Aftermarket parts may be a direct equivalent of the original part, or designed differently for different uses. The only “problem” is that the manufacturers and dealers want to make money on the huge mark-ups on parts which they supply. Here’s some pros and cons: Quite a few factors to consider, but that’s not all. So by now it should be obvious that it’s simplistic and wrong to say that either OEM or aftermarket parts are always better than the other. Current … Reputable aftermarket companies absolutely do not want their goods passed off as OEM, and in fact go to great lengths to market their name and products as different to, or better than the OEM equivalent. LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS: BENEFITS OF OEM SERVICING AND PARTS. © Copyright Practical Motoring 2020. When in need of Original Isuzu Dmax parts or Aftermarket Isuzu Dmax parts, UK Isuzu pickup truck owners go to KS International Ltd. That’s not to say that counterfeit parts don’t exist, because they certainly do, and using them is a definite risk. Let’s now look at what the FCAI is warning us against, which is not “non-genuine” as they call it, but in reality counterfeit parts. A good mechanic will ask a series of questions about what you want to do with the car, and then present some options, allowing you to make a decision based on cost, function and speed of repair. ISUZU 4LE2XASK-01 (AP) engine for excavator, ISUZU blok dvigatelya cylinder block for JCB 220 LC excavator, ISUZU D209 starter for D209 other construction machinery, ISUZU N75 / NQR PROPSHAFT drive shaft for truck, N75 / NQR FRONT AND REAR SPRING leaf spring for ISUZU truck, ISUZU 6BG1 starter for 6BG1 other construction machinery, New ISUZU 6BD1 engine cooling pump for JCB 260 excavator, New ISUZU engine cooling pump for excavator. The company currently sells its feature loaded SUV in the country - the MU-X. So we had a look in their source report and found this graph which shows what’s actually being faked: Car parts don’t appear to be anywhere near the top of the list, and the report is very light on for mention of cars. Once you have selected your Isuzu car parts, our swift and simple ordering system results in your Isuzu spare parts being quickly dispatched. As the lead engineer on a major car launch earlier this year told me, “the aftermarket guys can do this sort of stuff [parts] so much quicker than we can, they’re far more nimble.” And here’s a secret – car manufacturers don’t manufacture anywhere near all of the car components themselves. Factors affecting part choice include cost, fitness for the intended use, age of the car, how long you want the car to last for, availability, and owner preference. It’s pretty simple, just use your brain, just like you’d avoid a $25 set of “Ray Ban” sunglasses. Examples are Bilstein suspension, Dana axles and Brembo brakes. Both OEM and aftermarket parts are available in different degrees of ‘newness’: The safest way for the average consumer to figure out what to do is to find a reputable, trusted mechanic who specialises in your type of vehicle and follow their advice. This is an implicit acknowledgment that the standard part cannot fit everybody’s needs. However, the key point is “good aftermarket company”. So if we take those two graphs together, and indeed the rest of the report, then what FCAI cited as evidence does not support their argument by implication that there is an increasing number of counterfeit parts coming into Australia or that we need to start getting worried. However, aftermarket wheels – not branded, or even resembling the OEM wheels – may well be cheaper than OEM. Real Deals Q4 2020. I own a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo that was financed through Wells Fargo. If for example the OEM wheels are $400 each from a dealer, then the OEM wheels are not going to be $100 each brand new from Joe’s Car Parts. Simply, if it looks too good to be true then it is. We have logistics in place to deliver your required orders in a fast and efficient manner. Never use counterfeit parts, which are usually sold very cheaply pretending to be OEM parts from disreputable outlets. Logic says those wheels are either stolen or counterfeit. There are plenty of cheap knockoffs, and these parts can be outright dangerous to fit to your car. In some cases, the aftermarket company has a better name for quality than the OEM, so manufacturers actually fit those parts and boast about it in their advertising. If you clicked on a link to get here, the link is outdated. Other systems, like the brakes, can be a challenge. However, the FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries), says “genuine parts are made or selected by the vehicle’s maker and rigorously tested by that maker as an integral