That’s a big difference from the Baltimore of five years ago. The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. He and Allen specifically highlight the boots-on-the-ground efforts of activist Carlmichael “Stokey” Cannady (a recent candidate for mayor), East Baltimore ex-offender and activist Terry “Uncle T” Williams, and Ralikh Hayes, a member of the Baltimore City Youth Commission. Latest was 303-Camp Stark. NSS Labs closes down. The US Treasury Department sanctions more organizations and individuals for malign influence operations. A lot of us didn’t want the city burned then. Zerologon exploited in the wild. Ceasefire founder Erricka Bridgeford has been a fixture of the city’s activist community. They urged protesters to take a peaceful approach this time. In Baltimore as of Monday, the toll was small compared with that wrought by the 2015 unrest in the wake of Gray. Upcoming Webinar: Inside the Best Hospital Rankings », Upcoming Webinar » Inside the Best Hospital Rankings: Nov. 13 | 1:00 - 2:15 p.m. In a video statement on May 29, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael S. Harrison called the killing of Floyd “disgusting” and “horrific and heartbreaking.” He praised the Minneapolis police commissioner’s quick decision to terminate the officers and added police officers “must intervene” in the bad actions of other cops. [Career Notes], It's still possible to find ways to break out. His arrest was caught on camera and he could be heard saying “I can’t breathe” while a white officer, Derek Chauvin, pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. The Baltimore Consent Decree Monitoring team tweeted just after midnight that its members were “closely monitoring” the police department’s response to the protests. “People aren’t going to leave the streets soon, so I hope we have people willing to meet the movement.”. Patch by midnight, and reply by endorsement. — Justin Fenton (@justin_fenton) June 2, 2020. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. John McAfee is arrested on US tax charges. In the announcement, Jones and Atterbeary, both of whom are black, noted that they are mothers of sons. Phishing with bogus Google Docs. He said he ordered the department’s leadership team to look into allegations of assault and burglary regarding a Fox 45 news team. The rally included a caravan of cars as well as walkers. Emotet spams Team Blue. Disinformation, content moderation, and the difficulties presented by both. CISA and the FBI warn that an unnamed threat actor is chaining vulnerabilities, including Zerologon, to gain access to infrastructure and government targets. Coordinated inauthenticity with a commercial as well as a political purpose. Facebook takes down coordinated inauthenticity with a domestic focus in four countries. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Coordinated inauthenticity in Myanmar. Despite daily and nightly protests for several days, including a huge downtown march on Monday to City Hall that lasted well into the early hours of the morning, the “Deadliest Big City in America” has emerged as an oasis of relative calm, even with only minor damage and a handful of arrests over the past week. Content moderation, always harder than it seems. Google faces an anti-trust suit. “We got kids out here,” Scott said from the scene Saturday night. Officials in Baltimore, like other city officials across the nation, attributed violence in protests to outside agitators. 2020 Election; Facts First; Election 101; Business. On Monday night, a large and increasingly tense crowd of people milled about downtown, long after the original day-long march ended; police had repeatedly asked them to disperse. The lieutenant lowered his face mask and read through all of them individually, as the crowd chanted “Next name" each time. Edward Snowden wants dual Russian-US citizenship. Notes from the cyber underground. Governments warn of heightened rates of cyberattacks against medical organizations. Maze may be gone (so its proprietors say) but its affiliate market has moved on to Egregor ransomware-as-a-service. Finnish psychological clinic Vastaamo dismisses its CEO for not disclosing a breach promptly. Four years later, is the U.S. any more prepared to protect the results of its largest elections? German police want ransomware operators for homicide. Big Tech’s testimony on Capitol Hill had less to do with Section 230 than many had foreseen. Mike Benjamin from…, Zerologon is being actively exploited in the wild. Hacking hospitals raises concerns for patient safety. [Research Saturday]. Inside a social engineering campaign. Rampant Kitten, an Iranian surveillance operation, is described. CISA and Cyber Command describe a new RAT. Trends in phishbait. Accepted? The Rev. TikTok and WeChat both get reprieves. Scott, who has been running for mayor (he’s trailing former Mayor Sheila Dixon, but election results from Tuesday remain incomplete), has been a fixture at the protests against police violence that have sprung up citywide since the death of George Floyd on May 25. From a position as a law clerk during law school, to the role of a judicial clerk, and joining the White House Counsel…, Threat actors and cybercriminals that don’t have the ability to develop their own ransomware for malicious campaigns can turn to the Smaug Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) offering, which is available via a Dark Web Onion site. Playing against stereotype, Baltimore has so far been one of the few U.S. cities where mass protests against police violence have remained peaceful. Prosecutors in Minnesota on Friday announced charges against the officer who was seen on video pinning Floyd to the ground with a knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes.