Abandoned Mansion Indoor Pool. ABANDONED GOLF COURSE found whilst exploring abandoned … In the winter of 2018 Riddimryder took Carlo Paolozza and I to explore an interesting abandoned mansion in the woods that he had found complete with an abandoned train car in a forest.. I can’t help but have a little dread to think what will happen to this spectacular place once the roof is compromised. Twitter – https://twitter.com/UnchartedTraveI?lang=en. It was an odd apocalyptic looking site to approach this strange abandoned train car in the middle of the woods! LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE !! THe property was overgrown & a large tree had fallen on to the house. This mansion has been left abandoned and untouched by its owners for several years with everything still left inside. Abandoned BMW Mini Mansion. I’m sitting here in aww looking at every single picture. – Chloe Explores, Maria Clara apresenta um show de mágicas ✨ Maria Clara e JP shows magic tricks, (OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE AT GHOST FARM) JOE AND CHRIS COMPLETE AND OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE, "GHOST FARM". I estimate that I had…, Located in a mountainous region of Quebec is the close to 100 year old Manoir Ogilvie. Your email address will not be published. Abandoned Mansion in the Woods. This amazing place was…, In 2016 I had just returned from the Philippines after three weeks work & was in desperate need to get…, Copyright © 2020 Abandoned Urban Exploring & Urbex Photography — Velux WordPress theme by, Abandoned French Mansion – Manoir Ogilvie, Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion in the Woods. (Heat?) Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion in the Woods. I know you were uneasy and moving along. So whenever a car was spotted, the police were called. Thanks for watching! If I approach any location to find all access points to be sealed, I always walk away. Abandoned Mansion in the Woods. Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion in the Woods. The home is entirely boarded up on a vast piece of land with a coffin shaped pool. It became widely known that any car parked out front, even if it was up the road at the mail boxes, was there exploring the mansion. ( Lancelin Sand Dunes, Perth ) ABANDONED CANCER HOSPITAL -DISCOVERED RADIATION MACHINES- EXPLORING WITH MAX POWER AND RNK ALL DAY . I actually took these pictures a few years ago before I was really doing any videos. If you are a surviving family and have discovered any posts with stress and dismay, please message me immediately. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCATJ…, facebook A year or so later I did a return visit to see what if anything had changed. The first road trip of the year: RiddimRyder, Carlo Paolozza & myself spent the night inside this abandoned mansion that was owned by a member of the mafia. No personal belongings or items are ever removed from any location I explore, Complete Freaktography Gallery Collection, – 11/03/20 – Christmas Abandoned Time Capsule House, – 10/21/20 – Keefer Falls Waterfall, Owen Sound Ontario, – 10/14/20 – Inglis Falls Waterfall, Owen Sound Ontario, – 10/11/20 – Abandoned Time Capsule Bed and Breakfast, – 10/10/20 – 1970’s Decor Abandoned Farm House, – 10/08/20 – Abandoned Mansion Written Off By Fire, – 10/7/20 – Jones Falls Waterfall, Owen Sound Ontario, – 10/05/20 – Abandoned Curtiss Wright Buffalo, – 10/04/20 – 1960s Time Capsule Abandoned Mansion, – 09/19/20 – Exploring an Undisclosed Abandoned Hospital, – 09/10/20 – Law and Order SBU: Tiny Goes to Jail, – 09/05/20 – Smokey Hollow Waterfall Waterdown Ontario, – 09/03/20 – Abandoned Time Capsule House with a Mummified Cat, – 08/22/20 – Abandoned 19th Century Stone Mansion, – 08/16/20 – Abandoned House Meaford Ontario, – 08/10/20 – The Ghost of Screaming Tunnel, – 08/03/20 – Abandoned 8 Million Dollar Mansion, – 07/12/20 – 3 Million Dollar AirBNB Mansion, – 07/07/20 – Abandoned 1970s Funky Retro Mansion, Freaktography Urban Exploring Photography, Exploring a Historic and Haunted Hotel The Preston Springs Hotel, Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane Kingston Ontario Urban Exploring, Abandoned Century Manor Insane Asylum Hamilton Ontario | Hamilton Asylum for the Insane, Abandoned Grow Op Mansion | Abandoned Drug Dealers Mansion, Unused Unwanted Million Dollar Mystery Mansion, Private Eyes Strip Club Abandoned Strip Club Urban Exploring.