During most of the year if you find brush laying on the lake bottom between 20′ and 35′ of water you’ll find crappie. If you find a brush pile or submerged log and drop an anchor. Spohrer has developed great confidence in the Tomahawk Worm after years of success fishing the bait. You’ll find these spawning crappie along the banks in 6′ to 15′ of water. There are enough brush pile locations, throughout the lake, to fish a new brush pile every day of the year! Likes: 6. ), “There’s brush pile fisherman out there that will literally run across a lake line up two or three trees on shore and one dock and hit a brush pile every time. “Sometimes you don’t want your worm to go down in there because the fish won’t go in to the brush to get them. This is an effective way to catch big crappie suspended in open water. Find the brush, and you find the crappie. How to Master Fishing a Brush Pile - Gerald Spohrer (video), Proven Theories From a Walleye Fishing Guide. Casting and vertically presenting jigs to crappie are my favorite techniques for catching crappie on my home waters of Lake of the Ozarks. Today, he relies on the Side Vision feature afforded by his Lowrance HDS-12 Carbon Fishfinder GPS Chartplotter units with touch screen technology. By moving and fishing another pile it gives them time to settle down and return to the brush. Cast out a minnow set below a bobber and start hauling in crappie. Many beginning crappie anglers lose plenty of fish due to a premature hook set. From the brush, to the boat, to the dinner table, crappie fishing on Norfork Lake creates memories and relationships that last a lifetime! When crappie tuck up under docks or overhanging tree limbs, delivering a jig in a fashion similar to shooting a bow and arrow will place your bait in those hard-to-reach areas. Anglers will always use the specie of tree(s) surrounding the lake. Main Crappie Fishing Forum; Brush Piles; SLABSAUCE Crappie Attractant | Come join the best Family Orientated fishing website on the Internet. How Mike McClelland Turns Cold Water Fish Into a Hot Bite! Rod holders designed to hold multiple long poles are a necessity for spider rigging. It was extremely inefficient, time consuming, and aggravating so I never liked it,” he said. An unpegged sinker allows it to fall into the brush pile while the worm stays above the wood. Register and I will offer you a free Crappie.com decal (plus a lot less ads too). Set the hook and bring your fish to the boat. Whether fishing crappie with live bait and a slip bobber or artificial tubes and jigs the key is patience. Here’s a look at some of the top tactics and the gear to use for catching crappie throughout the year. For the more aggressive fish hanging around brush piles, I like to cast past the target and retrieve a 1/16-ounce jig adorned with some type of soft plastic body over the top of the brush pile. It also has a sealed eyelet which protects his knot. Spohrer pointed out that when a bass eats near a brush pile, he’s usually already back in the brush pile by the time the hookset comes. Spohrer favors fishing cedar brush piles as do many bass anglers because they last longer. When fishing brush piles or standing timber in deeper water, use a slip bobber and set it at the depth you find crappie suspended in the cover. Pick the wrong hook and a plastic worm will ball up on a hard cast or bunch up on the hook and make a “U” between the hook point and where it sits on the shoulder of the hook. The tail on a Tomahawk Worm is like a flag waving in the air,” Spohrer said. On a lake like Sam Rayburn in Texas, crappie fisherman use willow trees to construct their brush piles. 870-706-0596 “When I was done, I would reel up the marker buoy and go to the next one. There are nearly 170 mapped and easily located brush piles throughout the lake courtesy of Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. No votes so far! However, the brush doesn’t stop there. If the fishing slows, move to another brush pile, and then go back later to the first and try again. “I was never that guy. According to Spohrer, there isn’t a fisherman out there who fishes a brush pile lake without a Texas-rigged worm at the top of their list. All rights reserved. A willow, after a year or two, once the leaves disappear, they stop producing unless someone replenishes them,” he said. Despite growing up fishing the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana which is devoid of brush piles, once he fished Toledo Bend, he quickly realized that he had to master fishing a brush pile with a worm. Norfork Lake also offers guided crappie trips for anglers seeking an edge toward future crappie expeditions. Those guys fish that lake every day- they put those brush piles out,” he started. ), The 5 Best Soft Plastics For Catching Gigantic Crappie, Fall Fishing In The Rivers: The Adventures Of The Backwater Boys. Typically brush pile fish are easy to catch,” he said. You can either use rod holders to troll multiple crankbaits or you can hold a rod for trolling a single crankbait. “You could put out a cedar tree top, sink it, and catch fish from it for 