He loves everyone but he is absolutely ” MY DOG I’M HIS MISTRESS and NO ONE ELSE ” now he will listen to others but not every time like he does me, sometimes for example if my husband calls him to come in from the yard he looks at him and turns back around and ignores him but all I have to do is say ” BUBBA HOUSE ” and he comes running full speed ahead. Nutro is what I use as well. A Catahoula Black Mouth Cur mix will probably produce a hunting dog similar to both breeds. They are generally healthy, and will love being part of an active family. We hunt our dogs mostly for pleasure, but we also enjoy competition hunting. In fact he almost pulled me over with the rolator. I’m concerned he might do some damage out there. The muzzle Leash is affective , and she listens well outside now. This is not an indoor breed for sure. there are some in coneaut ohio they are no breeders they just had an acsadent and now they have black mouth cur mixed pippies there mom is a black mouth cur but there dad is a blue heeler. Molly was a rescue who has now been with me for 5+ years. This dog has also benefitted from not being purebred in the modern sense, as it has a very wide gene pool. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight will reduce these risks and help your dog live a long, healthy, active life. It is even essential to keep the training sessions short as this breed tends to get bored easily and are not comfortable with repetitive activities. My granddaughters were 8 when we got him and were here the day we brought him home also had an elderly Cocker Spaniel and he did fine with all of them. We live on an acre of land and have woods next to our property and she loves to run and chase squirrels. I tried to include maximum information in this post. So take a look at some of our guides to the best products and accessories below. With consistent training, Black Mouth Cur dogs can take really well to learning commands. I had never even heard of a BMC until this one. And it is very important for your dog health. Rescuing a dog can be very rewarding, and comes with the added benefit of knowing you are helping an animal in need. Benny for short. You may be able to find them in normal rescue centers, but if not, here are a few specific places. So you may also be able to find information about breeders in hunting publications. She will fight back!!! The Mouth Cur has a short, sleek coat and only requires a weekly brushing and a rare bath. They have short, dense coats, and most importantly, a strong drive to work and a desire to please their owners. I fell in love with the BMC breed 2 years ago when I saw the most unremarkable looking, gangly, puppy at the pound. The Black Mouth Cur is a versatile, all around working dog. A family with a yard and kids that like to play or farm is perfect for this pup. We rescued a BMC from Tennessee and They are very social dogs if trained properly. The Black Mouth Cur is most famous for being the dog from the book Old Yeller, written by Fred Gipson in 1956. Thank you. He is very friendly and personable with new people, as well as other dogs. This means most breeders do not care overly much about the color of the coat or the size of the dog. He is large. Never chewed shoes etc. We were told at first in was a Lab mix only to discover other wise. Mine won’t go in the rain either! It is as if she is telling them, “Okay, I gave you that. Definitely NEED to release their energy every single day. Before we started on her treatment she would “go looney tunes” and run in circles, through the bushes, and then body slamming and biting at our hands. We had her spayed which I hated to do but I have no papers,and there are too many dogs that need homes. For the rest of us…best dog ever. Anyway that’s the story of Molly { that’s me } and Bubba and it’s been a beautiful fun ride , I just pray I have a few more years with my boy. The origin of the Black Mouth Cur is uncertain. It is normal. male min-pin mix but at times he has to put her in her place when she She was the first animal I saw before she even went in the center. Regular cleaning of the face and ears will keep the Mouth Cur dog healthy and looking good. My family got a BMC puppy in August and at first she was skittish but after many treats she came around. These dogs were originally bred as all around homestead dogs, which means they take their job of protecting their family and property seriously. Let’s take a look at everything about this unique breed. When the mood is serious he is very obedient and aims to please. He loves obedience classes and now going through companion dog classes. She wants to please and have fun WITH me, not alone. The breed will chill, simply in cold weather and have a problem cooling off in hot weather.