Location: The table is in the Seattle area. The table is in mahogany. "Manhattan" Antique 8ft Pool Table - SOLD, The Monarch by J.M Brunswick & Balke SOLD, "Acme" Antique table by Brunswick & Balke Circa 1878 SOLD, Antique Brunswick "Sultana" circa 1910 SOLD, Championship Mercury Ultra Pool Table Cloth, Championship Titan Brites Pool Table Cloth, Championship Tour Edition Pool Table Cloth, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. It has been in storage for several years. WHEN SOMETHING IS OBVIOUS, TO YOU IT MAY NOT BE OBVIOUS TO US. This table also has pocket cushions which fit over the pockets to make it a billiard table. There is an epoxy used to repair the crack. End stretchers 1 3/4" thick x 5 1/2" Legs 12" square at bottom x 9" at top, capped by 3 3/8", Gorgeous 5 x 10 foot 1926 Brunswick Medalist Pool Table. As well it is a popular model today. A great example coming out of the Seattle area. Pool tables were commonly there. Full Size Billiard table by Riley, carved mahogany . Rosewood with Maple inlays and Rosewood rails. Please contact me for payment options. 1 Table represents a dramatic change in table design and presents features of extraordinary novelty. I do my best to answer all questions in a timely matter. A great example of a Walnut Brilliant novelty out of the San Francisco area. The rails are rosewood, the frame is maple with a thick mahogany veneer. And can be yours. This table features a Brazilian rosewood background with exquisite inlays in birds-eye maple and rosewood finished in a French polish. It is stored inside. Which means that it is unusually heavy and substantial. English & American Pool Tables. This table has a 4 piece Vermont slate bed - with the early double keyhole and pin cast iron locking system that holds the cabinet sides to the legs. The sides are compound construction, being tongued and grooved and glued, the exterior being reinforced with 3-ply veneer placed in an alternate run of grain, cross veneered on inside. We want to buy your Antique Pool Tables, and all kinds of Antique Billiard Accessories: Cue Racks, Ball Racks, Cues, Billiard Lights, Pool Balls, and Chalk. The internet is full of information about Brunswick Medalist Billiard tables so please do your research to answer questions that I may not be able. The veneer is damaged on one end, but should be relatively easy to replace(I believe it is Honduras mahogany, with a very deep red color- beautiful! One family and one fine table. IT WILL BE UP TO THE, BUYER TO MAKE ALL ARRANGEMENTS TO HAVE IT PICKED UP, ALL PAID FOR BY BUYER. Antique 1870 Brunswick Billiards / Pool Table, Antique Brunswick 9' Narragansett Pool Table, Antique Brunswick Balke Collender Co. Feel free to browse our gallery on the right to see some of the antique models that we currently have available and also give us a call at 631-318-6324 to … Unless you have a tax ID number We ship items out EVERY DAY except SUNDAYS and MAJOR HOLIDAYS 14 day return policy. Brunswick Union League the house and is local pickup only. Antique Pool Tables Filter by. Moving and downsizing. Both have a hole in the upper side.Arms? NY 13790 TEL: 607)798-0084 FAX: 607)231-6232. I have not cleaned these( some people prefer original patina) I found what I believe to be a makers name on inside but can not make it out. Billiard slate, snooker slate and more. Needs new felt. GREAT SHAPE CAME OFF OF A BRIGGS AND SON LARGE MAYBE 9 FT. TABLE IN OUR HOUSE.VERY HEAVY.ADDED PHOTOS OF ORIGINAL TABLE BEFORE WE DISMANTLED IT SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT THE SLATE WENT TO AND APPROX. The cost for shipping will depend on the destination location. This item is sold"AS IS" Meaning: We sell a wide variety of used items. It has the original bridge holders. Note the exceptional Ash Burl on the side and ends of the frame. We personally deliver and set up our pool tables and Bars throughout the United States and Canada. Same family since FOREVER! Our collection of intricate vintage pool tables will leave you stunned with the woodwork, the masterful craftsmanship, and the sheer expanse of variety available. This table has solid walnut rails and is in very good condition. 15 billiard balls, the white ball, one rack, one pool stick stand, and some chalk. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ADDITIONAL PHOTOS We are pleased to be offering today a gorgeous tiger sawn oak four legged turn of the century table in complete restored condition. Brunswick & Balke - The Monarch, 1880's, 4' x 8', deep true mahogany with California laurel, burl ash, French walnut, birdseye maple, rosewood, ebony, mahogany and tulip woods inlays. Complete table, balls, rack and 2 spring loaded cue sticks. A choice of styles & finishes together with many different options of pocket styles & cloth colours to suit individual requirements. And plays well. Man-cave or tavern. Is 100% complete and would be a very easy restoration. If the buyer is in the California area. Sort by The "Brilliant Novelty" by Brunswick Balke Collender. It was the design of table manufactured by us that received the award of first medal for excellence at the Paris Exposition, when in competition with like goods from all parts of the world. The top rails are Rosewood with Mother of Pearl diamond sights. Emanuel Brunswick 9' Pocket Billiard Table c1870s. We can have the cus. 12.5" wide. Base on one has 4 holes along base.They are identical except for this) for oil lamp fixture? Available for pickup in the Milwaukee area. Yes it will need a new felt top. Table has BEAUTIFUL INLAID VENEER(see photos for details! We have replaced the cushions many times over the years. Wendt Billiard Table Company 9 ft. 46" x 92" playing surface) 3-piece doweled slate Black leather pockets New rubber rails and new cloth in 2005 Original Wood ball returns Pool cues Pool balls and other accessories, THIS AUCTION IS FOR 3 PIECE OLD SLATE TABLE. I believe it would, be best for you to get your own quote. Antique Pool Table. 3 pc. This antique pool table model by Brunswick is not particularly scarce but that shows its popularity in its day due to the survival rate. IF YOU NEED ME TO FACILITATE OVERSEAS SHIPPING I WILL NEED TO HIRE A BROKER AT YOUR EXPENSE. In short, its time for a massive garage sale. The table has 3 sections of slate which measure 60" wide and 1 1/2" thick. It's been well maintained and is in great condition. Each is very heavy- I might estimate each at 250-300 pounds or even more. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have on this table. 2 Oak Antique Billiard Ball Racks included Antique Brass 2 Fixture Light- I made this from Antique Lighting Parts specifically for the'right ambiance' while playing. We specialize in Victorian era antique pool tables of the finest quality. The buyer has the choice of the color of the pockets and color of the felt. You probably would want to buy new balls, cues and accessories anyway. The table dates from the 1890s to 1900s range. A L STERLING POOL TABLE 9 FT. REFINISHED, ANTIQUE J E CAME BILLIARD POOL TABLE With Inlaid Satin Wood And Mother Of Pearl, 8.5' Antique August Jungblut Pool Table - c.1875, Brunswick Antique Restored "Medalist" Pool Table 9 Foot, Vintage/Antique Brunswick Billiards Mid Century Modern 9' Anniversary Pool Table, Antique Brunswick-Balke Collender Monarch Cushions 9’ Pool Table, BRUNSWICK BALKE COLLENDER CUSTOM ANTIQUE 9' BILLIARD POOL TABLE GREAT CONDITION, Billiard / Pool Table - Antique 9 ft - Atlantic Billiards circa 1930 3 slate, Antique/Pool/Billiard/Brunswick Centennial Rare Pro 46" x 92" PS, 8' Pool Table, Antique "YORK" Style 9 foot SNOOKER Table Restored by BLATT Billiards, New York, Custom built antique Olhausen St. Andrews Pool table & Dining table, Antique Brunswick Billiards 9' Pool Table ROCHESTER, Antique Pool Table 1938 Brunswick - restored, 1906 antique brunswick billiards pool table, Antique Brunswick Billiard 9' Foot Pool Table with Rack, Chairs, Light, Antique Brunswick Snooker Billiard Table 1917 Desired 5x10 size -Monarch Cushion, Antique 10' Brunswick Anniversary Carom Billiard Table, Antique Vintage 1903 National Billiard Mfg Co Billiard Pool Table & Score Beads, Brunswick Billiard Pool Table, regulation size, red felt, antique, vintage, Antique Brunswick Balke Collender 9' Billiard Table With Monarch Cushions, Antique Brunswick-Balke-Collender Charles Schulenburg Pool Table Inlay Billiard, Burroughes & Watts carved antique full size snooker/billiard table, 2 Antique Vintage 1896 BILLIARD POOL TABLE RAIL BOLT COVERS Apron Cushion Parts, Antique Pool Billiard Table slate dolly Prototype, Antique Oak Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co Cushion Regulation Billiard/Pool Table, Antique Pool Billiard Table "Arcade" Brunswick Regulation Size 4-1/2'x9', Brunswick Billiard Centennial Snooker Table Antique, Antique Regulation Atlantic Billiard Table, Antique Billiard Pool Table BOSTON OLIVER BRIGGS 9 ft, Vintage Old Antique Pool Snooker Billiard Table Leather Pocket Pockets Lot, Antique Brunswick Balke Collender Billiard Pool Table Medalist Rare Amazing LOOK, 16576 Victorian Oak Antique Pool Billiard Table, Antique Vintage Mini Pool Table & Billiard Pool Ball Set Wall Art.