10-years. “Crappie fisherman will put brush piles on obvious places, like hard points. No problem. Whether fishing crappie with live bait and a slip bobber or artificial tubes and jigs the key is patience. No boat? The reason Spohrer fishes brush piles with a worm is because it is efficient and functional when fishing deep brush. Open 8AM - 8PM Daily You can find his work in Bass Times, BassFan.com, In-Fisherman Magazine and Bass Guide, and justfishing.ca. This is probably one of the easiest and most productive ways to catch crappie any time of the year. A longer rod ranging from 7 feet for casting or 10 to 12 feet for flipping to the cover works best for the bobber and minnow setup. Help Crappie.com by becoming a Supporting Member. He prefers a 5/0 VMC Ike Approved Heavy Duty Fish Hook which has a should with a slight tip in to help secure the worm. He’ll use the compass antenna feature to show the direction that his boat is pointing regardless of whether it’s moving or not. A permit to place your own brush pile is easily acquired and utilized by many crappie anglers. In other parts of the country, bass fisherman like to lay their brush piles horizontally along the bottom because their baits come through them better and bass relate to the bottom. “Those fish in brush piles typically aren’t finesse style fish- they get in brush piles to feed because those piles attract everything else. The trick that changed for Spohrer was he’ll set a heading vector that draws a line directly off the bow of my boat and then set the range rings around his boat which measure in 25-foot increments. You can either present the minnow without a weight to let the bait swim around freely or add a bb split shot to keep the minnow at a certain depth and preventing it from swimming around too much and hanging up your rig in the cover. easiest and most productive ways to catch, Bluegill Tacos: 10 Simple Steps For Frying Fish Tacos, An Inside Look At The Road Runner Walleye Kit (33 pieces! You’ll want to let the crappie slowly pull your bobber down until it is entirely gone from sight, be very still, then…Wham! Norfork Lake Welcome Center See ya on the water! He’ll purposely try and hit the brush and upon doing so, he’ll hop it around the brush pile careful not to get hung up. That said, he'll peg the sinker most of the time. Select 4- to 6-pound fluorocarbon line to make the crankbait dive to 10 to 12 feet. With exception to the spawn, crappie fishing on Norfork Lake is entirely a game of structure fishing. It’s important to get the bass turned around and out of the brush pile immediately. Click Here for AD-Free Premium membership options. Shoot a jig by opening the bail of the spinning reel and hooking the line with your index finger. There is no bait better than a Texas- Rigged worm, he says. “Using those range rings and heading vector I can hit a brush pile on the first try every time. Norfork Lake is the perfect location to catch the mess of crappie you’ve waited a lifetime for! A cane pole with some line attached was the only gear needed to catch crappie back in the good old days, but now crappie anglers can choose ultralight spinning outfits, 9- to 10-foot jig poles or 14- to 16-foot trolling rods for their favorite crappie tactic. Gamaliel, AR 72537 Depending on where you are targeting bass in the country will dictate what anglers use to build their brush piles. Norfork water is very clear so be quiet and calm. The keys to this tactic are using a 6 1/2- to 7-foot rod with a limber tip for loading up a jig to propel and 4- to 6-pound line that swirls freely off of a spinning reel as the jig shoots towards the target. Growing up in the swamp lands of Louisiana, Spohrer didn’t get to fish worms or brush piles much. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! Use a couple of large bb split shots or some 1/8- or 1/4-ounce pinch-on sinkers to drop your minnow to the desired depth. All pages © 2012 – 2020 BPS Direct, L.L.C. How about 17″ slabs! “Basically, I’ll mark a brush pile, turn around, put my trolling motor down, point the heading vector at the way point, and I try to get 50- to 75 feet away from the brush pile using the range rings,” he said. Natural Tree Brush Pile Map. Anglers will always use the specie of tree(s) surrounding the lake. Learn How to Battle Florida Cold Fronts. If he’s confident that bass are inside the pile that he’s targeted, he’ll get hung up on purpose and try and move the pile and shake it to get a bass to come out of it to get the worm he pitched in. Bass fisherman will place them in sneakier areas,” Spohrer said. Spohrer believes there is a time and place for each. This makes for fishing a crappie habitat as easy as dropping a line! I’m more likely to land the fish when the sinker is pegged because they can’t use the swinging weight as leverage to dislodge the hook,” he said. “It’s more efficient and there’s less chance to get hung up. Most resort owners have staged brush piles descending directly beneath their docks. While some anglers might fish a shaky head paired with a big worm, finesse fishing in this situation isn’t Spohrer’s style.