Attracted to punk rock as a teenager, Shepherd took up guitar and formed several garage bands throughout the '80s, including 600 School, March of Crimes, Tic Dolly Row, Mind Circus, and Episode. "Basic instinct. In the years after the split, Shepherd participated in some of Josh Homme's Desert Sessions collaboration (Volumes 1 & 2), on which he played bass and guitar, and played bass with Mark Lanegan (in the 1999 album I'll Take Care of You and 2002's Field Songs, where he even wrote co-wrote the song "Blues For D"), and Tony Iommi (2000's Iommi). The island is separated from the Kitsap Peninsula by Port Orchard, with Bremerton lying to the southwest. Later the guitar was smashed, but at 12, he got another one and started playing all the time. now that they're not busy with Soundgarden; they are also both members Louder Than Love tour in 1990. Fender Japan 51 Precision Bass - Blonde finish, named "Blood". Later he was enthralled with punk rock bands like Black Flag. He was born on an American military base in Okinawa, Japan. His main Black P is called "Baron" and its twin backup is named "Mulo". "As lucky as Charlie Bucket. Charlie was the pure-hearted lad who inherited the factory after he gave back the everlasting, never-shrinking, enchanted candy piece. [16] The drummer on "Baron Robber" is Joseph Braley who also drums for Seattle-based bands MASZER, The Mother's Anger[17][18] and the band Reignwolf. Fender American Vintage 63 Precision Bass - Olympic White, mint guard. In the meantime, the family -- his mother and five brothers and sisters -- had left Texas for Kitsap County where Shepherd grew up in Suquamish, Kingston and finally Bainbridge Island when he was 15. In 1998, he quit Wellwater Conspiracy for unknown reasons. It drove me crazy," he says. Hunter Benedict Shepherd was born on September 20, 1968, in Okinawa, Japan (the son of a U.S. serviceman), but grew up on Bainbridge Island -- across Puget Sound in Seattle. Read Full Biography. Shepherd has said that "Half" was a song he wrote in case his daughter ever wanted to learn guitar.[7]. He jams as he walks. band he had always idolized, making less money than he had been A second album called The 2nd was recorded in 1995 after Superunknown tour's end, but was not released until 2005, ten years later. It started out as an acoustic project, before morphing into a very electrified concept album in the end. The address on file for this person is 4901 New Sweden St, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 in Kitsap County. Bass-minded tracks such as "Switch Opens" are rare because, as he explained "you don't want to write a whole wandering bass line wondering what the drum beat and the guitar chords are going to be. But ... "It's just too crowded man. [12] Shepherd has since downplayed the statement, stating that he was only "sleeping on couches in studios when I was recording my solo album", preferring to stay in Seattle rather than go back home to Bainbridge Island.[3]. A year later, Soundgarden issued their masterpiece, Superunknown, which placed the band at the top of the hard rock heap, and featured two striking Shepherd compositions, the Beatlesque Head Down and the Middle Eastern-influenced Half. Although not an original member of Soundgarden, bassist Ben Shepherd was present for the band's most successful period. Stay alive and check out what's going on," he explains. But after only one more release, 1996's Down on the Upside, Soundgarden would call it quits. ". That's the kid in Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory," he explains. Fender American Vintage 62 Precision Bass - "Lena" Olympic White, tort guard. Shepherd proved to be an unpredictable performer on stage as he tried to come to terms with the band's sudden success -- sometimes smashing his bass, yelling and/or spitting at the audience, and even walking offstage midsong. of humor. Shepherd has used the Leo Quan Badass Bass II bridge and continues to use them on almost all his Fenders. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. "[14], In 2008, Shepherd had all of his equipment stolen from Soundgarden's storage warehouse, forcing him to buy new instruments and amplifiers.[14][15]. Shepherd followed a fingerstyle playing based on Yamamoto, punk rock musicians Chuck Dukowski from Black Flag, and Mike Watt. Shepherd is also the partial owner of an upscale Seattle bar called Hazelwood. The group released the compilation album Telephantasm in September 2010, followed by King Animal in November 2012, their first studio album since 1996. Trussart Steelcaster Bass - An all-metal bass. He's dying to get out and play. released in limited edition on Sub Pop Records. A major fan of another up-and-coming Seattle band, Soundgarden, Shepherd tried out for the band's vacant bass position shortly after the quartet released their major-label debut, Louder Than Love, in 1989. After two practice sessions, they asked him to join. When Shepherd joined the band, he considered it weird luck. He nods slightly. upon). It was a fucking horrible time — this total rock'n'roll cliché."[12]. His mother and step-father were heavily into jazz. Just before he hits the stage, he gets the pumped-up high feeling. A lot of loose ends were tied at the same time.". was the "Room a Thousand Years Wide"/"H.I.V. Shepherd started playing bass trying to replace former Soundgarden bassist Hiro Yamamoto. Just by being themselves. Shepherd would put his head on the back of the guitar as his father played and sang. Shepherd also served time as a roadie for Nirvana during their early days (and was considered at one point to join as a rhythm guitarist). Steve Bonnell wails on the guitar at the Graceland. Once bassist Hiro Yamamoto left in 1989, Shepherd auditioned to replace him even as his primary instrument was the guitar. Matt Cameron took over lead vocals. His family moved to Allen, Texas, then settled in Kingston, Washington, where Shepherd grew up. "I like Johnny Appleseed. You can sing any song from this artist to help SoundHound users find it! ~ Greg Prato. I'm really not. as evidenced by his stage behavior, where he continuously flips off He as of late has also equipped his basses with stereo output jacks for