(Shot of "Five") Peter: Number Eight - straight. The op-ed appears in the edition of February 1, 2011 of the Baltimore Sun, written by OJJDP Acting Administrator Jeff Slowikowski and Laurie O. Robinson. (Shot of "Ten") Illinois reports record 7,899 new virus cases, 46 new deaths Nearly 3,000 more COVID-19 cases reported in Missouri ... Deceased inmate formerly part of “Scared Straight… was followed by Scared Straight! Franklin was one of the three teenagers shot and killed near a playground in north Baltimore. So for sixteen out of seventeen to stay "straight" for three months is a real success story. And Where Did They Get Nineteen Kids? experience changed him,[13] although he admitted in the film that he had failed to lead a straight life. The cause of the increase in crime is not clear. In the third column is a short summary and status update of the case. Eve spends her days writing about TV and film, music, and practically every reality TV show under the sun. Peter: Number Five - straight. Beyond Scared Straight. Peter (voiceover): This program contains explicit and coarse street language - it's not intended for children's viewing. I really don’t pay it no mind. Episodios Beyond Scared Straight. (shot of police car with siren, roads, teenagers, and houses) Have something to tell us about this article? The wiki was created by Supervegito22 on January 29, 2011 and is currently managed by PacintoshX. This wiki is dedicated to covering material regarding Scared Straight!, Beyond Scared Straight, and how Scared Straight programs work. For that, parents, police, judges, victims, and all the rest of us will be very grateful. (Shot of "Four") Other major cities in the U.S. have all reportedly seen double digit increases, including Milwaukee, Saint Louis and New York. At the time of filming, Franklin was living in Baltimore with his mother Dana. Participating communities report that 80 to 90% of the kids that they sent to Rahway go "straight" after leaving the stage. He was just 14 years old when he appeared on the show and had been convicted of gambling and vandalism. 52.2k Followers, 938 Following, 205 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lexi | Beyond Scared Straight (@qveen_lexieee_) (Shot of "Eight") We all want instant gratification. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Peter: Three months isn't a lifetime, but it's a pretty good start. The documentary received several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. (Shot of "Seventeen") It doesn't cost the taxpayers any money, and it can stop thousands of prison-bound delinquents in their tracks. When she’s not writing you can find her out with friends, making music or attending events for the brand. Dana explained in the episode that “Franklin has been suspended so many times” that she “couldn’t give you a number.”. (shot of prison cell) Peter: Number Thirteen - straight. Scared Straight! The wiki also covers pop culture references. 20 Years Later (1999).[9][10][11]. "There's a national trend with the increased number of homicides in our country," Mayor Rawlings-Blake said. We want right now for everything to stop. Seventeen Teenagers are sent to Rahway Prison during the program. Peter: Number Twelve - straight. The results of this unique program are astounding! © 2015 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Narrated by Peter Falk, the subject of the documentary is a group of juvenile delinquents and their three-hour session with actual convicts. (The movie ends with a shot of the outside of Rahway and "SCARED STRAIGHT!" (Shot of "Three") Peter: Number Seventeen - straight. (Shot of "Fourteen") (Shot of "Seven") Peter: Over 8,000 juvenile delinquents have sat in fear, on these hard-wooden benches - and for the first time they REALLY heard the brutal realities of crime and prison. The film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1978. He was found shot in the head, along with 19-year-old Marquise Caldwell and 17-year-old Tyrik Adams. My mother says I’ll either end up dead or in jail. It also tells you when I last checked for updates. I'm not exaggerating when I tell ya that some of these kids used to get busted by the police every week.