So eating home cooked meals in our own portable home is what we think is living high. “Great question. If I know I am going to unload I am more particular about the campsite. For Casey that hazard is visibility. We often take the camper to car shows, although they are typically held at hotels and we don’t sleep in the camper. ©2020 SAE International. “I unload the Lance only when necessary. It is too much work to unload and reload the camper.” – Anne Adams, 2005 Ford F350, 2011 Lance 1191. It helps me remember all I have to do, including the trucks air bags, adjustable shocks, and diesel programmer. Meanwhile, in Pauillac, the A380's six major components are unloaded, and then moved to one of two barges for the next stage of the trip to Toulouse. We took a five day fishing trip around the Cascade Lakes where we found a quiet, no hook-up campsite. Can’t say we’ve heard that one before. Some of the eighteen bridges had a 9’ 6” clearance. Have a helper mark or place a piece of electrical tape in the back window of the truck centered on the tape you put on the truck camper as viewed from the driver’s seat in your rear view mirror. Also in the same area, the harness for tie down straps is around the bed. Then, there’s the additional bonus of loading and unloading practice. On one of our annual trips we unload for four days at one campground to use the truck for going to town and shopping. In fact we have only taken it off twice, both times at two different campsites at Joshua Tree National Park. Having your second home within walking distance from wherever you are visiting is very comforting in so many ways.” – Jim McNamara, 2005 GMC 3500, 1994 Lance Squire. “A lot of our camping is centered around fishing. It has been a great success, after traveling more than 120,000 kilometers. I saved on gas traveling every few weeks to take care of business, and stayed in our camper instead of an empty house. We also had a small ATV trailer with two ATVs. I always disconnect the turnbuckles and extend the supports to level the Lance. Even my pickup is too big for Glacier Park’s Highway to the Sun (no dually, 21-foot length limit), but I’ve taken a naked pickup through Yellowstone and up a trail to a campground that contained an 11-percent grade in Alaska. Fortunately, most of the places we stay at have courtesy docks or a nice sandy bank to park the boat so we do not remove the camper very often.” – Mike Peebler, 2009 GMC 3500 HD, 2005 Lance 1181, “I only unload in the field for stays longer then three days and when black tank capacity is not an issue. The more you roll out the easier it is. Probably the main reason that the camper stays on the truck all summer is that the jacks on our camper clear the dually fenders on our F350 by 0.5 inch on each side. Timber trucks spend most of their operation time travelling in speeds of around 80 km/h. If we are staying in a campground for a couple of days or more, we typically setup the awning room and store some items like a cooler, lawn chairs, and hitch extension under the side of the truck camper. The convoy travels across specially modified roads from Langon to Toulouse to deliver the components. Normally we leave the camper on, but we wanted to do a lot of exploring while there.” – Jim Furubotten, 2006 Ford F350, 2014 Northern Lite 10-2 CDSE, “I never unload in the field. Skip does highlight one main reason to unload, which is exploring the local area. Find the speed of the truck. where v 1 is the travel speed unloaded and v 2 is the travel speed loaded. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It is not a super cell with space, but it is comfortable and all the necessities for life are on board. The parts too big to travel by air are transferred to France on specially designed vessels. A lot depends on our campsite as to the location to unload and why we are there. “In addition to speed limits, my customers install pedestrian lights, make safety vests a requirement or build awareness by hanging safety posters,” says Casey. It takes less than ten minutes with our camper, so it’s very easy.” – D. Boggs, 2015 GMC 3500, 2015 Adventurer 116DS. Clearance wasn’t much of an issue, but the brakes would have had a major workout and side-to-side clearance was tight.” – Steve Merrill, 2009 Chevy Silverado 3500, 2007 Lance 992.