Poseidon’s boons increase your damage, inflict Knockback, and cause damage over time to enemies as they move. Combine the spear with boons from Dionysus, Aphrodite, and Poseidon to really ruin a Shade’s day. Both of these when used with either Aspect will allow you to damage large numbers of enemies at once. Dionysus and Zeus just don't synergize with the special's terribly slow speed. How to survive in the underworld based on how you like to play. Une fois que vous avez obtenu les six armes, vous pouvez vérifier leurs aspects en appuyant sur « Révéler » à l’emplacement de l’armurerie de votre arme équipée. I'm curious to hear what other folks use. One of the best upgrades is the artemis fires a tracking arrow with every attack buff. My hestia aspect is up to lv3 , ima try that with ares keepsake. Infinite ammo or the tripple special or more accuracy. Aside from Artemis boons, this build can also benefit from Poseidon boons. La jauge de chaleur est déverrouillée après avoir battu le boss final. Some of her boons also increase the amount of health restored by Death Defiance. The Serpent Slash attack allows you to send out a spinning blade that has a smaller radius than the normal charged attack but lasts longer and has a longer range. Percentage based increases are the next best boons. Or my preferred, Aphrodite with weak on attacks, bonus damage on weak, ideally her duo with Artemis for crit damage on weak, and aphrodite's legendary. zeus on attack basically doubles (or more, depending on the damage value of the lightning) your attack damage. Hammer upgrades are also nice. Collecter des marteaux Daedalus pendant les tentatives d’évasion donnera à vos armes des améliorations temporaires, mais pour les améliorer de manière permanente, vous devrez déverrouiller et améliorer leurs aspects à l’aide de Titan Blood. The Aspect of Eris allows you to deal up to 60% more damage after you absorb the blast from your special. after absorbing your Special's blast, deal more damage Description : "Strife herself once stole away with it, such was its destructive allure" Chaque modificateur a une valeur de chaleur, et le niveau de chaleur minimum pour recevoir des primes augmente de un à chaque fois que vous battez un boss avec une arme donnée. I always forget to give poseidons his gift , So i still dont have his keepsake. Just be careful in Asphodel — one misstep and you will lose health to the lava pits. If you absorb the damage from the grenade you will gain a temporary damage boost up to 60% for eight seconds. Hades Adamant Rail Build - Aspect of Eris. Après cela, vous devrez monter la jauge de chaleur pour obtenir plus. The Aspect of Lucifer gives the weapon a new move set that includes Hellfire bombs. The Aspect of Nemesis on the Stygian Blade gives you the potential to rack up huge amounts of damage. This is the default weapon of the game, and when fully leveled it, provides a nice boost to your base speed and dash distance. En un mot, vous devez battre le jeu plusieurs fois, idéalement en utilisant plusieurs armes, afin d’accumuler Titan Blood et de renforcer vos armes. Cependant, je ne veux pas dépasser un seul Heat pour le moment, car cela rendra le jeu plus difficile sans améliorer mes récompenses. Quand je termine le jeu sur un Heat, j’obtiens les mêmes primes que la dernière fois: deux Titan Blood, un Diamond et une Ambrosia. artemis "support fire" (shoots a free homing arrow on every attack) also synergizes really well. Mostly I'd get too greedy and not move out of the way early enough. Where it really shines is with its Bombard special attack that launches a large grenade. The Aspect already has a long-range beam attack that hits more frequently than the normal bullets. There are also plenty of wacky builds to experiment with just to have some casual fun. If you are using the Aspect of Zagreus, you can combine these perks with Artemis’ Deadly Strike, True Shot, and Pressure Points boons to further boost your Critical damage. Cela dit, il y a quelques nuances à ce processus qui sont faciles à manquer, alors voici un bref aperçu de ce système de mise à niveau légèrement obtus mais absolument essentiel. These bombs have a slightly smaller radius than the grenades, but they cause damage over time to nearby enemies and will explode when damaged. Between weapons, boons, and Mirror of Night perks, it is possible to create a weapon build for any playstyle that you want. Debatably, Eris rail could well be better for the other build as well, but definitely for the special one it is because you only really want to attack to deflect for these, or to knock back if you get poseidon attacks. Debatably, Eris rail could well be better for the other build as well, but definitely for the special one it is because you only really want to attack to deflect for these, or to knock back if you get poseidon attacks. This also makes the weapon deal more damage for the eight seconds after absorbing the weapon's special attack. Adding a Poseidon boon to any Aphrodite or Dionysus build will cause you to rack up a ton of damage across a very wide range. The Aspect of Beowulf actually increases the damage you take, but when you use Cast, you will gain a three-second Sturdy buff that prevents your next action from being interrupted and lowers the damage you take by 30%. If you can get dionysis on attack, and aphrodite on special and also special is a rocket, that would be really, really good. Pour déverrouiller les quatrièmes aspects cachés, vous devrez d’abord déverrouiller le dernier aspect sur Varatha la lance, l’aspect de Guan Yu. Honestly with zeus attack and artemis support fire alone you will have great damage. Cela n’en vaut généralement pas la peine, car ces 1200 pièces d’or pourraient être dépensées en avantages et en bonus qui vous aideront à battre le boss final et à débloquer un nouveau niveau de chaleur. Boons from Aphrodite should also be added to a tank build when they are available. With