Due to COVID-19, most of the people are working at home as some of the countries are in full lockdown and/or people self-isolating themselves. Hazelnut Paste Product Page. Bloom period is developing fine and a huge almond crop – over 2.8 billion lbs is expected in the USA. Praveen Vijh, co-founder of the company, said: “’We’re. We will continue to include them in our Nature's Bounty Nut Mix as long as we can. You can find brief market updates for Hazelnuts, Cashews, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Pecans, Macadamia, Dried Apricots, and Sultana Raisins below. Ridderhaven 10, 2984 BT We see a surge in demand for food commodities especially for products with a longer shelf life and suppliers having difficulties to keep up with high demand due to transportation and labor issues which slows down the shipments. Ridderkerk, Bahrain Office Table; View full table. Since few months, the market is completely sold out for Salted Sun Dried Tomatoes (organic and conventional). This website uses cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our website. Sellers are on hold and do not rush to sell their goods as they are waiting for the development of the blossom-period as the frost risk still continues. Brazil Nut Nutrition. Registered in England No. Uskudar 34662 Istanbul, Netherlands Office Brazil nuts have seen renewed buying interest of late on lower prices. Wholesale prices have more than doubled in a year and has left muesli and cereal-bar makers scrabbling for supplies. Bolivia is in shutdown at least until April 15 after a further rise in coronavirus cases. average 330 nuts per kilo = 10,560,000,000 nuts per annual crop in a very good year. The global Brazil nut industry is founded on a delicate equation of bees, trees, rainfall, and one particularly toothy rodent. We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. For more information about our products and market news of other products, do not hesitate to contact us. Eat Natural, one of the UK’s biggest makers of cereal bars, is having to change many of its recipes because supplies have run dry. Quiet cashew market despite Tanzanian shortage 02 Jan 2019. Additionally, Organic Spanish Almonds, conventional Spanish Almonds big sizes and small sizes are almost sold out and nearly impossible to source at the moment. Turkey exported 243.517 tons of hazelnuts until the end of March which is stronger compared to 184.217 tons in 2018/2019 season same period and 185.858 tons in 2017/2018 season same period. Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, SE1 9GF. Please, Muesli manufacturers have been forced to look for an alternative after crops failed. +90 216 326 36 77 // +31 18 079 96 00, Dried Fruits and Nuts Market Update April 2020. An important point is transport and labor problems can cause a problem for importers due to increasing COVID-19 cases in USA. After March shipment report, we may see a downward trend for almond prices as there is a sufficient stock to fulfill the demand and large new crop expectation is supporting our view that there won’t be any stock issues. You may Please, The subscription details associated with this account need to be updated. West African governments set a minimum export price for RCN to protect the farmers but processors in Vietnam are very reluctant to buy as they can not foresee the future demand. 894646. For cashews, prices are at decade low levels with a big impact of COVID-19 pandemic on already low prices. Natural and Organic Dried Apricots product page, California Almond Objective Estimate Report 2020, Dried Fruits and Nuts Market Update July 2020. For example, a one ounce (28 g) serving contains 184 calories and includes around 18 grams of fat, 4 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber . Dried Tomato market, especially IQF / semi-dry category is also hit by coronavirus pandemic because the food service industry is out of the market as most of the restaurants and cafes closed their doors. Supplies of Brazil nuts have slumped by more than two thirds after a “catastrophic” harvest in the Amazon rainforest. Brazil Nut Shortage . Mustafa Pehlivan Sok. BATA FOOD will continue to publish latest dried fruits and nuts industry news and our comments at our blog. We expect delays for most of the shipments especially from Asia and there is a high possibility of low stocks for import countries in a short term. We’ll have a more accurate forecast by authorities on June and will keep you posted. In few weeks we may see good prices with the help of weak Turkish Lira unless we see any serious frost damage. Semi-Dry Tomatoes product page.