The production is very strong, bringing the worlds of eerie, horror film adjacent pianos and boom bap together. He put his production stamp on the sinister sound of Mobb Deep. That dystopian track that sounds like an apocalyptic party tune is El's bread and butter. You know when Murda Beatz's producer tag hits, the sound to follow is about to be a slapper. The song that popularized Baby's bird call? What about Busta's "Pass the Courvoisier" or Slim Thug's "I Ain't Heard of That"? Throughout the genre's history, there have been some truly incredible beats that turned producers into stars, and more unsung beat-makers served as a shining light for an already strong catalog. Swizz is a member of Ruff Ryders and served as their main producer during the collective's heyday, and he showed out for years as he helped lift the crew up. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. Maybe our ears evolved to keep up with Primo. Hand Gestures. "Deadringer" exceeded our expectations. Cool username ideas for online games and services related to BeatMaker in one place. The 2011 track "The Motto" is one of Drake's most fun records. WondaGurl is responsible for the soundscape, a vast, stadium-filling slow burner, fitting well with Uzi's tale of being caught in a love triangle. Er lud seine Beats im Internet, unter anderem auf der Videoplattform YouTube und auf SoundCloud, hoch, woraufhin er 2012 vom österreichischen Rapper Nazar kontaktiert wurde. Bangers: "Nas Is Like," "Mass Appeal," "Ten Crack Commandments". He helped upstarts such as Lil Wayne and B.G. Jetsonmade built his name up off producing hit songs for DaBaby, like "Suge" and "Goin Baby." By using LiveAbout, you accept our, Getty Images for CineVegas / Getty Images, The 50 Best Summer Rap Songs of the 2000s. There are sound visionaries—RZA and J Dilla possessed a third-eye vision that enabled them to make vodka out of water. * Share this page. All are worth visiting, but if you must pick one, start with "The Main Ingredient" and work backward. He has added musicality to the group's canon, blending live instrumentation with his and Bun's Texas twang. RZA is known for his murky, lo-fi loops and taste for the obscure, but Ghostface Killah's "The Faster Blade" featuring Raekwon is just funky, and it shows in Rae's delivery. Dilla is in the top five dead or alive because of the music he left behind. "Hot" is a great collab between Young Thug and Gunna, two artists with quite a few hits already under their belt. RZA put it to work, fetching gritty sounds from the drum machine. The latter is massively underrated. They provided the soundtrack for a generation battling the crack epidemic and institutionalized racism. When we think of Timbaland, we think of clubs and hits. Mike Dean and Pimp C are arguably the two most influential producers in Southern rap. He played a pivotal part in helping the label evolve from a bounce crew to a music empire. When we think of Timbaland, we think of stars: Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake. When we think of Timbaland, we think of a canon that extends beyond the walls of hip-hop. Before Diddy and R. Kelly, it was Pete Rock who made it fun to reimagine songs with a distinct flair. Everyone involved could just let their hair down for this hit song. Listening to Madlib instrumentals, it becomes a game of guess that sample, in which you're almost guaranteed to lose every round. He made Eminem scream in the studio. Quik's the name. ad-lib countless times on beats, and for good reason. By the time the Ad-Rock rapped, "Well, I'm the Benihana chef on the SP-12" on 1998's "Putting Shame in Your Game," beat makers had moved on to the more "powerful" SP-1200 and the AKAI MPC60. The beat is a perfectly chopped soul sample, with bass guitar and drums accentuating it. Choose from millions of royalty-free samples and loops to sequence and experiment with. He blessed both Jays (Z and Electronica) with heat rock on “U Don’t Know” and “Exhibition C,” respectively. Ash Beats. When everyone was sampling jazz, Paul went for rock, funk, soul, hippie soul, and even Hall & Oates. Only a great producer such as Q-Tip can make restraint look so effortless. In the case of the Alchemist, he represents sewage-grimy, late-'90s/early '00s NYC hip-hop. Leben. Rage. You've heard the "Cook that shit up, Quay!" Long Live Juice. They break in new artists and shift the culture forward. What puts Dre on the Mount Rushmore of hip-hop production? Beats selber machen: So einfach geht es – mit kostenloser Musiksoftware, Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung inkl. As a producer for Tribe, Nas, and his own solo projects, Tip refined and distilled rap production into a glossy pad that’s inviting without seeming tame. The song really bangs while not being overproduced. Not only is Pete Rock one of the most creative samplers ever, but he's also the original king of remixes. When we think of Timbaland, we think of a man playing Silly Putty with sounds: He dominated urban radio by incorporating everything from synths and Egyptian flutes to animals and cooing babies. And a nation of millions still couldn’t hold them back. Still, his greatest feat is producing 30 percent of ​Nas' "Illmatic," the greatest rap album of all time, including the highlights "Halftime" and "It Ain't Hard to Tell.". Before discovering and mentoring Nas, Large Professor was already a well-respected producer. You'll recognize that drum-loop-drum combo today, but its execution is constantly changing. Brave and experimental, with a powerfully inventive resume, Paul plumbed samples and pieces from wherever he wanted. Dex. It's common to hear an Alchemist beat and immediately visualize a scene from a horror flick. On Drake's 2015 project If You're Reading This It's Too Late, 40 went outside the box for a few beats, including "Madonna," a haunting, piano-loop driven production for Drake's story about a new woman in his life. Kanye realized this vision and much more. What would happen if you clothed the tip of your drumsticks with a thread of toilet paper? Jordy Dazz. Havoc has stayed true to the East Coast sound over his 20-year career, through the advent of Auto-Tune, electronic dance music, and hippie rap. "Snitch," off Lil Wayne's 2004 album, Tha Carter, is a complete switch-up, with Mannie working in space age sounds and still keeping the feel that made him a household name.