Rather, much of the focus was on Marshall Faulk, as he was the biggest play maker on a team loaded with lethal weapons. Zero is the base formation: quarterback Tom Brady under center, running back Antowain Smith directly behind Brady, 7 yards in the backfield, and two tight ends, Jermaine Wiggins and Marc Edwards (normally the starting fullback). Air Coryell is different. Since most down and distance situations can be attacked with a pass or a run, the intent is to make offensive play calling unpredictable and thus keep the defense's play "honest", forcing defenders to be prepared for a multitude of possible offensive plays rather than focusing aggressively on one likely play from the offense. It also gave the coaching staff an opportunity to run test plays against the defense to gauge their reactions in game situations. The best playcall is the one you can relay into the quarterback in the huddle and to the rest of the players on the field. A running quarterback can compensate by acting as a runner himself, paralyzing an overly aggressive defense. On the actual play, Brady threw a quick slant to Brown for a 21-yard gain, 17 of it after the catch. Belichick's Patriots have won 16 AFC East division titles, 9 AFC Championships and 6 Super Bowl titles. The 3–4 zone blitz defense was developed by Dick LeBeau as defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals. The rest of picks before Sunday AND REMEMBER the Breeders Cup on Friday & Saturday. When Parcells returned to the Giants as defensive coordinator under Ray Perkins in 1981, he brought the 3–4 defense with him. Here is Mike Leach’s call for his 4 Verts play at Oklahoma: “Blue Right 6”. You force the safeties to drop deep and prevent the big pass. In short, the concepts of the system the Hawks used in 2017 are very similar to the concepts used in 2018, but the difference in how the offense looks on the field is going to grow out of the individual responsible for calling plays. Offensive linemen are forced to hold onto blocks for extended periods of time so the play can develop downfield. "[3] This may have been especially true during the years Bill Parcells ran this system as the head coach of the New York Giants. Cleveland takes a dip, hoping to get healthy in the second half of the season. [16] Defensive linemen in this system tend to be stouter, as they need to be able to hold their place without being overwhelmed in order to allow the linebackers behind them to make plays. Where are your former Browns now? This modifiable aspect of the Patriots system is in stark contrast to simpler systems like the Tampa 2 defense, in which the same scheme is often run repeatedly with the emphasis being on execution rather than on flexibility. He is the only coach in NFL history to take 4 different teams to the NFL playoffs and 3 different NFL teams to a conference championship game. Both are pass first offenses and employ the short passing game as running plays. Due to the importance of pass protection, offensive linemen are less road grading and more athletic. Thus the play began as a run-heavy look, yet at the time of the snap the Patriots had five receivers running pass patterns with an empty backfield. As such, the tight end was an absolutely massive factor in the Don Coryell's scheme. Shout tells the three potential receivers on one side of the quarterback what routes they should run, while Tosser tells the other two potential receivers their patterns. To quote Cam Newton, Simplistic = Fast. The offense uses a specific naming system, with the routes for wide receivers and tight ends receiving three digit numbers, and routes for backs having unique names. Flood Slot Hat further modifies this formation to line two wide receivers up to the left (David Patten wide and Troy Brown in the slot), to stack both tight ends on the right side of the formation, and to send running back Smith out to the right wide receiver spot in pre-snap motion. It not about ball control. Conversely, the West Coast Offense could in theory have more freedom, since route combinations are not limited by 0-9 digits, but at the price of much more memorization required by the players. In 1993, a Bernie Kosar quotation used to describe the 1993 Dallas Cowboys' offense as 'West Coast offense' was publicized b… First, it “costs” a lot of practice time to install all of the things either language could refer to. Air Coryell is much less an organized system of football, and much more an offensive philosophy explaining how you should make aggressive use of absolutely fantastic play makers, and exploit weaknesses in the enemy defenses. In the final analysis the objective is to put the ball in the hands of your biggest play makers, and let them run with the ball. Weis states in his autobiography "No Excuses" that the first play that he called in Super Bowl XXXVI was: Zero Flood Slot Hat, Seventy-eight Shout Tosser. You don't establish your running game first. In particular, it seems fans want to understand how much of the team’s struggles this season have been the result of switching from an offense based on West Coast principles to an offense based on Air Coryell principles. Keeping a defense honest and maintaining those advantages is critical for a successful offense, and the (good) Air Raid teams do it by keeping things simple and only running what they need–as many plays as possible look the same at the start. That is seen when the offenses are broken down to their simplest fundamental element. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. So, one of the most persistent peeves I have as a football fan is the East Coast notion that Bill Walsh and Don Coryell were doing more or less the same thing. In blitz or short-yardage situations, many of the West Coast offense's strengths are negated by defenses blocking running and passing lanes. Montana, who was known for his ability to remain calm under pressure, also possessed good mobility and an accurate passing arm. Receivers can adjust both depth of the pattern and the pattern itself based on the defensive coverage they are facing. Just because you could potentially run every play and motion under the sun doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. To represent the similarites of the offenses in a manner that is easy to understand for most fans, here’s a rough ballpark of a Venn Diagram of the Air Coryell and West Coast systems. Reid successfully utilized the West Coast offense to produce multiple winning seasons during his 14-season tenure as Eagles head coach. So, while the then San Diego, but now Los Angeles Chargers used a pass heavy air attack in the 1980s for their version of the Air Coryell attack, the Kansas City Chiefs used a similar offense to attack defenses with a run heavy attack in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The offense is designed to dictate what the defense will give, attempting to strike fear of going for it all on every play. The West Coast offense caused a split still evident today among quarterbacks; those who were more adept at the West Coast style: Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Matt Hasselbeck; and those more in tune with the old style: Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, and Peyton Manning. There are two similar but distinct offensive-strategic-systems of play which are commonly referred to as "West Coast Offenses": (A) the Air Coryell system popularized by Don Coryell; or (B) more commonly the offensive system popularized by Bill Walsh characterized by short, horizontal passing routes in lieu of running plays to "stretch out" defenses, opening up the potential for long runs or long passes. [29] The Patriots have shown willingness to exploit some of the more esoteric special teams rules; they considered a fair catch kick during Super Bowl LI (opting against it because it was deemed too risky)[30] and have used the drop kick several times: scoring the only known point off a drop kick in the modern era in the last game of the 2006 regular season[31] and using the maneuver at least twice (both unsuccessfully) on onside kick attempts, in 2011[32] and 2015.[33]. In short, the actual breakdown of … Around 2011, Bill Belichick increasingly adopted an up-tempo, no-huddle offense for his team. Due to the importance of the passing game, every back and tight end on the field must possess outstanding receiving skills. LeBeau's system commonly calls upon linemen to be mobile enough to drop back into zone coverage in place of blitzing linebackers. The Coryell offense had lower completion percentages than the West Coast offense, but the returns were greater on a … [25] He served as an NFL head coach for 19 seasons, coaching the New York Giants (1983–1990), New England Patriots (1993–1996), New York Jets (1997–1999) and Dallas Cowboys (2003–2006). Green Bay, Atlanta '04-'06, Philadelphia '04-present ). Al Davis, an assistant under Gillman, also carried his version to the Oakland Raiders, where his successors John Rauch, John Madden, and Tom Flores continued to employ and expand upon its basic principles. The Coryell offense attacked vertically through seams, while the West Coast offense moved laterally as much as vertically through angles on curl and slant routes. In the West Coast system, you take absolutely fantastic playmakers like Jerry Rice, Sterling Sharp, Shannon Sharp, John Taylor, Rod Smith, Terrel Davis, Terrel Owens, Roger Craig, Ricky Waters, etc.