Blossom and Root is a secular homeschooling curriculum that focuses on Nature, Literature, STEM, and art. Please try again. Blossom and Root is a secular, nature-based, hands-on curriculum for the Pre-K-3rd grades. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." And if any of that is ringing a bell for you as well, I think B&R is going to be as great a fit for you as it is for us! We did not believe in pushing reading too early, or that a 5 year old should be inside of a classroom at a desk for 6 or 7 hours a day. History and geography begin with the child’s personal home and family, then move out into the broader world. The program begins with two volumes for pre-kindergarten that can be used individually. But be forewarned that I'm pretty obsessed with Blossom & Root so I don't really have anything negative to say about it. While the concept is great, the execution leaves something to be desired, in my opinion. You can use any sort of letter manipulatives you want (magnets, letter tiles, cubes, flashcards, etc.) There’s also a student notebook and a lab guide. These would be amazing supplement or to add in some fun, summer learning. Science, art, […] Student notebooks consist primarily of graphic organizer pages where students can draw and write in an open-ended fashion rather than traditional worksheets. We won't send you spam. It has given us so much to look forward to! This FREE issue, inspired by the book The Three Sunflowers by Janet Lucy, includes two weeks of activities including nature study, STEAM, art project, recipe, and exploring language and poetry. If you are looking for a language arts program, you definitely cannot go wrong with this one, however. The “river of voices” concept for the series means the use of different voices and viewpoints rather than a single viewpoint of our history. The lab guide provides detailed instructions for further hands-on explorations. And while we don't use them personally, Blossom & Root also offers something called Book Seeds. Kristina over at Blossom and Root has been Using Wild Math with her daughters. The Standard Pathway is for grades three to eight, and the Advanced Pathway is for seventh grade and above. Program levels are for Early Years (ages 2-5), Kindergarten (ages 6-7), Elementary (grades 1-4), and 2 science-based stand-alone mini-programs called “Book Seeds”. This activity is from Blossom and Root Kindergarten. Lessons introduce and explore each topic, often with hands-on activities. My son loves the language arts section and looks forward to it every week. I highly recommend Blossom and Root! Later years of curriculum are set to follow, being released one year at a time moving forward. They do offer a Kindergarten curriculum as well as an Early years for pre-K. seal of approval for We’ve been using First Grade Art and Science, and both my first grader and preschooler have been loving it. Blossom and Root has an art program with integrated math concepts, science and nature study, and language arts with integrated geography and optional study of world religions. You should not review products for companies you are employed by. We love everything about it. By clicking “Accept”, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. I definitely recommend this curriculum as a gentle introduction to more focused work and learning at home. Please only review resources that you have used in your own homeschool. We ask that you only post original reviews not posted elsewhere online. I'm always happy to help!). Here what she has to say about it all in her video review! I really love how math and science are integrated. She purchased her own copy for her own use. *All opinions by Kristina are her own. The book selections are great and we’ve read them all multiple times already. Blossom and Root Kindergarten has been a great tool for us in our first year of homeschooling. We strive to provide you with information about everything from products and services to the inspiring stories of homeschoolers around the world. Please click here to submit your testimonial. There are two types of Books Seeds: Seasonal and Profiles in Science. I couldn’t be happier with everything – I have a very happy, engaged 5-year-old thanks to BRK and we look forward to continuing for the rest of the year (I already have my eye on BR1 for next year!). Blossom and Root is a secular curriculum for pre-kindergarten through fourth grade with an emphasis on language arts, literature, science, nature, the fine arts, and geography. I would describe these as individual unit studies, with science and nature, based around books. Seasonal Book Seeds focus on nature themes and are written for ages two through eight. Wild Math did not in any way endorse this review. Almost there! function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} You can purchase either a complete grade level or individual subject area components for kindergarten through fourth grade, but cross-curriculum connections make it most beneficial to purchase a complete program for one grade level. We'll be taking our time working through this with our 6 year old over the summer and fall, since there is no rush. Highly recommend this curriculum! gtag('js', new Date()); You can click this link for the full list of Blossom & Root products. When prices appear, please keep in mind that they are subject to change. Preparation time is also required to choose activities, gather