durability. "Ty Cobb" was the first song Shepherd wrote that was made a single. So far, Soundgarden has been nominated for two Grammys and at 23, Shepherd is living the life of a rock-and-roll star. Musical style. "The fans are the real bottom line, though. members of Hater, where Fender Factory Special Run Precision Basses - Owns a Deluxe PJ in Seafoam Pearl and an American Special in Honey Burst. [6] In addition to his role as bass player, Shepherd's role as a singer and songwriter increased during his tenure with Soundgarden. His family moved to Texas, then settled in Bainbridge Island, Washington where Shepherd grew up. Shepherd was born in Japan -- his father was in the Army -- and lived in Texas until his father deserted the family when he was 3. ", on the Guns N' Roses tour: [1][2], Shepherd was born on an American military base in Okinawa, Japan. single note with them; he was their backup touring guitarist. Ben Shepherd (born Hunter Benedict Shepherd, on September 20, 1968) is an American musician best known for playing bass in the band Soundgarden from 1990 until the band's 1997 break-up. and pissed off all the time. He then started a heated argument with Thayil backstage that nearly escalated into a fistfight, leading to only Cornell and Cameron returning for the encore. Although he was seriously considered, the spot went to another Nirvana graduate, Jason Everman. By Rob McDonald. Shepherd played in another band called 600 School, "I don't mean to offend anybody, but normally they don't get my sense His early years were filled with music. Featured musicians include: Shepherd has two children. People want to take so much, analyzing It's real easy to get bored on tour. - he smashed his bass during "Blow Up The Outside World," gave the audience the finger and left the stage. Click a location below to find Benjamin more easily. Touring brings out some of that basic instinct. Bainbridge Island az Amerikai Egyesült Államok északnyugati részén, Washington állam Kitsap megyéjében, a Bainbridge-szigeten elhelyezkedő város.A 2010. évi népszámlálási adatok alapján 23 025 lakosa van.. A városban hét közoktatási intézmény működik. A 10-speed (bike) is too fast," Shepherd says. so thin over such a wide area. The band continued to tour frequently, arranging time around Matt Cameron's schedule in Pearl Jam, and Chris Cornell's acoustic tours. old. In the summer of 2010, Shepherd finished recording his latest solo project. Besides playing shows and building up a small regional following, none of the aforementioned bands issued recordings. But they've managed to ... [Read More...], Like a real-life soap opera — or a country song — a once-promising Kitsap band disintegrated recently when tempers flared and a very public fistfight broke out. Eighteen years later, when Shepherd was 21, he was reunited with his father in Texas. With the band in a bad mood and facing technical problems in their performance, Shepherd eventually got so frustrated - "I'd had it up to here with my equipment dying. The band members liked Shepherd and his attitude, but given he did not know how to play the songs, they eventually picked bassist Jason Everman. says Shepherd, was a tape that sold a few copies in Finland. Although not an original member of Soundgarden, bassist Ben Shepherd was present for the band's most successful period. But later the color choice was changed to yellow and purple. | Good Morning Britain, Soundgarden Badmotorfinger 25 Unboxing With Ben Shepherd. His first recording session with Soundgarden [1], In 2008, following the sale of the warehouse Soundgarden's equipment was being stored in, Shepherd was robbed of all his equipment including guitars, basses, and amplifiers collected and used through Soundgarden's career, and two records he had completed. on music: The tracks were: "Zero Chance" (music), "Dusty" (music), "Ty Cobb" (music), "Never Named" (music) "Switch Opens" (music) and "An Unkind" (music and lyrics). Shepherd plays bass guitar for the renowned Seattle band, Soundgarden, which will perform at the Lollapalooza II show at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds July 22. Each of them contributes to writing the songs. He prefers to experience life a little more slowly. When Shepherd asked his father for a guitar, his father complied only after insisting he must learn every chord in a large book with nothing but a guitar neck. Sun Staff "I want an amp that loud," says Ben Shepherd looking up at the sky above Bainbridge Island's Eagle Harbor Park. Shepherd has also done further work with Cameron, as part of another retro garage rock outfit, Wellwater Conspiracy, and guesting with the former Soundgarden drummer on Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi's first-ever solo album, 2000's Iommi. He loves playing for people who really appreciate the music. Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd talks about the upcoming re-issue of lost classic album "Hater", covering Cat Stevens, and who he would kill. The band members liked Shepherd and his attitude, but given he did not know how to play the songs, they eventually picked bassist Jason Everman. point, Shepherd enlisted Stone Gossard to play guitar (Gossard then He still prefers living on Bainbridge Island even though it would be easier to live in Seattle with its better equipped record stores and music stores. I'm just not thinking properly sometimes," he says. Hunter Benedict Shepherd was born on September 20, 1968, in Okinawa, Japan (the… He also listened to jazz bassist Charles Mingus "because I wanted to learn how to play some dirty, weird shit. "I dont think any human is very smart, really. By spring of 1990, however, it was clear that Everman wasn't working out, and Shepherd was finally asked to join up -- touring with the band throughout the summer. Besides playing shows and building up a small regional following, none of the aforementioned bands issued recordings. ", on human nature: of the Wellwater Conspiracy. ", on interviewers: On June 25, 2013, Shepherd announced he would be releasing the solo album entitled In Deep Owl on August 27, 2013 under the name HBS. While in school, he always showed some creativity. The Sunburst is named "Wolfgang.".