Thanks. If I had an over penetration concern, I'd opt for a different weapon. × Instructors re-establish zero with every change of brand. semi-auto 12-gauge. This will help me limit my purchases on varying brands/types of "experimental" rounds.   Your link has been automatically embedded. They'll also open up in a target upon impact and shed the six steel peddles almost instantly. Hopefully similarities within nearly identical platforms will yield similar results. Enter your email address to receive our best deals and other store updates. Black 4+1, Benelli Lupo Bolt Action 300 Win Mag 24in. thanks to you for actually shooting it and reporting on it. Overall lg. (CW2), View all items by any one manufacturer by searching or selecting it from the dropdown. DA/SA AA Satin, Benelli Vinci ComforTech Plus Semi-Auto Shotgun 10513, 12 GA, Benelli Super Vinci 12GA 28\" Black Synthetic ComforTech Plus, Benelli 828U 12 Ga. 30\" AA-Grade Satin Walnut, Blued, Progre, Benelli R1 Rifle .338 Win Mag, 24\", 3+1, Black Synthetic Com, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12GA 28\" Optifade Marsh Shotgun, Benelli M2 12 GA 28" Optifade Timber Shotgun 11147, Benelli 828U Field 12 GA Nickel 28\" Left Hand. All Rights Reserved. I was hoping for some feedback on what has worked for others using an M4. Includes what's in the pictures [2-15 round mags] Facto, TRADE Home Theater System For Guns / Parts, qI have a great condition home theater setup that I’m looking to trade for gun parts/ uppers, TV for the set is at $2000. Are you a Qualified Professional? What are your ammo recommendations for a defensive load for a Benelli M4. The manufacturer only allows us to sell this item to individuals they consider to be "Qualified Professionals". Excellant condition, Excellant condition, only 300 rounds fired. Hate to keep mentioning that SEARCH button -- you don't like researching things yourself? Without a doubt, if the U.S. Marine Corps relies on the Benelli M4 shotgun, so can you. 24in. This is your all-American, post-election, apocalypse package. Like new condition w/Aluminum Hogue grips Looking for a new home for one of my favorite guns, Heckler & Koch (H&K) P2000 Subcompact Paste as plain text instead, × × Clear editor. This places a “Reserve Order” for an out of stock item. OUT OF STOCK (0) Benelli 10655 SuperSport 4+1 3" 20 GA 28" $ 1,999.00 (2) Benelli SuperVinci 3+1 3.5" 12 GA 26" (10551) $ 1,399.00 (4) Nothing says "respect my liberties" quite like the sound o, Spring Field 40 caliber sub compact 3.8 inch, Spring Field 40 caliber sub compact 3.8 inch A few threads, but search for yourself for more:,\, They're also one of the most destructive from my own personal tests and from online data. The M4 is a semi-automatic shotgun that utilizes the Inertia Driven system that is clean, reliable, and adjustment free while still being able to run all types of ammunition. no need to buy gold stock up on this and use it for barter later on - thanks for link to source.. they have several others and I can see its going to involve my wallet if I can just lift my butt cheek to get it out.. at the price It would take a bear or moose or bigfoot charging to really shoot it - but as long as you pulled off a sure shot with no shake looks like you could count on it. By doing this, you are reserving both the current advertised price and your position in line to receive the item from our next available shipment. Benelli’s M4 is a hard working shotgun that’s as at home on the three gun course as it is on the battlefield. Item #11707: M4 Tactical - Black Synthetic stock finish - Pistol grip - 12 gauge - 11707 (16.18 MB) In the News Ballistic Magazine Names Benelli M4 H2O Tactical as 2019 Best Semi-Auto Shotgun That's why pattern boards exist. Free Shipping Offer only applies to specially marked items. Benelli M4 Tactical 5+1 3" 12 GA 18.5" OUT OF STOCK (4) Benelli M4 H20 Tactical 18.5 Titanium Cerakote 5+1. It includes the absolute best compon, Inter-Arms American Field-Sporter Series-Mark X - 30.06, Built to Hunt - One of the nicest 30.06 hunting rifles I've seen in a long time. We all only know what we experience, but chokes and even slight differences in same spec chokes, barrels etc will effect different rounds. available for immediate purchase and pick-up. M4 Tactical Shotgun. Uncle Mike's Michaels of Orego, US FIREARMS, USA MAGAZINES, VANGUARD USA, Copyright © 2003-2020 Black 5+1, Benelli Performance Center Upland 828U O/U 12Ga 24in. Russian brown bears that are shot with them have penetration cavities all the way through the body of the bear. One owner, purchased new, very inf, Colt Python .357 Magnum - Royal Blue Finish All Rights Reserved. In addition to pattern, point of impact very well could differ. Click HERE to login or submit your credentials. Walnut Stock 4+1, Benelli Lupo .30-06 Springfield 22in. Especially beware of anyone wanting to ship an item, as these are almost always a scam. I would imagine this would be for engagements 25 yards and under. Benelli M4 Recoil Spring Tube Assembly - $99.96 Dave's Metal Works Benelli Oversized Safety - $26.65 Taran Tactical Innovations TTI Benelli M4/M1014 Ultimate Charging Handle - $39.99 Taran Tactical Innovations TTI Benelli AccuGuide Extended Carrier - $79.99 Scalarworks SW1200 Sync Light Aimpoint Micro Mount - $119 I do know that results will vary from firearm to firearm as in rifles and pistols. Benelli Tactical manages the sales of all Benelli tactical shotguns to law enforcement, government, and military entities.