This lesson explores the battles of Antietam and Fredericksburg in 1862. Have students, in their groups, make a list of the pros and cons of total war. However, he was overly cautious because he mistakenly believed that Lee’s soldiers outnumbered them. Through the use of maps and original documents, this lesson will focus on the key battles of the war and how they contributed to its outcome. ANSWER KEY Key Civil War Battles – Graphic Organizer Directions: Your classmates will present information about the following Civil War battles. However, Burnside received McClellan’s order late, at around 10 in the morning, when the fighting at the north had already subsided. Frustrated by McClellan's failure to secure a decisive victory at Sharpsburg/Antietam, or to follow Lee immediately after the battle, Lincoln relieved him of command. The Battle of South Mountain slowed down Union troops. The Battle of Antietam during the American Civil War took place at Antietam Creek, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, on September 17, 1862. NCSS.D2.His.4.9-12. The Battle of Antietam was the single bloodiest day in American history, but what could have been a decisive Union victory was instead merely a tactical draw, and Lee successfully retreated across the Potomac. About 207,500; 16. Union forces were mauled on the first day of the battle but after reinforcement arrived that evening, they drove the Confederates from the field. Navy, March 8, 1862, Report of Flag-Officer Buchanan, Commander of CSS, Report of Lieutenant Higginson, U.S. Navy, February 18, 1864, Report of Rear-Admiral Dahlgren, U.S. Navy, February 19, 1864, U.S. Navy Interrogation of George L. Shipp, Confederate deserter, regarding the Hunley, January 8, 1864, Notes from papers of First Engineer Tomb, C.S. What were the key battles of the war, and what made them important? 0000002509 00000 n The first major clash of the Civil War in the East took place in July 1861, in Northern Virginia. 's' : ''}}. �u�6IelxjրӢM�*�����K� @d~{n���e vl 0�9< ! Battle of Antietam (September 17, 1862); 11. He wanted to overwhelm the left flank of the Confederate Army (north of the battlefield). These objectives will be covered in detail: {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | Learn more about the significance of Antietam with the History Channel video below. In November, he oversaw the defeat of Braxton Bragg's Confederate Army of Tennessee at Chattanooga, which opened the way to Atlanta. Lincoln appointed General George B. McClellan as commander of the Army of the Potomac in November 1861, and he succeeded in turning a ragtag collection of recruits into an organized fighting machine. If you reference any of the content on this page on your own website, please use the code below to cite this page as the original source. trailer Battle Of Antietam. Lee and his troops were the first to retreat from the battlefield the next day on September 18. To find out more, see our, Battle of Antietam Facts & Worksheets:, After defeating the Union in Virginia at the Second Battle of Bull Run on August 30, 1862, the. The battle of Antietam was a terrible and significant day in the history of the United States. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? The Union army was able to pierce the center of the Confederate defense, but they were not able to follow up the attack immediately, and the Confederate army was able to prepare. About This Quiz & Worksheet. How did the result of this campaign contribute to the overall victory of the Union in the Civil War? ΩYn֮��o�0 For more detailed information about the battle of Gettysburg see the Virtual Tour of the Gettysburg National Military Park, accessible via "Links to the Past," the EDSITEment-reviewed site of the National Park Service. 0000015228 00000 n Take a look below at all our other PowerPoints about the Civil War! \Þ����y��YR�MV�#��kY�M%�ѓ��h���ۗ/��>�bm-���e��E��٬fms�߉��e��%ϝ#ͭ#�� ��7�����Q� �1���^b��#�>�}�lU�3�n{���B�h^'���c�����-�R|��~R�D� 8�S�n�^��[��(N��*��ϛ�ÅsؘK$G)�W���5Q$l��W�ng�E1o���v��^ LG[b���I>��^���")!�B �G�� )&~���;FTFhw��D]�"���(�&hhEHń~���뾲Y��=�w��k�hIwKQZYŎ���W����ovٜ��. - Facts, Summary & Significance. Over defeat at Antietam and failure to break Lee's lines or press the attack; 12. See if you can improve each time! After the first shots at Fort Sumter, both the North and South rushed to mobilize for war. 0000035683 00000 n The brutality of the midday phase of the battle gave the sunken road the name “Bloody Lane”. The content/information sheet, worksheet and answer key can be used in a variety of ways for all your classroom needs.Take a look below at all ou 0000035349 00000 n Beginning at around 3 p.m., Burnside and his troops spent more than three hours fighting against Confederate soldiers before they were able to take control and cross the bridge. Print a read and math workbook with Battle of Antietam reading comprehension. It indicated that he planned to divide his army and send units to Harpers Ferry and Martinsburg in West Virginia, as well as Boonsboro and Hagerstown in Maryland. McClellan did nothing to stop Lee and his troops because he thought that he had already accomplished his mission of driving Lee’s troops out of Maryland and preventing Confederate victory on Union territory. Briefly discuss with students the campaigns of Gettysburg and Vicksburg. It was only after the twin Union victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg that the tide of the war turned; thereafter the war became a slow grind that ultimately exhausted not only the Confederacy's army, but its economy and society as well. The Union soldiers won, and Lee considered ending his Maryland Campaign. The Union had 12,410 casualties with 2,108 dead, while the Confederate had 10,316 casualties with 1,546 dead. Instructions: To take the quiz, click on the answer. In this activity students will learn about several important engagements by studying the ships that participated in them. Hand out the Battle of Antietam Summary , Emancipation Proclamation Analysis Sheet, and General Order 143 Excerpt. It was, however, enough of a Union success that President Lincoln could issue a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which changed the character of the war. French’s 5,500 soldiers fought against Hill’s soldiers. 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Basic information about these campaigns is located in the "Background for the Teacher" section. A - Chancellorsville; 17. To conclude, as a large group have students discuss which of the two campaigns really turned the tide of the war.