The only difference I noticed is the slight difference of interface on the LCD screen. However, those who likes their boards to brake really strong are gonna bitch about it. Moreover, you’ll also get a great ride at high speeds with the famous Caliber II 50-Degree as the front truck of the Galaxy G2T Electric Skateboard. You’ll find everything you need to make an informed decision about which board is right for you or a loved one. Backfire needs to soften the wheels. We were too when we started writing this electric skateboard review. When changing the hub sleeves, the motor cap (the one with the magnets inside) falls off along with the sleeve if you don’t be careful. I really hoped they improve the quality of the urethane since the G2T. Enskate R3 Mini Preview – Will this be a good ‘campus’ board? I weigh about 71 kg and closer to 76 with my bag. So, whether you’re a beginner who wants to go slow or a seasoned user who feels the need for speed, you’ll enjoy a smoother ride because of this skateboard’s ability to absorb shock well. My feet feel planted into the deck and makes it natural to carve as soon as you get on the board. We also think Backfire made great choices for its color schemes. This, again, is going to add to the versatility of the G3 Plus, catering to lovers of both small and large wheels. It does have a tad bit more flexibility than the G2T, but it’s no where near the level where you can enjoy bouncing on it like a trampoline. Changing speeds is still a perfectly smooth process. Compare to other boards of the same price, one other big change for the G3 Plus is the inclusion of 96mm wheels. Advertiser Disclosure: We earn from qualifying purchases. The carbon fiber deck also allows the Backfire G3 Plus to be surprisingly light, only measuring in 16lbs or 7.2kg. It can go an impressive 23.5mph at fastest speed. One good thing is that there is very little sag on the battery and the G3 plus maintains its ability to hit 22mph or 36kmh even at 25% battery level. For those who are wondering how the new 12s Hobbywing ESC compares to the Gen 2 Hobbywing ESC on the G2T – Well, they felt the same – except, that turbo mode now lacks any sort of cooldown, which is huge! The larger 96mm wheels and the flex in the carbon fiber deck combine to soak up vibration quite well, making the board less uncomfortable on rough roads. Never got speed wobbles nor any sort of instability. Well, flexible in some sense. Sorry, comments to r/ElectricSkateboarding are restricted by account age/karma, as an anti-spam measure. And they finally allow the turbo mode to be switched on without cooldown! Backfire is outdoing themselves this time. I love the shape of the deck and how its wider than the deck of the G2T. Right now, it feels like a board that’s almost there. It’s no wonder we recommend it for both beginner and more seasoned riders of electric skateboards. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases we may receive a commission. OH MY GOD I HATE THIS SO MUCH THAT THIS IS ENOUGH TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM TURBO MODE. Backfire has been making a lot of business moves in the past few months, creating waves with its release of the G3 Plus, Ranger X2, G2 Black and it’s IndieGoGo campaign for the Backfire Mini.But the G3 Plus is extra special, as at $999 it would be the most premium street-board offered by the brand, which is otherwise known for offering products that are polished but affordable. I want the throttle resistance to be between what it is right now and the one in Boosted remotes. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Backfire Zealot Preview – Troubling or promising. It doesn’t light up the road, but maybe lets other drivers know I’m there? After that high-power period ends, there’s the same amount of time for the cool down. The lights are great but have no actual usage in the road aside for aesthetics. The new top model of Backfire is named Backfire G2T and is one of the best, most durable, and more affordable electric skateboards. The G2T also comes with an R2 wireless remote controller, only from Backfire. Boosted remotes have a bit too much resistance in throttle imo. Your buying price is not changing whether we are entitled for affiliate commission or not. The G3 Plus is no where near the torque of these two boards. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you. First off, when going over halfway through the throttle, my boosted stealth immediately goes for the top speed even if I don’t push the throttle all the way. While the battery pack is objectively large and good, the ability to Turbo the whole distance probably means you can drain it way faster than you are supposed to. Looking at it closely, the G3 Plus does have the premium polish and looks that make it worthy of the price tag. When they came out with the new G2T, they fixed everything and made it a much New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ElectricSkateboarding community, Continue browsing in r/ElectricSkateboarding. We are grateful to be of service and bring you content free of charge. Right away we noticed the unique design of the G2T. It comes as a in a typical longboard size of 38 inches and is perfect for commuting to work. It has surprisingly high mid range torque as well, which I appreciate. Backfire is known its one-of-a-kind style and attention to detail, including the construction of the deck. The battery case got bigger since the G2T and is significantly bigger than the Stealth’s. The 83mm wheels are already on the board when you get it. =P. I was skeptical of the differences the double caliber trucks would make on the G3 Plus. It’s a 346wh pack that has a marketed range of up to 25 miles or 40km, but I managed to kill it in just 15miles or 24km, riding in Turbo mode with the 96mm wheels on. I do wish backfire made the radius of concavity a little big greater for even better carving experience, but the deck is great as it is right now. Produced and manufactured by Backfire it is a cheap alternative to the more expensive boosted boards! This is a great detailed review of the board. Reviewed by: top 10 electric skateboards team But the G3 Plus is extra special, as at $999 it would be the most premium street-board offered by the brand, which is otherwise known for offering products that are polished but affordable. It’s just that I kind of wanted a bit more flex out of it to alleviate the limitations of comfort from a hub motor board. Adding on, I wish Backfire made the white strips where the light come out from slightly angular, matching the geometry of the battery case, but I am nitpicking at this point. At the end of the day, the Backfire G3 Plus is all about a comfortable and relaxing ride. You can comfortably carry it around with your AlterBag. In turbo mode, the top speed I hit was 44 kph and 41 kph in speed mode. But if you’re not sure which ones are the best then you’re in the right place. Find out everything you need to know about the Backfire Galaxy G2T. Although G3 Plus’s range and top speed is nothing to brag about, it is by no means weak. When technology replaces wheels with wind or anti-gravity magnets, you can still talk or find about it here. It was tricky to get the cover back in due to the weird placement of the spacer inside. Go between the different available modes or choose the one you like best. Combining the deck with the Caliber II front and back trucks, the Backfire G3 Plus rides very-very comfortably at any speed. However, is it worth a thousand bucks? I’ve been getting multiple requests to give a review of the board and I knew it would be greatly helpful for those who are considering the G3P. I’m sure they will catch up with the big brands within the next few years. On smoothly paved roads, the G3 Plus is amazing to shred on! FYI, Backfire claims that the deck might snap in the middle if you jump on it too aggressively. Backfire is known its one-of-a-kind style and attention to detail, including the construction of the deck.