Each Player will be asked to update to the latest version by logging into the game. Gold for getting the last hit on a minion: 20% → 30%, Optimized the sound and visual effects for the final onslaught. 23/Oct. The match will last 8 minutes. It is impossible to walk, charge, or cast skills. Powered by aovgame.org. Sure, you also hear this updated news. Because it is feasible for max to fly off the battleground in some zones, the use of Max in 3v3 and Death Match modes is banned. http://rov.proximabeta.com/webplat/info/news_version3/26190/29738/33978/m19726/201805/721701.shtml, Watch the Valor Series Playoffs LIVE from E3, New Version Countdown: 1 day-Balance Changes Incoming, New Version Countdown: 2 days-Brand New Active Equipment, New Version Countdown: 3 days-Main Menu Overhaul. Here are details for the Xeniel’s Codex (Valor Pass) Chapter 21 Level Rewards. The Arena of Valor Beta 27 Update sees the official collaboration between Arena of Valor and the famous anime Sword Art Online. Hope the new version patch will make battles more interesting and fair. Unique Active – Coagulate: Resist to effects for 1.5 seconds. It is not necessary to worry about missing them! Patch Notes Test Server 23/6 - 14/7/2020. event. Each of them can contain two people. Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Attributes: Attack Damage +75. The visual overhaul will offer a bigger display space for warriors and skins. Thus, only the in-game audio will be recorded. Arena of Valor: Beta 28 Update Patch Notes, Thorne, the Silent Dissenter: Abilities and Story Preview, Sinestrea, the Blood Moon: Abilities and Story Preview, Keera, Nightingale: Abilities and Story Preview, Laville, Clestial Light: Abilities and Story Preview, Magic Academy (January 2020) Update Patch Notes, Arena of Glory Spring 2020: Schedule, streams, and results. The Arena of Valor Beta 28 Update Patch Notes sees Tencent Games has adjusted the balance of heroes, balance of equipment and enchantment. New Version Patch Note is one of the newest updates coming to the Arena of Valor game. There is a cool quest system to assist the beginner advance rapidly. They are Anabolic Rage Bow, Rock Shield, and Arctic Orb. Can they escape from their pursuit? The shield will exist for 3 seconds. Cooldown Speed +10%. Valor Pass Chapter 21 Level Rewards Hai October 16, 2020 … It consists of balance improvements along with changes to several items. Here are details for the Xeniel’s Codex (Valor Pass) Chapter 20 Level Rewards. To keep the state between the red and blue minion waves steady, elements (the model size of these guys, their routes, and their performance) have been optimized. Today we introduce new Assassin/Warrior hero Sinestrea, the Blood Moon. Crafting: Spoopy Mask and Ancient Scriptures → Enchanted Scroll and Enchanted Scroll, Eliminated Unique Passive: Magic Pierce +75, Unique Passive: Critical Chance +30% → Critical Chance +25%, Unique Passive: Grow critical damage by 50%, Crafting: Tempest Blades and Gloves → Tempest Blades with Gloves and Gloves, [Canceled] Unique Passive – Hurricane: Accrete critical damage by 50%, Unique Passive – Blessing of the Wind: Rise up the resistance by 35 for 2 seconds after a fatal hit, Ameliorated the running animations for a lot of heroes so their running actions will fit their movement speed. You can view event rewards if you have a hero or a skin. Welcome back, new support equipment updated on SEA. Aside from that, every party will have the unique spawn area on the battlefield. Thorne, the Silent Dissenter: Abilities and Story Preview Hai October 16, 2020 Previews Mobile Legends – Test of PROJECT NEXT Patch Notes Dear Player MLBB has been striving to make improvements and optimizations in pursuit of better game quality and content for our players. These players can be controlled simultaneously. ... 2020. It will appear directly in the. Everything will be gathered here so challengers can collect prizes without difficulty. There are three tools that not existing before. The Valor Pass Chapter 20 ends on October 14th, 2020. Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Exclusive hero and skin tokens – They will help you gain more characters and outfits. She is available in Garena and Tencent servers. 16/Oct. Unique Active – Rock Shield: 3 seconds after being enabled, acquire a shield adequate to 30% of the damage that the fighter takes within that period of time + 10% of Max HP.