The Turanza QuietTrack tire exceeds expectations in each of these important attributes, while also providing a comfortable, quiet ride.”. The Turanza QuietTrack is an all-season touring tire designed to fit some of today’s most popular cars and sedans. So far, I'm satisfied with my new tyres and I'm enjoying it to drive more far! Refrain from objectionable, inappropriate and off-topic content. Turanza T005 size line-up will provide almost complete coverage of touring tyre demand by 2019, with more than 140 sizes for 14" to 21" rims. Been on fiesta st-2 2016 for 8 months and after alignment and checked pressures have found lacking grip in dry and wet. The sidewall of the tire is used to replace the size that is currently on your vehicle. The Falken seems to test a little more consistently. All Bridgestone tires include fuel efficient innovations and technologies, including special tread compounds and features such as NanoPro-Tech. when light rain after several dry days), with lots of bumps as well. GET UP TO 40% OFF TODAY’S DEALS ON AMAZON. All an all an eco tyre for almost exclusive city or low speed use and very good on fuel. Mar 4, 2019 #3 I'm guessing it's Bridgestone's answer to the Michelin Premier. Is there any potential disadvantage with going for the 91W? Those who enjoy/prefer spirited driving, stay away. To continue the quote request process and find a tire that fits your vehicle, please enter your tire size. 2019-04-26 - Hello! “The Turanza QuietTrack tire is packed with the latest game-changing innovation from Bridgestone,” said Erik Seidel, president, consumer replacement tire sales, U.S. and Canada, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. How much comfort am I sacrificing going the other way around? 2018-10-06 - Well-known web tyre outlet currently has the 205/55 R16 91W cheaper than the 91V. I'm looking at a set of these in 195/50 R 16 for a current model MX5. I DO care for comfort and reasonable wet grip for daily driving (would be afraid to drive the Cup 2's just from looking at the tread) and I'd like to have some fun in dry conditions (grip when launching, mountain roads etc) If bumps are what you are concerned about you have no problems by choosing this tire as they ride so well you will almost feel like you are driving a new car. Good overall grip, and hope it lasts as long as goodyears. It doesn't look like you'll get any extra grip from any other brands, and I'm not sure there would be a huge step in handling with something like the PS4. Retailers are free to set individual prices which will in no way affect their relationship with Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC or Bridgestone Canada Inc. But they seem to have been beaten by the latest generation of Michelins, Contis and Bridgestones. These are for summer use only. 2019-10-15 - I just bought Traunza T005 195 /65 /15 for my Honda Civic 2005 VTI 1.6. 2019-11-29 - I just mounted Turanza T005 to my Audi Q2 and ever since i feel the road resistance much more in low speeds and at high speeds the whole cabin is vibrating (not very intensely but I can feel it) . I feel that its noisy and side walls are very soft. FYI, my Turanza series is T005A which is made in Indonesia. In that size, the Bridgestone is a good option. I do lots of kilometers per month to go work, 100 per day, mostly highway. Can I please have some advice? © 2020 Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC, This site uses cookies to enhance your user experience. To continue the quote request process and find a tire that fits your vehicle, please enter your vehicle’s year, make, model and trim. I don't care for mileage unless it's a crazy difference like 20% Given the T005 just won the 2019 ADAC tyre test (now on the site) I would certainly try them before worrying about changing. It will improve your ride BUT about the soft ride this tire give 80,000 miles warranty, the rubber is a bit on the hard side so i don’t really know how soft you wish for. In your opinion, what are the main differences between these two for such a car? I never go to a track, You can locate this on the sidewall of your tires or in your owner's manual. Pls consider that the roads I drive provide minimum traction (slippery tarmac, esp. And hence you get smoothness with a lot of peace and comfort while driving. To verify you're human please type the word you see above in the box below. Give the T005 ago, you might be surprised! Tyre review data from 58 tyre reviews averaging 82% over 272,857 miles driven. * *Certain conditions and limitations apply. This is the national Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Yes is would make the car accelerate more slowly and change the accuracy of the speedo. I have to say I noticed the car runs smoothier than before, and also less noisy. I drove my car about 700km with combination roads (asphalt, pave, also little bit dirt road). (Will the W be heavier?). My question is, how much of the sportiness am I sacrificing with the Turanza's compared to PS4's? Bridgestone noted the priorities of consumers when looking for new set of tires, like the efficient wet performance and superior wear which was highly considered before building this tire. 2019-02-18 - I got the Bridgestone Turanza T005 in size 225/40/18 with my new Golf GTI Performance which I drive since December. ComfortCruise Technology: The new ComfortCruise technology from Bridgestone leverages a rounded contact patch and optimized tire casing shape for reducing road vibration thereby giving the driver a comfortable and smooth driving experience. This tyre replaced the Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo. site to request a quote from one of our trusted Bridgestone We're not sure if this tire fits your vehicle. These help enhance all weather traction, plus lower the rolling resistance and the amount of energy lost, resulting in a fuel efficient tire every time. 2019-03-03 - Hi. P.S. Drive back from Scotland in sleeting conditions, with slush on motorway...great traction on slushy road...and v sure footed during aqua planing. the ride is quite firm on the AMG spec but the tyres do not `give in` when cornering etc. See warranty manual for details. Turanza QuietTrack is the newest addition to Bridgestone’s Turanza touring tire portfolio released earlier this year among other tires which are Firestone’s WeatherGrip, Bridgestone’s first all-weather touring tire that we reviewed already, the Blizzak WS90 which is the successor to WS80and Firestone’s Destination A/T2 and Destination X/T, which are both designed to replace Firestone’s Destination A/T all-terrain tire which was … Designed for cars and sedan, built with lasting tread life of 80,000 miles and available in 37 sizes. The quiet drive is not only on one road surface, you enjoy this on both wet and dry surface. The Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack, introduced in 2019, replaced the Turanza Serenity Plus. From the knowledge we got about this tire during this bridgestone turanza QuietTrack reviews, we say it is a good choice to buy if you do not have to confront snow storm or drive in extreme winter conditions. 2018-09-03 - Would it be OK to have these on front with my conti premcontacts 5s on rear... On a Golf... As long as you're changing in pairs that shouldn't be an issue.