component of the vehicle to meet high quality, safety and performance standards.” That is true, but another, more widely used and more accurate term for such parts is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, or sometimes just OE parts. All Rights Reserved. Call our sales team whether you need a maintenance part, or a major truck part to get your vehicle back on the road and we will deliver your requirement to you quickly and in time. How to avoid? How much can I tow with the 2021 Mazda BT-50 4×4? Great article thanks Robert. Genuine Parts; Drivetrain; Best Value Parts; Batteries; Lubricants; What lubricant should I use? And another example – when Toyota created the 86 Race Series they didn’t fit Toyota gear to their racecars, they fitted aftermarket suspension, wheels and brakes. INTERNATIONAL LTD, a renowned supplier of Japanese truck, 4x4 and Pick up parts for nearly three decades. Happily, there are aftermarket alternatives. Is it illegal to mount a phone (or smartwatch) on the windscreen? And I have friends with runabout cars long past warranty who drop in the nearest used part to keep their cars on the road, and enjoy very cost-effective motoring as a result. If a car will sell say 500,000 across the globe then saving $2 on a part is a $1 million saving, which is why tiny costs are cut. Accessories; Merchandise; Warranty; Current Promotions. Join the Isuzu Parts Trade Program. An A/C compressor I needed, I bought from FORD to fit my VW, identical other than the badge on the box – for much less (and Jaguar used the same compressor and charged double again). Leather was used for the interior trim in the more expensive packages. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I’ve replaced radiators and exhausts with HD versions (which were cheaper than “genuine”) which outlasted the original effort by years and years (my Renault in ’77 exhaust didn’t last the 12mths warranty, and the dealer suggested aftermarket which lasted till I sold the car). Notice there’s nothing in that definition about who makes the part. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Do you mind if I quote a little from it and link to this page in our next issue? Later my ’78 VW had Toyota Landcruiser piston rings which well outlasted VW’s effort. All that choice makes it hard to figure out which type of part to use when, at least for the layperson who isn’t living and breathing cars. This is something which has happened for ever – replace bearings, change a belt, bulb etc go to the Auto Parts store. FCAI’s Genuine (better read as “OEM”) is Best website. There are many ways you can get back on track, also the offer below might help soften the impact..... Unit 6, Sperrin Business Centre Stonefield Way Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 0BG. Aftermarket parts are produced by other companies. They have an extensive range of aftermarket and original Isuzu Dmax parts, which you can purchase easily online, at discounted rates! OEM parts are often built to a cost. Latest From the Blog. Any part can be supplied as new, used or reconditioned. This was in part because of the CV joint had to come with other components I didn’t need…kind of sneaky on Ford’s part given than CVs are often snapped on 4WDs but it backfired for them when I just bought only the part I needed from the aftermarket. The report also goes on to talk about brands such as Rolex, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Ray Ban, none of whom are noted producers of vehicle components. If you buy OEM there’s typically just the one part for any given need. What you definitely want to avoid is counterfeits of any part. ISUZU Commercial Vehicle EPC 2018 – Parts Catalog. Aftermarket parts on the other hand, don’t sell in anywhere near the same volume and have to be better than the OEM, the default choice, for anyone to buy them. They outsource design and manufacture to a vast array of companies who send them components to be assembled into a complete car, and a lot of those companies also design and sell aftermarket equivalents of the same parts they send to the OEMs. Again, work with a trusted mechanic who will know what’s what. They then go on to say that “fake car parts from Asia are a growing part of that trade”, but there is no source for this statement. Just because a part is made by the OEM and fits your car doesn’t mean to say it’s appropriate or legal in Australia. ISUZU parts: 304 offers, search and find ads for new and used ISUZU parts for sale — Autoline South Africa Anyway, if anyone was considering one for purchase, I can probably answer your questions. For example, I recently bought a CV joint for my Ranger. The parts are fairly expensive, but it's rare that they need major component replacements if they are maintained.