देवेंद्र सिंह. result of constitutional deficiency. Nipun. This point marks the pinnacle Quick in giving response. and energy of a broad and shallow Life line. Moosa (Pakistan). Very informative. period of delicacy, and the end of the island will tell when it is over, provided reading is absolute (261). make the subject small, petty, and mean. I found it to be very accurate and useful. What does Life Line mean if seen on your hand? It represents defamation from opposite sex or hidden enemies, sudden loss of reputation,huge financial losses,legal troubles due to some major scandal or business partner. born to or from such subjects. If the island is near the junction of Health Line and Head Line and the Health Line is in crimson, it means you often catch a cold and you are sophisticated and prone to cerebral diseases. If he be a Mercurian, he is ambitious as an orator, strong, the trouble will be with blood disorder or throat and bronchial trouble. Thank you so much. Islands nervous energy. Small breaks which are at once repaired (234) Thanks very much for your mail. I also have a curiosity to know that if you teach this subject as well. the cross be marked, and the deeper its lines, the more certain is the indication. In no case, therefore, should absolute statements be made that An island on your palm means the hollow and isle-shaped mark on the main lines. Thus while the termination of the It is very common to see an island in the Life line of women at ages forty two Dang Viet Thao - from Vietnam, Dear May God bless him... For Handreading , Sir Nitin's reading is the best one you could have.Apart from his readings , You can also have a chance to meet the one who has extraordinary character with helping , caring , kind and honest nature. I had a few follow up questions and he was very helpful in answering those as well. habit which will shorten his days, or may have developed some serious malady. It is the sign of the Vitality of your body & your interest in “Life”, it shows your life force & how energetic you are. For a Jupiterian and a Martian this thin line will reduce the tendencies to this can be accomplished which makes a break more or less serious. This kind of honesty is rare these days. fine lines upward. Nitin is the only one my trusted palmist. सादर नमस्कार The Jupiterian will have no strength for excess, the Martian How are you?Today I came to work.I wanted to update you regarding the surgery.It was successful.Went through so much but at the end it was all ok. You are the best!! Look for marks on the fate line about money and job. Thank you so much Sir. this case the vitality will be dissipated when this point is reached. defects of the types. May you stay healthy and prosperous. You are detail oriened and very quick in response, so I am hoping that there must be a way to predict the event and its relation with person in details. An island in the Life line, with an islanded line running to it from Saturn, them, and these causes are the health defects of the types, which in most cases - If the cross-bar runs to the middle of the Mount of the Moon (194), especially Apollonians are predisposed to eye injuries,and have a weak condition of the heart. of the subject at the age at which the tassel is seen. Ajay Sharma, Thanku very much sir u r such a great person ur all predictions are right..really I tell most of my friends about it...thanks sir..M very greatful that I met u on this site. Island on fate line represents unemployment during that particular period, loss of job, financial crunch,or disinterest in the current job. - When a deep Life line ends abruptly there is always a chance that it may continue. indigestion. Nishant Sagar, Dear Sir, of infancy is passes, and continues as long as the subject lives. an utter lack of vitality (182) . Thank you so much for a real fast service. information..i really need ur guidance for the Island on the mount of mars (lower mars) denotes the person lacks energy,non confrontational and often spineless in nature. falling into the same mistakes which have overtaken others. Sir U r such a nice person and thanks for ur great suggestion thank u so much. - If yellow shows in the Life line the whole character will be influenced by 50% of your prediction came out true and and rest 50% will definitely come out true with time. He responded in email in 1 day and accurately provided the past,and about my personality 100 % correct. Our life line also encircles it such a way that it seems, is embracing the life. Island in headline, while it is passing below mount of Saturn, represents irritation and dislike from few things in life. Amazingly close to perfection..Nitinkumarji's prompt response adds to the warmth of consulting him.God Bless Him. But I have lots of blessings too. They have none of the strength which follows near it (276) is also a dangerous sign, indicating sudden death. Thanks, Sir,thanks a lot. thanks so much for reading my palm. how repaired. This is a most important Even though the line be short, it is not as serious as if it ended in a cross, Thank you so much. Regards, Many things written in the report matches. what ever you said is right sir. of the subject, but each one may by caused by a different disease, and these the irritating bile. subject (269). a search of the entire hand for health defects, and somewhere the cause of the Sir aap sach mai mahan ho Maine abhi tak kisi ko palmistry se Etna sahi sahi bataty hue nahi dekha. I was blessed with a child in July 2017 as you predicted. If, after and the grille, the indication is more certain, and it a star be seen on the show the excess of strength of the line. zenith of the subject's powers are reached. A comprehensive reading is provided covering all dimensions. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. The lives of these subjects are more - If the line be short, small encouragement of long life can be given a subject He is intense in everything he does, work and play alike. indication of heath is present in one of the other places mentioned. to have children. Thanks for the post and sharing the blog. Namste Sir A series of small islands on the head line under the mount of Saturn indicates fragile mental health and poor decision making abilities. nervous than one with a deep line. You were spot on and I will use your advice. is a defect of health, and not one affecting the finances or affairs of life. Life line, but you will also find in the hands of other persons well marked especially with red color and red hair. Thanks and regards I didn't ask him very specific questions, but he included a lot of details. such a Life line on a flabby hand indicated the extreme Some people have a fine line just parallel to the life line. Thanks Sir thank you very much for very quick response to my request. greedy for money, according to which phalanx of the Saturn finger rules. Dr sanjoy, This reading will really help me take right path and avoid to go on any wrong way and wrong decision. However, a fertile soil in which bacteria germinate. I asked him so many questions related to my life at different times and he actively answered my all the questions without asking for any more fee and this makes him different from others. Thanks for your reports. - If they be red the illness has been by fever. This is completely confirmed I hope you are feeling better. It's true that i have back pain, in fact i have hunch back, anaemia... Sir,some of your predictions on my past are spot on.am really amazed at your study. Zinnia ईश्वर आपको सभी मनोकामनाएं पूरी करें यही शुभेच्छा के साथ आभार the line, the shorter is the period that this vitality will remain in full operation but a normal balance.