What is the price of admission? The number of dimes is 18 less than twice the number of quarters. Then, solve the equation: 'Thirteen multiplied by h is one hundred and four.". A company A rents copy machines for $300 a month plus $0.50 per copy. The difference between their squares is 91. The tangerines will be divided equally among 9 classrooms. On a flight from Boston to San Diego, American reduced its internet price by $211.00. Jessica has no books. How long will these provisions last, if 25 more students join the group? She has 8 games left and estimates that she will shoot at about the same pace... A generating station has a maximum demand of 25 MW, a load factor of 60%, a plant capacity factor of 50%, and a plant use factor of 72%. The shovels were sold for $7,300, with a profit of $50 per shovel. The first plan has an initial fee of $49.98 and costs an additional $0.12 per mile driven. Pure acid is to be added to a 10% acid solution to obtain 90L of 48% solution. What is the maximum number of centum cubic feet (CCF) jake can use if he wants his bill to be no more than $50? Keiko had 6 more red tiles than yellow tiles. Solve. The sum of two consecutive integers is 31. ... Help your students get ready for spring courses by offering a free Math Readiness Boot Camp to practice key skills needed to fuel their success. How many children and h... Anna purchased 32 strings for her autoharp. How much shelving does the baker need to buy? After 2 hours, Taylor's bus has traveled 50% further than Kellie's bus... Each auditorium has both floor seats, and balcony seats. Line L passes through the points (4 , -5) and (3 , 7). If the width of a rectangle is half its length, how many times its length is its perimeter? Rent can deliver his newspapers in 30 minutes. If Ramon has 7 yellow tiles, how many tiles does Keiko have now? If dean gives Nadia 4 of his dimes, then Dean will have the same value of money as Nadia. The younger son can do the same job in 12 hours. If x represents the lengt... Frank can build a fence in twice the time it would take Sandy. One number is 3 times as large as the other. What was the price of the blouse? Working alone, the Bill can paint a room in 12 hours. Michael rents a truck for 3 days, and his bill comes to $420. He has 175 feet of fencing and three 2.5 foot wide gates. Solve the equation 30w + 60 = 270 to find how many weeks w it will take Uma to save enough to buy the system. How old am i now? How long would it take Juanita alone? (3x2 + 5) - (x2 - 4x + 5). How many workers are required to make 450 pairs of the cup in 10 days? Find an equation of the line through the points (-3 , 5) and (9 , 10) and write it in the standard form Ax + By = C, with A > 0. What is the mathematical form for twice the difference of 3 and a number 10? “This year I’ve been looking at a lot of geometry and middle-school [content], which is not pertinent to what I teach, but it’s what teachers are asking for.”. 20 w^2 x^4 y^5 + 12 w^6 x^9. How many nickels does she have? Solve the following equations: 1) -9 + 4r = 4r - 3 - 6 2) 6x - 2x + 8 = x + 5 3) 4n + 5n + 15 = 5n + 7n. How long will it take them if they work together (using 2 lawn mowers)? All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Delta Math Answers. You will need to get assistance from your school if you are having problems entering the answers into your online assignment. If you double and then triple a number, this is the same as cutting the number in half. How much will it cost to drive 400 miles? Use s and t as your parameters.) How is this expressed in... How can you tell if an equation is quadratic and not linear? But they are so pricy that I just could not afford one. There are 54 students in a speech contest. On Thursday, 153 tickets were sold for a total sales of $1,088.80. What is the area of each state? His job deposited his salary of $60 per week into his bank account. Thank you. What is the number? Father can do the job on the farm in 6 hours. The baker wants to put a wooden shelf around the inside of the bakery. Julia spent $60 on a book. How many of each coin are there? All my pets are dogs except two. Jim and his dad are bricklayers. Hamburgers are $2.25 each. How much was the blouse? Solve for the value of x. a. You can ask any math question and get expert answers in as little as two hours. Find, if possible, the slope of the line through the points (2 , 5) and (-4 , 5).