equivalents of federal pay, which is pretty sweet) they are all unpaid volunteers. and since he has no AF ribbons on at all, just army navy and SDF, I'm calling BS on those two. The big thing is, these guys are completely volunteer for the most part and you can spot them because they traditionally don't wear the USA Flag on the right shoulder, but their state flag. I had a specialist about that dude's age back in the day. The National Guard guys call them "smurfs." Can't say that enough, and very undeserving of being called "smurfs" by the Guard guys. If they maintain perfect attendance they get 125 clothing allowance. So your a DNB? Now I'm confused. 3. I wasn't aware California was the only state that did this. My best from from OCS is the commander of the Indiana National Guard - and this guy isn't any member he knows of. I think they just reminded me that some day I'm going to be old and nobody will want me around either. Great group of people. I don't think it's that, it's most likely a badge specific to the CSMR, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. laying that aside, here's what I see wrong with this uniform, going from left to right: that's a USMC patch as a combat patch, and not one of the two authorized ones. They can technically be called up by the fed guberment, but probably never will. You talking about above "CALIFORNIA" on his ACU's? They're supposed to be unpaid volunteers who get called up if the state's NG is called up or otherwise occupied and unavailable. the second badge is the MEMS badge, and the flash behind it makes him an instructor. A long time ago, I attended the funeral for a family friend who was a GEN in the GSDF when I had just been FedRec'd as a 2LT. When I was working for the DoD as an instructor I worked with them often. Each state will have its own formalized and established MTOE if you will that is approved by the governor. The State Guards cannot be mobilized. not sure what the top badge on the right is, but as he's got navy awards on I'm assuming he was enlisted navy at one point and those are some flavor of shipwing. My old unit trained and was implanted with an Air National Guard unit and learned their MOS through hands-on training and some computer courses, with the endgame being that we could "hold down the fort" while they were deployed. Indiana I think judging by the lapel. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Essentially it is a pretend military force per wikipedia: "The Guard Reserve is a unique military organization designed to provide military support for the state of Indiana when units of the Indiana Army National Guard are activated for federal service or otherwise unavailable to the state of Indiana." Then they go complain on reddit that the reserve is stupid. Keep discussions civil. The special skill badges on his left breast pocket should be on opposite sides of the pocket and 1'' apart, not right next to each other. As it stands now, the reserve is essentially a full time job's worth of work with only a part-time amount of hours available in which to do it. They are SMEs in emergency response and CLS and did not get paid a dime to drill with us. Sounds like the Texas State Guard. I thought Reserves were just the non active components of the federal Army, as opposed to the state National Guard? EDIT: The emblem on his lower pocket is that of the Indiana Guard Reserve, otherwise known as the Indiana state militia. I also imagine that is kind of a lot of unit awards for what looks like Indiana Reserve? There were red-plate MAJs and LTCs saluting me. as a side note these would imply that he had been a part of at least 3 different services. He's bullshit. Those guys weirded me out. the left one is definately an air force AFSC badge, likely the second one is as well. Hes part of a State Defense Force. They buy their own uniforms when they join., So it could be legit. They job is usually based on civilian edumacation and work. The badges are not equally centered on the left breast pocket flap. Thought about joining since I'm prior service. true, which means he can wear basically whatever indiana allows him too. Looks like a Chaplain man. They really are team players and class acts, at least in Georgia they are. In California they are called something "California State Army/Militia (something)". They're not the only ones, Texas does this as well. That they were ready, willing, and eager to show up at 0500 on a Saturday to set up training events for Guardsmen and Reservists, didn't bitch about it, and weren't even getting paid says volumes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When I went to the Mira Mar air show in San Diego. yeah...I think like 25/50 states have those militias, made up of good ol' boys and fat ex-military, most likely DD'ed from service. you might be allowed the schutzen and one wings (I forget if the schutzen is part of the "1 foriegn badge rule"), but you certainly cannot wear 2 wings. I don't know. The militia is the entire, able bodied, 18-45, population. TLDR: He is not in the Army When I was working for the DoD as an instructor I worked with them often. Isn't there another big site that outs fakers? It definitely looks unusual to me, although I would say the lighting doesn't help. We are all on the same side. Don't join these jokers, they don't even get to shoot college kids. Depends on the kind of faker. Looks like he is wearing a USMC Marine Air Wing (MAW) patch as a combat patch. They must do 200 hours of drill/yr. If they don't have an mos from prior service they can't get MOS'q. ThisAintHell is a political shitbucket, but they also do some pretty quality faker busts. Still, it is quite likely he didn't earn any of those decorations and is juet wearing stuff to make himself feel better. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. It's mostly that way here in Texas, with the exception of the 'Air' side. It's weird, having been an Airman in the Texas State Guard...I tell people I'm not a veteran (no DD214) but I've apparently kept some of the milspeak when people ask if I've served after noting said milspeak, it's a little bit longer in the explanation. ribbons: these are gedunked all to hell, but I don't know what IASDF has for ribbons so I'm gonna leave that alone. Same for fundraising requests and ads for your products, as well as survey/research requests or petitions. At least according to law. I thought about joining one of these places. He had to stay in the reserves to keep his contracting gig. I have no idea what that identification badge is that he's wearing on his lower right pocket, but I can't find it anywhere in the list of authorized badges. AMAs with mod approval only. It's the Arkansas Defence Force, and I know they do a lot of rigorous training. Why is he, of all people, wearing a WWII German Police badge? My unit wears a white shirt with the greens to dinners, confused me a bit at first but it is legit. They are all volunteer and yet they still showed up in droves to our formations and helped with OPFOR and did anything I asked of them. You learn something new every day; what did you learn today? 1500-2000 'members', with an annual budget of 634k. So everything just gets pencil whipped, hand jammed, and done to … Most of them are either prior service military, or law enforcement officers of some description. California State Military Reserve. I'd almost wonder if some of that stuff might be a different color. he's wearing 3 foriegn badges: two jump wings and the schutzen. To add a little more, the force is complete unfunded by the FED and remains under the authority of the governor of the state. I believe they were formed because when each state's national guard was deployed there were no defense forces left behind. 12. they are the AF version of our collar branch insiginia, so even if you rate one you can't wear it on an army uniform.