I also tell you where you can buy these brands. , which is celebrated in summer. Your water comes from the Grampians Headworks Storages. Availability: Out of stock. Our test showed us, that the Ararat Well Still Baby water TDS content was 86ppm and the pH balance was 7.5. Composition of Jermuk mineral water is very complicated, it contains hydrocarbonate, sulfate, chlorine, sodium, potassium, calcium, fluorine, bromine, magnesium. Ararat's Statement of Water Quality for food businesses, if required. The water is safe for drinking. Choose the Tour to Armenia you like most and tour-operator Arara will organize your amazing Holiday in Armenia. It is so clean that you can just open the tap and drink the water without boiling or filter. SKU. Serving size 1 cup (237ml): Serving per container about 2,5. In its composition, it is close to a well-known mineral water of Borjomi. © Copyright 2017 Sales City. Probably many of you have heard that the water in Armenia is considered one of the most delicious and purest in the world. Here are the most well-known mineral resources of the country: Jermuk. It is said that the girl was cursed and turned into a stone, which was called the “harsnakar” (in translation from Armenian “a bride’s stone”). Very often, the Armenians in gratitude say: “May your life be long like water.” It is considered a blessing. contact you the nearest working, Copyright © 2013 -2020 All Rights Reserved, Arara LLC. Below the orange is a dark blue and light blue background on which there are dark blue, light blue and white mountains. «ararat group» usa Be the first to review this product . ARARAT SPARKLING MINERAL WATER 600ML; ARARAT SPARKLING MINERAL WATER 600ML. See latest outage and water quality alerts. Feel free to send us your questions, remarks or ideas on this tour. See terms. Food & Wine – Gastronomic Tour to Armenia, Cultural Tour to Georgia, Armenia and Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia Classical Tour, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in 17 days, Classical Tour to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, Georgia and Armenia Classical Tour Package. "ararat group" mineral water production compnay "ararat group" llc, ԱՐԱՐԱՏ ԳՐՈՒՊ, Հանքային ջուր, Արտաշատում հանքային ջուր, հանքային ջրերի արտադրող,, արարատ գռուպ, արարատ գրուփ, արարատ հանքային ջուր, yell.am I also tell you where you can buy these brands. It has natural low minerals and provides necessary hydration to your body. The water is safe, it has balanced minerals and refreshing taste. It costs $1.49. We recommend you update your browser in order to view the site correctly, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, © 2020 GRAMPIANS WIMMERA MALLEE WATER (GWMWater), Connect to the East Grampians Rural Pipeline, Connect to the South West Loddon Pipeline, Connect to the West Grampians Pipeline Project, Benefits of connecting to a rural pipeline, Apply for a 'take and use' groundwater licence, Apply for a 'take and use' surface water licence, Monitor your rural pipeline use with Customer Portal, Pipeline supplied recreation lakes and weir pools, Corporate Plan and Water Price Submission, Western Region Sustainable Water Strategy, Blue-Green Algae Regional Coordination Plan, Dunmunkle Creek Asset Decommissioning Project, The Historic Wimmera Mallee Channel System, Phil The Bucket - fun activities for kids. Email. Bjni mineral water is healing as well.