Biden will be the bureaucrat’s president, ceding policymaking to the career professionals who span changes in administration but almost invariably lean Left—those who, like the furniture at the White House, come along with the place. By Editor November 2, 2020 November 2, 2020. Adam Mill is a pen name. By Ellen Kershner on April 30 2020 in Politics. He was also the United States Senator for Massachusetts between 1985 and 2013 and was the Democratic nominee in the 2004 presidential election. . Which Countries Were First To Elect Women Leaders? Another potential choice for Biden is ... Spriggs would also bring some professional diversity to the cabinet as one of the few economists to be a cabinet secretary. Under Vance’s theory, ambitious prosecutors could shake down millions of private and commercial property owners who routinely seek to minimize their tax burdens. He is the champion of the wasted Pentagon dollar who will protect the kind of loose spending that enriches politically connected defense contractors at the expense of readiness. Andrew Cuomo is being pushed as attorney general, the outlet reported. As previously reported by Fox News, sources close to Sanders said he has interest in serving as Labor Secretary. It’s time to look inside the Trojan horse candidate. Yates was the former deputy attorney general under President Trump. He is proceeding on the dubious theory that it’s a crime to argue for low property valuation for tax purposes if the owner presented a higher value to a lender considering a loan. Could There Be Another American Civil War? Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.,  for example, is vying for the U.S. Treasury Secretary position, according to a Politico report. (Handout/DNCC via Getty Images), Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and former Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent are also among the names that have been floated, according to Politico. Yates and Kamala Harris fought together against Trump’s travel restrictions against countries with a history of exporting terrorists. Biden promises something called “strategic empathy” on foreign policy. This former national security adviser could be nominated for a role in the State Department. Wray’s priority is to protect and expand the power of the FBI and he would likely continue to undermine any elected officials (and appointed judges) regardless of party if they don’t share that priority. What Were the Main Causes of World War II? She has experience as a lawmaker, a strong campaigner, a former district attorney, and as attorney general. Warren has been Massachusetts’ senior United States senator since 2013. As the American Prospect notes, she is also a master of monetizing political power. 7) Sally Yates: FBI Director, Defender of the Politicized Criminal Process. Although not a cabinet position, Biden has already publicly announced that he would appoint former U.S. Representative Beto O’Rourke to lead the administration’s efforts to “buy back” (i.e., confiscate) privately owned weapons. As the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Buttigieg dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Biden soon after. He lost to President George W. Bush. Here are 10 of the names that are being tossed around. Fans of the Clinton pay-for-play operation in the State Department may have a lot to look forward to if Rice assumes the role. As previously reported by Fox News, former Ohio governor John Kasich – a Republican – could serve in Biden’s inner circle. University of Minnesota Lecture Features 12 Step Recovery Program for Whiteness, Data: Schools Aren’t COVID-19 Super-Spreaders. Mind you, there will be no “buy back” of the weapons private security firms use to protect elite Democrats. Rep. Cedric Richmond, a former leader of the Congressional Black Caucus who signed on as Biden's campaign co-chairman in May 2019, is another potential cabinet pick. This seems like a logical prediction. The Massachusetts Senator dropped out of the presidential race, and is a potential pick for Treasury secretary. “The stakes in this election are greater than any in modern times. On April 10, announced that the firm Hawkfish, owned by Bloomberg, is bidding to run Biden’s presidential campaign (Hawkfish ran Bloomberg’s presidential campaign). Biden already has significant exposure to one or more potential special counsel appointments to investigate his family’s financial ties to China, the investigation into his demand to have a Ukrainian prosecutor removed, and a fishy $1.5 million payment to his son, Hunter. Biden’s inner circle has also been busy putting together lists of prospects to fill in top administration positions, including Cabinet roles. Whitman and Kasich both endorsed Biden during the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC). JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/Getty Newsweek reached out to the Biden campaign for comment, but it did not immediately respond. Jay Inslee has been Washington State’s Governor since 2013, and he dropped out of the presidential race on August 21. Only a fool would interpret the FBI’s attacks on the peaceful transfer of power to Trump as being something perpetrated to demonstrate their devotion to the Democrat’s side. Jon Cherry / Getty Images Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gestures while giving election remarks at the Omni Louisville Hotel Wednesday … No winner has been projected in the 2020 race as votes continue to be counted in key battleground states, but Biden While running for president, Warren centered her campaign on fighting corporate greed and breaking up some of the country’s largest companies – like Amazon – which progressives often characterize as anticompetitive monopolies. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. She heads Bank of America’s environmental, social and corporate governance committee, and is on the boards of several other organizations. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. Some feel he should have a position with the Environmental Protection Agency and be placed in charge of U.S. climate policy. 10 Countries That Could Disappear With Global Warming. The Harris campaign, excuse me, the Biden campaign, has already built “a team of 1,000 national security experts working in . Countless lawyers heeded her call to use their positions within the Justice Department to do just that. Biden’s Potential War Cabinet Is Troublesome. Biden should be wary of hiring an FBI director from within the bureau as he would likely end up with another Comey/Wray clone. Ambassador to the United Nations between 2009 to 2013. 3) Elizabeth Warren: Consumer Financial Protection Board, Future Director of Financial Sector Shakedowns. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. 6) Beto O’Rourke: Gun Control Policy Czar, “Hell Yes, We’re Going to Take Your AR-15”. Besides Warren and Sanders, however, Biden's shortlist appears much more moderate, with the former vice president allegedly debating tapping some members of the GOP. Rice was deeply involved in the Russia Collusion hoax and could be relied upon to reprise her politicization of U.S. foreign policy to smear, harass, and spy upon domestic political opponents. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. “America is at that crossroads today,” Kasich said during his DNC address. The Republicans who have reportedly been floated among Biden aides have notably been outspoken critics of President Donald Trump. 1) Frank Kendell III: Secretary of Defense, Architect of Waste. Senator Warren has already been mentioned as a possible candidate to head the Treasury Department. Click to subscribe! His central issue was fighting climate change. 2) Cyrus Vance: Attorney General, Master of Political Prosecution. Cyrus Vance is an experienced prosecutor with enough gravitas to easily crush the type of coup that bureaucrats attempted against Trump. 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