it was my first work in english published on the internet and i was nervous about it. If you don't have the time or inclination to get that actively involved in promoting gen fic, I definitely encourage you at minimum to become a reccer (if you haven't already). :). Also, has just been around longer. One of the most highly rated fics in that fandom is an epic-length G-rated masterpiece. Another tip, if you only tag by pair it won't tag the individual characters. But its been like this for a while. You're welcome! I'm using admob for showing android ads. That's anecdotal, I guess. If you bookmark but don't follow it won't send you an email I think. I think Ao3's kudos system, while making it easier to express some level of approval, has the unintended effect of cutting back on every other level. A lot of people just want to see their favorite characters bone. Honestly, I've found the long adventure fics to get the most attention. As far as novels go, I mainly read horror and fantasy. AO3 treats chapter drafts as having been published the day they're created, not the day they're posted, and sorts them accordingly. Every other website in existence works fine. Okay, I guess I have the unpopular opinion in the group, but here we go - 99% of everything is crap. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's not like you have to add sex to get noticed. Well-written one shots also have the disadvantage of only showing up in the most recent listing once. Fun character moments between people that aren't romantic but still can be hilarious/heartwarming/heartbreaking! But I have no particular desire to see the Harry Potter characters stuck into some horror AU. They don't want users to be able to push their stories to the very top all the time. But it seems like most gen stories could better be told as original works, there's not much reason to use someone else's characters. I've tried insecure versions of the site. You can't just throw your work out into the howling void and expect people to drop what they're doing and read it. Like, say you create a draft at 6 in the morning, and it's ready to post at 3 in the afternoon... it won't be at the top of the list when you publish it, it'll be all the way down the list as if you'd published it back at 6, and everything posted between 6AM-3PM will appear ahead of it. From my own personal experience, my highest-rated fic (by kudos) is a 50k-word, multi-chapter, T-rated fix-it fic. Does it actually do any good? r/AO3: Dedicated to the website - archive of our own is a project of Organization for Transformative Works that hosts fanworks … Press J to jump to the feed. I mean, it does make sense from the practical perspective. And I like that feedback. This lets you get an email alert when there is a new chapter which is typically what I wanted. The draft thing is a problem even if you create the draft and publish it the same day, and then there isn't a way to fix it. That stuff can be really messy at times. But you're right that there's more of a culture of feedback. Alternate Universes--what's the dark future where Voldemort won, and how can good still triumph? Wasn't AO3 created after/because started shooting down smut themed fics? So until recently I only subscribed to fics, never bookmarked. Thank you for this! They're pretty much the same as favorites vs. follows on FFnet. Editing scripts through Tampermonkey is not apparently allowed. AO3 lacks the social media aspect that has - there are no forums where you can plug your latest fic. To draw more attention to your work, promoting on social media is a necessity. But it seems like most gen stories could better be told as original works, there's not much reason to use someone else's characters. In my current fandom, I read more smut than gen, but in a couple of my previous fandoms (especially Supernatural, because I couldn't stomach most Wincest and left the fandom before Destiel got popular) it was the opposite. You can't just throw your work out into the howling void and expect people to drop what they're doing and read it. Well, people have their preferences. Bookmarks are for everything you want to find again. This is going to save me so much time excluding tags from my searches, and also prevent me from accidentally seeing the sorts of fics that can trigger me just from the tags/summary. Oh, another on tags, on FFN it sometimes seems the tags don't save all the time when first posting, so doublecheck your published work, and add them again if the fiction got published without them. Other useful Plugins: FanFicFare can call Generate Cover to generate custom covers for downloaded stories. AO3 has the best pairing filter out of all fanfiction sites, so that's often where people go to get their fix of romance fics. When a fic is good, it gets recommended and circulated pretty quickly, but you have to put it out there. I don't know, I've found a lot of great gen on there, and I've also posted a fair amount of gen as well. Still, the timestamp should be updated automatically on publish. Maybe you have a lot of triggers and/or squicks. I believe the most popular fic is a novel length, ongoing fic in which she tries to hit every kink and fetish out there. Gotta get those sweet front page views, man. ; FanFicFare can call Count Pages to generate page counts for downloaded stories. Especially in AUs, which often have zero relation to the canon beyond the names of the characters- why not just change the names and make it an original story? and manually changing the date has no effect. I actually prefer to completely finish writing a work before I post, but recently started spreading out the days I posted the chapters, to make the last work a little more visible. I've seen some stories crossposted in one shot like that, and exposure suffers a great deal. Maybe you don't ever want to