As the war escalated, Lexi and a number of her old allies joined forces to attack and capture a Star Fortress orbiting the world of Leritor, finally participating in the conflict directly only due to the fact that the attack had been proposed to her via prerecorded message by her supposedly deceased husband. Chronological and political information Lexi knew that her decision would be known to other Sith, but decided that might actually serve as a bold example; instead of forcing the joint-victors against one another as was traditional, she agreed to take them both on as a reward for their practicality, loyalty to one another and clear ability to cooperate with others, claiming that those traits were essential for the betterment of the Sith Empire. Lambert Melons, which Tim owns and operates with his 41-year-old nephew Ben Lambert, still has a lot of watermelons around from its summertime business. Lord Lambert then boldly proclaimed that she would be known as Darth Aivela, henceforth, all too aware that her position was strong enough that she was unlikely to find any opposition. Ord Mantell Reverse engineering the technology expanded her knowledge and allowed her to begin creating new droids of all kinds, some of which she sold to the Alliance for specialist jobs in the early days of their fight against the Eternal Empire, although she wouldn't commit to providing anything more than covert, token support for fear of discovery. Though the pair fought ferociously, they didn't fight conclusively; Benjamin seemingly killed himself during a pause in the combat, dislodging the unsteady platform on which they were fighting to fall through into the dark chasm below. Taking a small group of mercenaries for security, Lexi travelled to Belsavis, venturing out to the site mentioned in a report made by Talos Drellik of the Imperial Reclamation Service. Affiliation(s) Homeworld Lambert and his wife bought their Fisher Island condo for $5.4 million in 2014, $550,000 more than what they sold it for. Posted by The Witcher – Zaklínač on Saturday, April 20, 2019. That left Wells Fargo, which had acquired Eastdil in 1999, with a minority stake in the firm. Travelling to Taspir III as she'd secretly planned months in advance, Lexi's forces were briefed en-route and engaged the traitors just a few hours later, with Lord Lambert leading the charge into the hidden facility despite being heavily pregnant at the time. Lexi admitted that she hadn't sensed her husband's death to the soldiers who'd caught up with her, knowing that Sith Intelligence would confirm his survival sooner or later, though she had enough witnesses to confirm she'd made a clear and dedicated attempt to end his life. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. It was only after her marriage that Lexi put her husband's resources to use following up reports of a machine that could reprogram a person's genetic structure. Killing a number of Sith Lords on her descent to the command centre, Lexi confronted and defeated Darth Salvharroh and left him for dead, backing the last of the conspirator leaders into a corner- when she finally arrived at the command centre only Darth Enigmus, her husband, was still alive. Speeders, blasters, droids, commlinks- MSI stepped into a dozen new markets in one unexpected move. Last year, Eastdil finalized a management-led buyout financed by Singapore sovereign wealth fund Temasek and U.S.-based Guggenheim Investments. Lexi, having spent time experimenting with the obscure art of Mechu-deru and Mechu-deru vitae since Iokath, was able to mix her own genetic structure within the machines during their creation, allowing the replacements to be fused to her without the threat of her body rejecting them as foreign objects.