125gr Nyclad hollowpoint. Federal Law Enforcement 38 Special +P 158gr. If you do it right, the .38 Special can be just as effective for close-quarters self-defense. These popular guns have extremely short barrels and are not capable of effectively utilizing higher velocity ammunition. Perhaps 30 years ago I bought three cases of them, one each of Federal, W-W and R-P. bullet at around 600 fps. These generally come in either 130gr or 158gr with around 800 fps, 185 ft/lbs energy, and 750 fps, 200 ft/lbs, respectively. Yes, I like the LCR as a CCW but hot loads will test your wrist strength and ability not to flinch on repeating shots. After many trips to the range shooting much ammo some identical to those listed here, she finally settled on a round she could shoot comfortably with breaking her wrist, standard Winchester target rounds. You can expect to see 890 fps and 229 ft/lbs of energy. Those…, The Real Bonnie and Clyde “Bonnie and Clyde were pretty lookin’ people. The “chief’s special” load. Snubby revolvers have short revolvers and higher velocity ammunition isn’t suitable, which makes wadcutters just perfect. have around 950 fps and 250 ft. lbs. The wadcutter is a blunt, slow round, designed for short-range shooting, where the trajectory and the bullet drop are not a major factor. These rounds fire at a velocity of 1,050 FPS, delivering 306 foot-pounds of energy. Yes, the recoil is a bit harsh, but it is a price I am willing to pay. Self-Defense, But it delivers 288 foot-pounds of energy, which also ranks fairly high in this bunch. It can plug with denim but jean jackets aren’t in style these days. As a military cartridge, those are hardly the ballistics you’d want to see in a front line service pistol. And then at 100 yards (who shoots a .38 from a snubbie out to 100 yards? It is important to note that revolvers might be difficult to handle for newcomers, but with enough practice, you can have a reliable firearm that offers proper performance. Anyway, HPR’s .38 Special with the 158-grain JHP bullet is a classic load for snubbies. They were developed more than 100 years ago (1898). Reminds me of the “old school” 148 gr HBWC loaded backwards, but jacketed and low flash powder, but as I said…my choice. If you have any questions about it, please leave them in the comments! Related Tags: Big Kick, Little Pew. +P type of ammo doesn’t work properly with snubbies. Can a .357 Magnum gun shoot .38 Special ammo? Then For a month or so, we practiced once per week, just 5 shots at a time, at a distance of about 8-10 steps.