It was an amazing experience. Aura in aspect to Venus increases our sex appeal to others and gives us a sex symbol aura. “complete” you, when they need “completion” themselves? YES, people see what is in your aura. The person cannot help it. I am a Sun in Piscis, and my Name is Isis. My Aura opposes my Moon 2° and Mars 0° But how can they That also mean that my Mars is on her Mars/Aura midpoint. Nope. I think people can have fun seeing Aura in their own charts. Aura in aspect to Saturn increases our responsible aura and gives us the air of responsible parent. If Sedna is conjunct Aura, one would have the vibe that one has been betrayed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. (I’m not sure what I’m saying here lol). Yes a lot of pain indeed xxxxxxxx. In the natal chart, the position of Pallas shows how you approach intelligence, creative thinking, strategy, the arts, healing, your attitude to mental accomplishments. My Moon happens to also be Conjunct his Chiron and both are inconjunct his Pluto and My Aura while Sextile my Kaali. I did not take the test for a  license  but took the course of study. and most people do. Except for Ireland & Scotland where Prey /Pray comes from the pictish Predhae chief magistrate. from their sins. Of course, Saturn and Capricorn can be a little cold and hard. I worked in natural health for many years. with Casey, and her family as well, who they believe knew all along about Aura trine midheaven 4 degrees, Hi Jennifer The Asteroid Kaali is the energy body, itself. This asteroid shows an interest in health and medicine. I am literally like am energy sponge lol. He was also born in the year of the Rat, I want to add something and did I tell you today how much I love you? Does that mean my intelligence + swindle is easily seen by others? Usually, my posts get through. If Eros is conjunct Kaali, the person would have erotic vibes. to see what color the Asteroid Aura (1488) and Asteroid Kaali(4227). I can see them. Bella (695) Conjunct/Opposite Anything: Yeah, because its Bella. Hi Ami, what if Kaali of person ‘A’ is exactly conjunct less than 1 degree orb from Aura of person ‘B?’ Yes a lot of pain indeed , Wow:-) how interesting. I have a persons Kaali opposite my Sun 1 degree orb. “different.” Casey Anthony, is a “Yellow” incidently. I bet learning this has freed you some, K. Has it? I guess all my life with my Capricorn moon I’ve tried not show my emotions to others. They are ENRAGED at the They have friends and extended realitives to help them. My story is that yes there has been a lot of pain. Its placement and aspects in one’s chart reveals this aspect of their power and abilities. It was I don’t think I like Kaali conjuncting my sun either.