While one Darmuel struggled, there was a place that was opened a little to see if it was being used as a camp. The water surface was blown in a gentle breeze, sparkling and reflecting, and the fresh water that springed up flowed, creating a clear stream toward the back. Eckhart and Priest are discussing Dermuel’s movements and discussing future education methods. After seeing the beautiful spring scene, when I return to the snow-covered camp, it feels dim and gloomy. Well, c22 is obviously nothing compared to the whole hundreds chapters of this novel that is still ongoing. Immediately after entering the forest from the road leading from Fontedorf, I saw a statue of a goddess who was entangled with dead plants and left for the winter. She cares nothing for her own family's state of uncleanliness or of educating them about it all while expecting her sister (s*ave) to pamper her as the only civilized, well-kept one and monopolizing both the household's resources and the useless knowledge that she has of her first life. Myne was in a coma for 2 years and it was not impossible for her to die due to the event of ARC III. I am reading the graphic adaptation - Part III: Ma... My favorite Yuri & Female Protagonist List. It seems that the small monsters in the food-rich forest are now heading towards the rural areas when they begin to farm. That’s probably not enough. She acts her reincarnated age with - to me - good reason. I wasted at least an hour reading this (time distorts in strange ways when you're reading shitty novels), don't make the same mistakes. As can be expected, she's not happy and does her best to get access to books. smart. While trying to go further through several camps while defeating the monsters, the road is not interrupted. Not a great novel, but it's fine if you just want a quick fix of a reincarnation web novel. I've never been sucked into a WN as much as I have this one. can't be helped that her past life is kind of selfish woman and her current body is a child. Myne at that point is an empty husk and Ferdinand just fill her up with his "own" emotion. Honestly, this would have been way more interesting from Tuuli or Lutz's POV?? 《Ascendance of a Bookworm》all content from the Internet, or users upload, Our purpose is to promote the original author of the novel. Around the fountain, instead of snow, the white flower Renfur, which announces the arrival of spring, blooms and you can hear the sound of birds. “I’m really looking forward to the night of Fruthrene”, “Huh, do you have to arrive at the fountain at the night of Fruthrene? end of first volume), about being spoiled and selfish, it is but natural as she is a book otaku, there is no otaku who isn't spoiled and selfish. 19459002]. The writing isn't any better/worse. © Copyright Novelhall.Com. Discussion in 'Spoilers' started by Yumika12345, Mar 16, 2017. “Silvester has also been in Aube Ehrenfest for only a few years. The area where the former temple chief went around was only the part close to Ehrenfest in the direct control, and the attitudes of the mayor and village chief changed clearly. At first glance, it looks like a water lily. She chooses to be a further embarrassment to humanity and harasses her father in front of his coworker with her incessant whining while forgetting the prevalent case of illiteracy and poverty that is plaguing their society. The contract magic is only applicable inside the territory meaning that once she's outside she can become family again. If you feel a little unpleasant, leave it so you can see it. It was said that it was a few days away by horse, so it took a while, but it was earlier than the time when the bell of the five rings, and a small mountain and forest that is said to have a goddess’s bathing area spread out I reached the sky above the place. When I went down to the trees with Brigitte, Priest and Brother Eckhart threw something as if I played with a finger on the open camp. her monolog kind of irks me. -The FEELS moments can get tears running. But I see it more like the MC being true to her character. For those who are always purifying the image of God, the image of the dirty goddess seems to have been overlooked. I think she's one of the best MC that shows what will happen if a female japanese otaku gets reincarnated in another world. This time, it was a monster with a shape like a squirrel and about the size of a cat. Nikola and Monica will also serve as cooking assistants, so I’ll have a side-serving job that doesn’t hurt my fingers. Is she a real bookworm when she has rarely if at all mentioned the titles from the previous world? The series could have solely focused on Main’s journey on making books in a monotonous manner but no, it explored moral values and life lessons close to … “Rose Mine, leave this witch in the beast. I remember liking this at the start but that was only because I really wanted a story related to writing. In order to eliminate his uncle, who has reigned as the head of the temple for decades, and thus his mother, power and cause Anyway, it’s troublesome to be a noble, there is a repulsion to do the right thing, it often takes time to accumulate power, to take root. Thank you for the useful information.”