there, and for the guards to let Mulder escape. Alexei 'Alex' Fyodor Krycek was a double agent of American-Russian descent, who has ties with both The New Consortium and Shattenjaeger. [34] Through the eighth and ninth seasons, he was presumed dead until Jeffrey Spender appeared in " William ". CSM spoke with the First Elder at a horse track about Mulder's death, which CSM saw as unfortunate and unhelpful. In 1995, William planned to divulge all his secrets to his son after encountering a clone of Samantha fleeing an alien bounty hunter. During the ninth season he worked within the FBI. Krycek with him. He is not surprised to see that, except for the fully functional left arm, he appears as he had been when Skinner shot him. He goes out and walks the city streets, until he finds an open store. A night's rest on his favorite bench or sleep forever at the hands of an unknown stranger; it's all the same to him. [22] Frohike has a deep attraction for Dana Scully. Alex stays in Washington D.C. until September. First seen as the apparently comatose son of a detective from the town Bellefleur, Oregon, Billy was later revealed to be unwittingly assisting in the abductions and deaths of several of his former high school classmates whilst controlled by another presence. Tasked with debunking Mulder's work, Scully eventually comes to question her own faith, while Mulder continues to search through the archives of the Hoover building in order to find out what happened to his missing sister. If things have gone the way he'd begun to discern, back then; the juiced-up hybrids would have had no reason to kill the kid or Mulder if born human. He remains invisible to those from the FBI who would recognize him. [53] He also obtained photographs taken by X of a meeting between The Smoking Man and Teena Mulder as proof that one of the Smoking Man's henchmen was a traitor. kinds of problems for Skinner, who has to explain to police and (the original episode to show the mine in West Virginia was season 3's "Paper Clip", although Strughold himself did not appear in this episode, or in any television episodes of the show). However, Billy Miles critically injured Skinner in the attack. Skinner answers and Krycek hangs up. At the end of the eighth season, Scully departs the X-files, accept a teaching position at the FBI Academy. by grabbing the man and dragging him over the railing balcony to Eventually, Fowley also splits from him, which leads to her death. Using this information, the FBI stakes out a warehouse Scully, now a reluctant believer, is partnered with Special Agent John Doggett (Robert Patrick), a former NYPD detective and a strict skeptic who is still grief-stricken over the death of his son, Luke. intercept a certain diplomatic Mulder pulls out the homemade knife and runs up to the loading Krycek is later found to have been selling the secrets from the encrypted MJ files. It is not to be confused with, Federal Bureau of Investigation characters. He quells these desires and suppresses his loneliness. [26][40] In "The Erlenmeyer Flask," the finale of the first season, Mulder is taken hostage following his investigation into an alien-human hybridization program. astonished. He subsequently dies of his wound, leaving Scully to mourn that she had never even learned his first name. ), Mulder and Krycek find a labor camp where prisoners are being He sympathized with Scully's desire to have a child, because he and Tara had not been able to become parents for years until the time of the episode. leveled the federal building in Oklahoma City. The first seven seasons of The X-Files star Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully, a medical doctor and hard-line scientist assigned to work alongside Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), an esteemed FBI profiler who left his coveted position to head up a unit that investigates the paranormal and the unexplained. Using the nanotechnology in Skinner's bloodstream as leverage, Krycek makes demands that compromise the trust and working relationship between Skinner and the X-Files team.