read a #problematic fic. Also, I've no issue with real interstitial ads as they work fine. If not, see what tags others are using to fall under that category and add them. Do people actually use the forum function on to promote their stuff? While I love the ability to manually change the posting date of a fic to whatever I want (I used it when I brought my old fics to AO3 and I wanted the posting dates to accurately reflect when I had originally written them), I hate that it's so easily abused. Tag Wranglers cannot separate works using the exact same tag. Fan fiction, published works, movies, television, music, whatever. I guess I don't even really get the point of non-shipping fanfiction. If you have good grammar and you write smut for a popular fandom, you're golden on a03. "Gameverse") automatically includes your work under "All Media Types". At least in my fandom, I see a lot more well researched and well written content on AO3. 2. It's fun. But I had entered all the chapters into A03 on one day, and just left them as drafts. Just think of it as your story's introduction to a new market rather than a mirror of your work. I know it's probably not very inspiring or feel-good whenever a really good writer must see their story passed up for any generic smut out there. Hope this helps someone avoid the pitfalls into which I tripped face first. I always make drafts the night before and I had no idea the time-stamp froze when I saved the draft. I've read plenty of other almost-masterpieces throughout the site that are very under-appreciated in contrast to how much passion and effort they obviously have put into them. Why do people find it annoying that others want to read smut? Alternatively if your writing is damn good, it won't matter too much if you write for some small, obscure fandom. A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. I have one gen fic on ffnet that got pretty popular. (Disclaimer: I'm not the dev, just someone who has been happily using AO3 Savior for years.) Bad The scripts 'ao3 savior' and 'ao3 savior config' is not working I was browsing ao3 today and suddenly some blacklisted works were not hidden, so I followed the Debugging steps to reinstall the scr... Nika on 2017-04-25. Or there should be a limit to how many times somebody can move the date forward (but no limit to moving the date backwards)? Is there a delay? AO3 is more of just a site to host works than anything else. Press J to jump to the feed. But why is it that low-quality badly-written one shots of smut is the only thing readers seem to want to digest and actively support? ; FanFicFare can call Reading List to sync devices and keep a list of new books to read. Honestly, I don't understand AO3's tagging system very well. If you discover that your work is showing up under a different filter (tag) than you intended, you can edit the tag on your work to be clearer. AO3 treats chapter drafts as having been published the day they're created, not the day they're posted, and sorts them accordingly. I only learned myself when I tried to update to the new AO3 Savior script and it didn't work and asked for help, and they explained that I needed the config script as well and why. Some have bigger followings on, some on AO3. AO3 lacks the social media aspect that has - there are no forums where you can plug your latest fic. You can't just post and expect everyone to see it, especially in very small or very large fandoms (small because they can be inactive, large because they can be too active and your fic can get buried as soon as you post it). You can't force people to read what they don't want to read. Seems like no matter what you write about, no matter how original or however much effort is put into your story, if it's not taboo shipping smut it won't get any attention whatsoever. ao3 savior is my Favourite, can't remember the last time i used ao3 without it. Fanlore claims that AO3 was started as a consequence of the Great Strikethrough and Boldthrough of Livejournal in 2007. With shipping, the reason it's fanfic (as opposed to original) is that it's all about shipping THOSE particular characters. However, if you: Excellent explanation! But I've seen plenty of non-shipping stories there that get a lot of attention. Now I understand why each chapter showed the same publish date. For example, Penny Parker is a character on the TV show MacGyver. What would Ender Wiggin be like at Hogwarts? To draw more attention to your work, promoting on social media is a necessity. Different fandoms have different cultures, too. And particularly nice since you can add your own notes and tags ("this is the one with that scene", indy!Harry, etc). What if Nevill was the chosen one? These are all things that you can't really get in a original fic, but can be SO enriching to read. The moment when James met Severus. It focuses on a main ship but has no smut. It is strictly an archive. Just like with pretty much everything else, it's all about networking and advertising. I am late to the party here, but just wanted to weigh in a little as someone who loves both gen and smut. Heck, my most popular story is totally gen. And in Avengers, which I'm guessing might be one of the big ones everyone complains about being low-quality smut. Whenever you redate your fic, the fic is moved to the proper spot chronologically (barring bugs, etc.). And then going back it explained it on the main AO3 Savior script page, but only in such a way that I understood it after having it explained to me. It's kind of terrifying.) Just on my own stats, around 30% of what I've posted is gen, and out of the stuff that I have with a pairing listed, nearly half are rated general audiences and only touch on the romantic relationship involved (like a married couple naming a baby or buying curtains or other ridiculous nonsense like that).