. And because of that she became well known not only within the territory but also outside the country. When she finally finds a book, does she even ask anything about it? This is a fun story that's definitely a chance of pace compared to your usual reincarnation stories. The prayer ceremony is the same as last year, except that we talked to the mayor and village chief of the Winter Hall, so it is proceeding without any problems. Her goal is to become a librarian! “Are you sure you want to clean, Rosemine?”, “The goddess is so dirty that I can’t calm down”. “And then Nicola. At the entrance of the forest, we were told to wait, and once we got out of the beast, we stretched out. Reminds me of the disappointment I felt when Jo from Little Women ended up with that 40 year old dude instead of her neighbor friend. “No, I couldn’t find it from the sky. retreads stuff in the same situation. Ascendance of a Bookworm summary: Urano, a bookworm who had finally found a job as a librarian at a university, was sadly killed shortly after graduating from college. When you've spent most of your past life reading only to get stuck in a world without books at all, that would make anyone throw a tantrum (including me.) If there’s a beast running in the sky, there’s no problem”. I said so and stopped looking at Nicola while looking around the side-served face. check. As the priest told me, if I put a magical tool on the Reservoir so that it would not disappear without me, I would go outside. “Principal, isn’t that over there? AND THAT'S JUST CHAPTER 1. In order to go to the fountain, it seems that it will take several days even by horse. No... That's okay, mister, I wouldn't let her near my collection either. “The now deceased father was also weak to Jilvester’s mother …. Q_Q, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have read a number of reincarnation novels from xianxia, japanese, korean and english original categories but so far, this is among the best and most immersive I've come across. It’s also very likely. Being reincarnated in a poor family, she kinda looks down on them in a way. It seemed that it was blindfolded by magic, so it was probably not reachable from the sky. However, I would like to express my initial impression here. It is one of my favourite novels. be "Ascendance of a Book Fetishist", and I couldn't agree more. The side serving to move together with the Lesser is Fran and Zarm. So he give Maine a choice that he can make Maine back to commoner and marry Lutz (at this moment, they still didn't know that Lutz engaged to Turi), but Maine refused because her feeling toward Lutz is not love and she can't let the chief priest to take the burden alone, if she become commoner, the chief priest (in the last arc, he is no longer chief priest) has to take over Maine's duty as feudal lord (many things happened and Maine ended up become feudal lord in other territory). Going to the forest while running over the sky, following the narrow path between the fields. “Yeah, it’s an offering to the goddess. She was reborn as the daughter of a soldier in a world where the literacy rate is low and books were scarce. Rather than focusing on action (which you definitely won't find much of), it brings attention to world-building and the actions of a child as she grows up. There are a lot of things about this story that are very good, but I'll narrow it down to the fundamentals. If he didn't show her off the nobles without be interested in her. Does the chief priest love her or at least have a bit of feelings towards her? “It doesn’t matter if you wipe the hay and clean it a little, but there’s not much time until the chiefs come back, so be quick.”. The priest commanded my side to prepare meals and gave each person the role. Vaguely educational? Because this is one sided. At points, it feels borderline fetishistic, We're given basically no reason to care about anything happening to the MC, It's been fifty-five chapters and I still don't know where this plot is going nor do I care. Maybe she just like to read without actually learn or think further about what is written in the book. So saying, the village chief laughed happily deepening the eyelids. Prepare to collect and ride with Brigitte. Apparently, it seems that the period of hitting and extending Darmell in the Knights is still going on. Its also funny how people would say that she gets surprised at little things, of course she would be. At first it's only important because it's the source of Mine's illness. “The offering has already been completed and prayers have already been completed, so I think you’ll probably reach the fountain safely.”, “You are optimistic … well, good. The author put a lot of effort into making a unique world with its own characteristics and culture.