Hedgehogs, especially males, have an unfortunate tendency to get things caught in rather sensitive places (imagine yourself squirming, naked, through bedding like your hedgehog does). It looks absorbent which means it will stay wet which is just asking for infections. I looked up what hedgehog UTIs look like and this doesn't seem like that to me? Thanks. He usually sits and pees in one spot and you can see a circular puddle. This is definitely a case for a quick trip to the vet.Feeding them a diet which involves a substantial amount of dry (crunchy) food may help avoid some of these problems (though tartar buildup might be more related to the pH of the food [6.2]). In my conversations with Dr. Goodman it was noted that with such small critters it's possible for abnormal growths NOT to show up in x-rays or sonograms. Yeah I'm gonna take him. Ear infections, obesity, allergies, enteritis, osteoarthritis, and other ailments can all occur in your hedgehog. The following information from Paul Ritchey, covers this in detail and also shows that tumors can be overcome in hedgies!SYMPTOMS: Few blood dots in litter pan first day. Sometimes owners have completed the antibiotics but the UTI returns. This is somewhat of a special case of internal problems. A styptic pencil and household items like flour or corn starch can all aid in stopping blood loss. Hedgehogs do also occasionally get cysts. Many other diseases exist and can be diagnosed by your exotics vet. Don't fret if your hedgehog does lose his sight or even an eye - hedgies do just fine when blind. Please Note: Exotic Nutrition is not in a position to provide specific health and care guidelines on an individual basis. Hedgehogs will go as far as to chew off their foot in such cases. I read that normally hedgehog UTIs cause painful urination which causes them to make noise and I havent heard him do that. The bladder holds urine (tiny anatomy lesson here) that is supposed to be clear to yellow. Dental Disease. since their primary sense is smell, and hearing is secondary, with vision a distant third.Ears. I feel like it looks very concentrated like he is bleeding continuously from somewhere & if it was a UTI it would look more diluted. Mites can be brought into your hedgie's home by way of bedding and food. Peanuts, as provided in the Vitakraft hedgehog food are probably the most infamous. Cage Temperature: Make sure your hog is comfortable in a temperature controlled environment of 74°F – 80°F/23°C – 26.5°C; Other Possible Reasons For Blood in their Urine or Stools . He usually sits and pees in one spot and you can see a circular puddle. << Back to All Hedgehog Help & Education or Shop Hedgehog Products. These problems can be treated by a veterinarian, if you get your little friend to help quickly. Remember, if in doubt, take your friend to the doctor!Probably the first thing is to stress, again, that hedgehogs are experts at hiding problems - often until it is too late. If there is a hair caught, get it off! Press J to jump to the feed. Although a nose may bleed profusely, once you get the bleeding to stop it will often heal quickly. Again, these can be deadly if not removed. I looked up what hedgehog UTIs look like and this doesn't seem like that to me? Females are not exempt from this type of problem, either, though the incidence is much lower. This time it has been every day. I didn't even think about cancer I was so concerned with the UTI. During a brief tabletop exam by me to see if she had hurt herself, she did both of her `duties' - blood evident. Things such as bits of litter (clay, corncob, etc.) She is about 4 years old. can easily become caught in the penile sheath, which can cause serious inflammation and infection, along with a host of other problems. No seriously, if you can get a Q-tip into your hedgie's mouth then brush away with water and work on keeping those chompers shiny. A daily inspection is strongly recommended to avoid a minor irritation becoming something very serious.Quills and skin.