resources, and plan for nature outings if needed. // (The Book Seeds described below stretch into other areas of science.) And for year 2, we opted to exclude the Nature Study portion, simply because I think they'll get enough of that with the science portion and our other daily activities. For instance, we started Year 1 language arts for our kinder, because I felt it was the best fit for his ability level. We had tried another secular program but it didn’t have much science and my son had progressed past what they had to offer. Your feedback helps us to continue creating high-quality materials for the secular homeschooling community, and helps other families to find us! These are wonderful nature based levels that would be a wonderful introduction for any early homeschooler, we just didn't discover B&R until we were past those levels already, sadly. A River of Voices: The History of the United States Volume 1 is a 36-week course that can be used at different grade levels by choosing one of three pathways. We have thoroughly enjoyed using Blossom and Root for Early Years and Kindergarten. Program levels are for Early Years (ages 2-5), Kindergarten (ages 6-7), Elementary (grades 1-4), and 2 science-based stand-alone mini-programs called "Book Seeds". 4.4. blossomandro ** Affiliate links may be present in this post, and if used, I may receive a small amount of compensation which contributes to keeping this page running. She always asks to learn more about the subject so I’m confident it’s presented in an interesting and engaging way. The program uses word play rather than workbook activities. Also, I live overseas with very different seasons and limited resources but Early Years allows me to customize our learning experience for our unique lives overseas. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I believe will add value to my readers. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Suitable for ages 3 - 8. These would be amazing supplement or to add in some fun, summer learning. **this post contains affiliate links, however the opinions and views contained within are entirely my own. For permission to use images please contact-, © 2023 by Prickles & Co. There are also student notebooks for each subject beginning at kindergarten level. by homeschoolers. They are loving it and so am I! It is extremely easy to set up and follow, as well as customizable in terms of scheduling. Kristina over at Blossom and Root has been Using Wild Math with her daughters. She also recommends Wild Math to be used in conjunction with Blossom and Root's own nature based curriculum! Your entire review must be submitted to our site; we do not link to full or continued ("see more here" links) reviews on other websites. We’re never able to read just one chapter of the nature book because he’s always begging for more. Refrain from ad hominem attacks, rudeness, and/or personal judgments of other commentors or individuals employed by the curriculum publisher/school. According to the publisher, the program is undergoing revisions to add “stories that feature more diverse characters” and to “support a greater variety of family structures.”. I bought my PDF copy within days. Blossom and Root is decidedly secular in its approach. And the student notebook, sharing their own thoughts with a picture, is a super cute way to end each “wonder”. products tested and rated You can check out Blossom and Root's blog and Nature based curriculum at There is not a history component included yet, so you'd need to add that and math, for a 'complete' curriculum (see my other curriculum post for great options for both) but Blossom & Root really gives you the foundations for an amazing school year, based on building an incredible relationship with your children and the world around them. Blossom and Root First Grade gave us everything we had been missing from our homeschool days – peace, balance, and freedom. I have researched several options for preschool curriculum and nothing has come close to Blossom and Root! Science in Blossom and Root (in the courses available thus far) is weighted toward nature study more than toward technology and engineering. For example, third graders will use six Profiles in Science Book Seeds. The art studies were a big hit for both of my children and the integrated math and science was engaging. In addition to reading the children’s book, other activities directed by these Book Seeds include nature investigation and journaling, some scientific investigations, a lot of arts and crafts, a recipe to create a food item that is related to the topic, and a quotation for copywork. You’ll find it in Time4Learning’s PreK-12th grade, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, How to Choose the Best Homeschool Curriculum, Going from Homeschooling to Public School. Early Years Vol. I would describe these as individual unit studies, with science and nature, based around books. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. We’ve been following BRK for the past 5 months with our 5-year-old and I wanted to wait until we’d used it for long enough to properly review it before doing so, and I honestly can’t praise it enough! Look for the I'm going to try to keep this from sounding like a sales pitch, I promise. No review or article may be copied or reprinted without permission except for a single copy of a review made for temporary use AND not shared with others.