a good Hermes build, you can easily flit about each chamber. Vous vous demandez sur les améliorations d’armes d’Hadès? Hey guys , I need help with this weapon , I've managed to complete the game with the Stygian ( now on heat 5) and with the bow ( heat 1) but I cannot find anything remotely viable to beat hades with , I always end up loosing to him using the amadant rail. Both of these Aspects will benefit most from Dionysus and Demeter boons. The basic attack of the Twin Fists is a combo of fast strikes that do low damage. The Aspect of Eris allows you to deal up to 60% more damage after you absorb the blast from your special. The best weapon for players that want to set up high combo chains is the Twin Fists of Malphon. Here is our list of weapon choices and weapon builds for some of the most common playstyles in Hades. Ares’ Curse of Agony, Curse of Pain, and Blade Dash will all give you the ability to inflict Doom damage on enemies. Attack: Ideally, you want Zeus or Dionysus; their bonuses synergize well with the rail's high attack speed. I also like the Artemis homing shots which occur whenever you damage an enemy. Lightning on the main attack may help with mobs but isn't great on bosses. All of the weapon’s attacks, including the dash special, can be chained together. It makes for a crazy powerful build. (The only weapon I have cleared higher heat with is the shield, which I've taken to 16.). Une fois que vous avez cinq améliorations d’Aspect et que vous avez atteint le boss final, parlez à Achille sur le côté gauche de la base du monde souterrain et il vous révélera le chant dont vous avez besoin pour déverrouiller l’Aspect de Guan Yu. Going for a straight damage build with an artemis build including her speciap and focusing on as much special damage as possible. Pour ce faire, vous devrez atteindre (pas vaincre) le boss final et améliorer cinq aspects quelconques. Vous pouvez améliorer les aspects de n’importe quelle arme, et si vous voulez sauver Titan Blood, vous pouvez toujours améliorer leur aspect de base en premier. Bienvenue ! The rail gets pretty ridiculous if you invest in the hestia aspect; I can regularly clear the game with it due to how it has high synergy with many of the percentage-based damage boosts. Highest usable dps is probably to put the Poseidon/zeus combo on the Eris rails attack and try for an unlimited ammo hammer. my favorite so far was triple special and rocket hammer upgrade, then getting artimis crit on special + crit increased damage, deflect dash, and then artimis/athena duo boon. One of the reasons Hades has such a high replay value is how adaptable the gameplay can be. You're also going to fail to deflect anything if you grab Athena, though Poseidon's knockback and Aphrodite's weakness work very well here. Combine that with some AOE cast to help you deal more aoe dmg in the temple. Dionysus’ boons slow and stun enemies giving you plenty of opportunities to deal more damage. Hades, the Greek mythology-themed action-roguelike from Supergiant Games, ostensibly gives you six weapons to play with. Exagryph – Aspect of Lucifer: dépensez cinq Titan Blood sur Exagryph Aspects puis parlez à Zeus (à travers ses avantages). Et même dans ce cas, vous n’aurez que trois des quatre aspects sur chaque arme pour commencer. Maybe poseidon. If you get tired of using a high-damage melee build, you can switch to a tank or to a speed run build. These boons also increase the damage and usefulness of Cast attacks that can further increase combo damage from Mirror of Night perks. Death Defiance will also bring you back to life should you have any mishaps. The other is a special damage build with the triple special and rocket special hammers. +100% of a shot with a base damage of 150 is absolutely bonkers. Blade Dash also allows you to create a damaging blade rift that can be really helpful when dealing with large numbers of opponents. With the Aspect of Lucifer, Zeus’ Lightning Strike boon is actually a little broken. You can further capitalize on these boons by upgrading your spear with a Hammer of Daedalus. dionysus is really easy to stack poison with. Vous pouvez améliorer ces aspects en dépensant Titan Blood. The focus of this build is to spread around festive fogs with lightning, using the slow from your special to make sure it lands. The Aspect of Guan Yu is best for dealing AoE damage due to its Serpent Slash charged attack. The Aspect of Lucifer gives the weapon a new move set that includes Hellfire bombs. Si je veux gagner plus de Titan Blood lors de ma prochaine course avec Malphon, je devrai augmenter la valeur de chaleur à un en utilisant un modificateur à un point. The aspect increases the critical chance by up to 30% after your special attack. The Aspect of Lucifer gives the weapon a new move set that includes Hellfire bombs. The subreddit for Hades, the god-like rogue-like from Supergiant Games. The Boiling Blood and Infernal Soul perks increase your Cast ammo and the amount of damage you do to enemies with a Bloodstone stuck in them. The Aspect of Hera and the Aspect of Zagreus are the best options for a good ranged DPS build. The Adamant Rail is arguably the best AoE weapon in the game. Stygius – Aspect of Arthur: dépensez cinq Titan Blood sur Stygius Aspects puis parlez à Nyx. This works well with the Aspect of Hera letting you embed a Bloodstone with your normal attack like you would with Cast. The Aspect of Demeter really capitalizes on these combos by causing your special to hit a few more times after you chain together 12 strikes. Once you are in the dungeon, focus on getting boons from Athena. Upgrade the rail with Rocket Bomb, Cluster Bomb, Hazard Bomb, or Targeting System to drastically increase your damage radius. Almost all of Aphrodite’s boons can easily inflict Weak on enemies, lowering their damage output. Get either the improved accuracy and firing speed hammer upgrade or the infinite reload upgrade with that.