New videos every week, I aspire to offer good intellectual appetizers to spread interesting ideas. Mymy - madmoiZelle: For bitching, talk about feminism and cooking in all serenity. coutoentrelesdents: Everything is common / anarchy. Rayk Anders: In »HEADLINEZ«, creator and political blogger Rayk Anders sorts the content behind the headlines and presents facts. I believe in you. : Collective of journalists against the power. Description: "여자가 다 하는 채널" [미사장] 채널입니다. Young of France: you are more beautiful, more alive and smarter than your boss but you were born in the 80s the SMIC is your future. Professeur Feuillage : We think that humour is a weapon of mass awareness, so we talk about ecology, fist raised and a finger in the ass! muriel: Artists, communicates a message of inclusiveness and freedom of expression by touching on topics also close to the LGBTQ+ community. Korea Exposé: (English subtitles) An independent media outlet specializing in all things Korean. But mostly dubbing. Sex, drugs, and social justice. Anarchist Trans Girl. Recommended video:ANARCHY IT'S NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE (episode 2). But everyone remembers her for talking badly of 50 shades of grey on the internet. Recommended video: COSA VUOL DIRE ESSERE UNA DONNA AFRICANA OGGI |8 MARZO. Freeda is the voice of the new generation of women, Freeda is a place to talk about ourselves, Recommended video: Un uomo con la T maiuscola. Angry waifu: Talking about japanimation and mangas. anarchopac disabled libertarian socialist trans woman who talks about anarchism, feminism, marxism and a whole lot more! To understand the complexity of current and future issues in our world. Songs. 정치, 사회, 문화, 엔터테인먼트, 그외 다양한 분야의 사람들과 만나는 인터뷰, 궁금한 이슈에 대한 친절한 가이드, 잠시 웃고 즐길 수 있는 컨텐츠 등으로 여러분과 만나겠습니다. This channel is part of the Science Vlogs Brazil initiative, a collaborative quality label that brings together the most trusted science publishers from Youtube Brazil. Histony: History is composed not only of royal gossip and other crisp anecdotes: it is also a way to learn to reflect and understand our world. The weekly programme is in English and Persian. We're also looking for help further developing and getting the word out about Game Spectrum: (English subtitles) Game Spectrum is a collection of free and independent documentaries about video games and its relation to the world. PCFF runs many programs that promote dialogue and peace, including: Dialogue Encounters - Forum members reach around 40,000 Palestinian and Israeli high school students every year. Out of curiosity, (I was already translating other descriptions) if you know, ''Курю, пью, ругаюсь матом и не пью смузи в коворкингах.'' r/BreadTube: BreadTube is a place for the new wave of creators, journalists and artists making high-quality content that goes against the prevailing … Press J to jump to the feed. We are non-binary. Leitura Obrigahistória: Basically, a History channel! L'école du chat noir: (english subtitles) Breathtakingly beautiful cutout animations about anarchy; A very unique detailed vintage-illustrations esthetic. Le Meufisme: Between the Femen and Nabilla, there is JF, the lambda girl... She also has breasts, so she deserves just as much of your attention. Ready for the guillotine. What could go wrong? He also does a show called "Ouvrez les guillemets" for Mediapart's Youtube channel. MILAN PYRAMID: Aya born in Egypt grew up in Milan. L'Ermite Moderne: From the bottom of his cave, the modern Hermit decrypts the pop-culture! Read the bread book, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. BreadTube or LeftTube is a loose community of leftist YouTubers. Hakim Iraqi Marxist who posts political essays, response videos, and other topics! : very short videos answering the arguments and questions regularly addressed to feminists. I am currently majoring in International Political Science and sharing my view as a Muslim Hijabi girl living in a western country. la parisienne libérée: Songs of actuality. Why Bread? channel in a vein of Vox. Web bi-monthly series alternating every two weeks, an episode that speaks about itself and an episode that speaks of the rest, history of changing the world by starting with what is at hand. Heu?reka: I simplified finance and economics in video and conference. We're also looking for help further developing and getting the word out about who cooperate with commitments to make the African community's role within our country more active and participatory. Welcome! Programme B: To better understand what is happening in the world, Thomas Rozec takes a current issue and submits it to those who will be able to respond. Channel mostly about activism and disability. The conspiracy is born. Le Labo de la Légiste: Dissection, autopsy and highlighting of the grey areas of our societies. Video about video games. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, BreadTube is the place for the new wave of creators, journalists and artists making high-quality content that goes against the prevailing winds of the internet.