The 9mm offers less recoil than the .45 ACP, making it easier for new shooters to learn the fundamentals of handgun shooting. Remember that little bit about bleeding out? This huge disparity in magazine capacity makes a sizable difference in the ability to effectively deal with multiple attackers or deliver follow-up shots in a critical engagement. Unless you through simple logic out the window, the 45 does more damage. BUT if the bullet won’t go through a rib, it’s not likely to hit the heart or lungs. We rarely ever hear stories of .45 rounds bouncing off of targets or 6 rounds of 9mm failing to stop an advancing threat. Before we go much further, we should discuss 9mm vs 45 ballistics, and more importantly, what that information means for you. Ergo, the bigger the bullet, the bigger the permanent wound cavity. All of this information should have helped you select your preferred caliber, but there is also the factor of price. The .45 option holds nine plus one in the chamber and the 9mm holds thirteen plus one. Threats are stopped by three things: disrupting the Central Nervous System, causing massive blood loss/permanent tissue disruption, or denying mobility (taking the legs out from underneath the threat). Excluding variables such as bullet deflection off of bone/clothing/etc, there appears to be a greater level of effectiveness within the desired space. The much discussed “shock” of bullet impact is a fable and “knock down” power is a myth. No misconception here…weight, mass and velocity (assuming good shot placement) decide the so-called stopping power. Getting someone to hold still so you can put that round on target is the issue. For more guidance for choosing between calibers, such as 9mm and 380, be sure to check out our other comparison articles! Become a part of something bigger with us. These pistols also include manual safeties that prevent accidental fire. What does that mean? There is often the misconception that bullet size is directly relative to “stopping power” in reference to the caliber’s ability to stop a threat. Many 9mm will get moved clear out of the way by bone (how many of us know guys that got shot in the forehead with a 9mm and it went in, deformed and then traveled under the skin but over the cranium to exit the back of the head? The first reaction to shock is the loss of fine motor function. Coroners will tell you that only .40 and .45 have one shot kills only because the 9mm most bad guys use are FMJ. If you are new to the world of handguns and concealed carry, then keep an open mind while reading below. Use of Force – Home Defense – Concealed Carry, END THE DEBATE: 9mm versus 45 ACP versus whatever…, TacDyn Ultimate Qualifications Course – 11/14 9AM, Improve Accuracy with These Fire Range Tips. When we speak on the concealed carry of 9mm vs 45 ACP, this is often the topic that divides most people when discussing the two calibers. The important thing to note is that, when loaded with appropriate ammunition, they are both capable of stopping a threat.