[2], Izumi was born a princess of the Fire Nation to Fire Lord Zuko following the Hundred Year War. While the show presented this as a case of destiny works in strange ways, the reality is a lot more complicated. He was introduced as the ace general of the United Republic military providing much-needed reinforcement to liberate Republic City from the Equalist takeover. The Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra comics further flesh out the world of those two series. Fire NationFire Nation Royal FamilyMilitary of the Fire Nation And Izumi’s mother has not been confirmed. Born in 1995, Matthew England has long been interested in Science Fiction and Superheroes that started with his introduction to the Star Wars and the X-men at a young age. “She doesn’t know why her brother having a crush on her friend makes her so furious she wants to scream. NEXT: Avatar: 10 Best Costumes Of Aang, Ranked. Make no mistake, I think it's a pretty safe bet that Mai is her mother, but until they officially confirm it the jury is out. Skin color A world where genetics is merciful, everyone gets a grip, and (in some ways) people are a lot happier. Black Clover Is Starting To Reveal Asta’s Family History At Last, What Future Shonen Series Should Learn From Hunter X Hunter, Chainsaw Man Theory: Makima's Powers Are WAY More Potent Than They Seem. They reveal secrets & her most personal thoughts & feelings. Although it's a higher possibility that Mai is Izumi's mom, people are speculating that the reason why sokka had no children, because they broke up. Instead, it's most likely Mai is Izumi's mother. In the end, Kiyi was formally adopted into Zuko's family by the time of Legend Of Korra. There are a lot of theories out there about just who Zuko ended up with, especially considering all of the romantic ships surrounding him. I just like his friendship with Suki. Chronological information After nearly making a mistake, June convinces him to instead get a tattoo.Chapter 4: The Gaang's quest to the North Pole remains relatively the same, but you can't travel very far in the Earth Kingdom without coming across word of the Sons of Agni.Chapter 5: The Sons of Agni were the Fire Nation's most wanted, but there was something no one knew about the Red Dragon. Did you already say that? 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The comic book follows up to the show however saw Mai and Zuko break up, leading to much mystery over Izumi's mother. So this means that there is a possibility that Mai is not her mother, and I personally don’t think she is due to lack of physical similarities. So basically my theory is that sometime in the future, Sokka and Suki break up, Zuko and Suki get together, and then have Izumi. While is unclear how many dynasties there were before the current one, it likely there was a good number of them given the chaotic nature of Fire Nation's political landscape before the current dynasty took power. Lord Zuko, now eighty-seven years old, has abdicated the throne in favor of his daughter, Izumi, and travels the world on his dragon Druk as an ambassador for peace. Izumi With Tenzin, with herself, with Lin, with everyone. Affiliation He appears in the upcoming novel The Shadow Of Kyoshi, having invited Avatar Kyoshi to the Fire Nation capital to celebrate the Festival of Szeto. One of the Fire Nation's more heinous actions during the Hundred Year War was their near-destruction of the Southern Water Tribe reducing it to a couple of isolated villages with only one known waterbender. this is a collection of stories, all out of order, but that will weave together to continue the lives of the avatar: the last airbender characters. Same goes for Toph and everybody else actually (except Aang and Katara obviously). I really agree with this post... with the comics serving a LOK prequel... Zuki sounds pretty FACT rn. In The Legend of Korra, the multicultural region created in The Promise has developed into the United Republic of Nations. Revealed in the Legacy of the Fire Nation scrapbook, Fire Lord Sozin created a sense of antagonism within his family by giving his favor solely toward his eldest son Azulon. Ethnicity New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the legendofkorra community, Press J to jump to the feed. [Image deleted based on Avatar Wiki:Images policy.] Overall Zuko is implied to have a ton of distant relatives than what we are shown on screen. But between the lines of history there is another story, one of family, both destructive and nurturing in nature. Position So we know that as of right now Zuko and Mai are still broken up in the comics and haven’t gotten back together. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Now I kinda ship Zuko and Suki just because Suki actually helps and supports Zuko instead of throwing at him all the mistakes he's done. With a Master's in History, Matthew England is here to bring his background in both academic writing and nerd culture to CBR. A collection of short stories that fit into the main storyline.Chapter 1: Ursa and Bolin contemplate on their missing brothers.Chapter 2: Kya gets called to the Fire Nation, by her brother, to help her nephew Iroh sort a few things out.Chapter 3: Iroh stumbles across June in a bar during a low point. So I don’t know if anyone remembers this from the comics, but there were a couple of scenes where Suki was comforting/talking to Zuko and let something slip that seems like it was intended to be more than just a body guard worried about her master.... there was a specific panel (I think in “The Promise”) where Suki is kneeling down and reaching out to grab Zuko’s hand and says she’s worried about him: First Zuki Scene, The second one I noticed was this one, where she does a similar thing but correcting herself when she says “I’m - we’re glad you’re back”: Zuki 2, The most recent one is from Smoke and Shadow, where Zuko literally blushes when Suki is talking to him: Smoke and Shadow. RELATED: Avatar: 10 Things You Didn't Know Happened To Zuko After The Last Airbender Ended. As a result of Fire Lord Ozai's defeat, Zuko -- an enemy-turned-friend to Aang -- became the new leader of the Fire Nation.