Excessive looseness is experienced in a power steering gear (non-rack-and-pinion type). Even at low speeds, a vehicle leans and has excessive body sway when turning. Directional tires have an arrow on the sidewall that faces the front of the vehicle and must always spin in one direction. Dr. Kershaw was among the first to receive ASE certification in 1972. The brakes service area involves the components listed below. Technician B says if the lubricant level is low in a linkage-assist type power steering column, there. If the wheel feels loose or sloppy at highway speeds, suspect a fault in the VSS, it's circuit or controller. Match. Over 300,000 Automotive Technician and Service Professionals hold ASE Certifications. Dr. Kershaw was among the first to receive ASE certification in 1972. Keep going through this process until only one or two answers remain. Ride height does affect camber and must be corrected before any alignment adjustments. Answer D is wrong. If suspension components are mounted to the cradle, a bent cradle could cause this difference. Created by. The steering pulls to the right while driving straight ahead on a truck with a long-and-short arm front … Answer C is wrong. Each test may also include ten or more non-scored additional questions, included for statistical research purposes only. ASE style questions sometimes contain multiple choice questions that contain the term LEAST LIKELY. As automotive belts wear, they stretch and lose elasticity, making them vulnerable to noise and cracking. Answer D is wrong. 17. B is correct because the vehicle thrust angle is determined by the rear toe adjustment. 10/16/2020 ASE A4 Practice Test (Updated 2020) Auto Mechanic Practice Test ASE Test … Take the first one now or wait until the end of the study guide. A vehicle with (VES) variable effort steering feels loose and sloppy at highway speeds. The. Suspension and Steering Certification Test Prep designed for todays automotive technician. While test driving a vehicle with EPAS, the steering should feel progressively tighter as vehicle speed increases. Negative camber is when the top is moved in when viewed from the front. As choices are being eliminated, the chance of getting it right increases. Flashcards. Please choose another answer. This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 4 pages. An worn idler arm is not likely to cause this condition. There are 20 questions. Rear camber adjustments are not used by many manufacturers. A lost motion is caused by excessive play between the rack piston and sector. Nova Southeastern University • ASTHMATIC 5355, Nova Southeastern University • BIOLOGY 4340. Official test score document must be submitted along with your request. The suspension needs to be loaded when bushing retention bolts are tightened. Parallelogram steering systems have an idler arm opposite of the pitman arm. View ASE A4 Practice Test (Updated 2020).pdf from DCTE 747 at Nova Southeastern University. Answer C is correct. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. The worn or mis-adjusted control arm is not likely to cause this condition. ASE was created in 1972 as an independent, non-profit organization. Results are being recorded. The stabilizer bar or sway bar helps control vehicle roll or sway while cornering. 1. Cracking of the rubber bushing is an indicator of wear. justin_daft1. Directional tires are designed to channel water away from the center of the tire and outwards, reducing the chance of hydroplaning on wet surfaces. When worn, it is always best to replace coil springs in pairs. You may substitute relevant formal training for up to one half of the work experience requirement. Who is correct? Technician B says SAI and the caster angle affect steering wheel return to center. A4 – S uspensión y Dirección A5 – Frenos A6 – Sistemas Eléctricos / Electrónicos G1 - Mantenimiento y Reparación Ligera del Automóvil Requisitos del Status Maestro: Los que están certificados en las pruebas A1 - A8 son reconocidos como Técnicos Maestros Certificados de Automóviles ASE. These control arms affect the vehicle's alignment angles. 16. Technician B says the system is not reducing hydraulic pressure at highway speeds. Ball joints allow the spindle to swivel as the vehicle turns. If only one answer fits, great! For complete test practice, flash cards, exam review and testing tips, check out: The Complete A1 - A8 Practice Test Kit with 800 Questions; The A4 Practice Test Kit with 100 Questions and Complete Task Coverage A crooked or misaligned engine cradle will affect a vehicle's camber angle. The (VES) variable effort steering system controller uses the VSS signal. The chirp is most likely related to the accessory/serpentine belt. ASE A5 Practice Test. This only limits the amount you pay to take recertification tests, not the number of recertification tests that you can take. Technician A says a problem with the vehicle speed sensor's signal to the controller will result in this condition. After torquing a tapered ball joint to the spindle, the technician backs off the castle nut to install the cotter pin. For complete test practice, flash cards, exam review and testing tips, check out: Incorrect answer. Technician B is correct because column misalignment causes high steering effort due to binding. This changes the normal flow, because with this question the correct answer is something that doesn't fit. suspension and steering service area involves the following components: Tests.com's ASE A4 Practice Test was written by Dr. John Kershaw, an ASE test prep expert: ASE test, question developer; ASE Certified Master Technician; ASE Master Truck Technician; and Auto Industry. The cause of this problem could be a: All of the following statements about tire inflation are true EXCEPT: The Automotive Service Excellence or ASE had a mission to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service in the United States through the testing and certification of automotive repair technicians. The ASE A3 Practice Test covers suspension and steering as an individual service area. Use the process of elimination. Take enough time to read the question carefully before you begin the process of elimination. Answer B is wrong. The orifice can become clogged, resulting in less assist during parking maneuvers. 3. Take a 20 question scored (out of 100%) ASE A4 Certification Quiz to gauge your test preparation or just use it to reinforce the material studied in the guide. This A-4 ASE Practice test includes detailed descriptions to help in preparation for the A4 Suspension and Steering Test. For complete test practice, flash cards, exam review and testing tips, check out: The Complete A1 - A8 Practice Test Kit with 800 Questions (/ASE-Automotive-Series-Practice-, The A4 Practice Test Kit with 100 Questions and Complete Task Coverage (/ASE-A4-Practice-. Grab some study time on any device. This exam covers suspension & steering. ASE A4 Certification Practice Test ASE A4 Steering Suspension Practice Test 1. The same is true for the right front tire; it can only be rotated with the right rear. Answer C is wrong. Recertification tests fees are the same, except that they are capped at $111. Answer A is wrong. All of the following defects could be the cause of the problem EXCEPT: While discussing front cradle alignment, Technician A says the cradle may be measured at various locations to determine if it is bent. A G-sensor is tested by unbolting it with the ignition on, engine off (KOEO) and reviewing scan tool data for correct operation. Key Concepts: Terms in this set (80) 2. If the steering feels sloppy at highway speeds, the variable orifice is not functioning and providing too much pressure. Of the answer options, a worn control arm bushings is the least likely to cause vehicle vibration as described. It provides less pressure at highway speeds resulting in a tighter feel. An online ASE A4 Practice Test. The other choices are wrong. 5. Conventional systems found on older passenger cars and many of today’s light trucks have two ball joints; a load-bearing ball joint and a follower ball joint.