Or check out the rest of the Minor Arcana or Major Arcana in The Tarot Guide for free tarot meanings online! In a spiritual context, Seven of Pentacles Tarot card reversed can indicate that you are feeling unhappy or frustrated on a spiritual level. If you are single, the Seven of Pentacles reversed can indicate that you may be overly focused on career or material wealth and not making time for love to come into your life. Look at where you are focusing your efforts. At the same time, trying too hard can come off as needy or desperate. Often this is a great feeling, to know that you made a good choice. In a general context, the Seven of Pentacles Tarot card reversed can indicate that you may have been working very hard or putting lots of effort into something for little pay or reward. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, see it as an invitation to step back from the day-to-day operations and look at the bigger picture. The Five of Swords underscores that others are to thank for some of what you have accomplished, but whether or not they are around to enjoy this success remains to be seen. Seven of Pentacles Keywords. The Seven of Pentacles reversed represent lack of growth, setbacks, delays, frustration, impatience and not finishing what you started. A bit of spiritual reflection would be beneficial right now. Things coming to fruition, hard work paying off, harvest, rewards, profits, results, pay-outs, manifestation of ideas or goals, inheritance, cultivation, growing, gestation, nurturing, perseverance, patience, planning, reviewing, taking stock, questioning, crossroads, approaching retirement, finishing what you started. As such, this card calls on you to prioritise your activities carefully. If you are looking to improve your health in certain areas, this Minor Arcana card tells you that now would be a good time to evaluate how you can adjust your lifestyle to make these improvements. None of us have just one person that is the ONLY person that we can be with and have a deep, soulful, happy relationship. Alternatively, Seven of Pentacles reversed can indicate that procrastination, laziness or aimlessness is preventing you from manifesting your goals. The Seven of Pentacles is a card of manifestation of goals so if you want to drop a few pounds, build up your fitness, break a bad habit or change your diet, now is a great time to focus your energy on these goals. If your work has not yet paid off as planned, remember that your expectations may be unreasonable. It also can indicate pregnancy/ gestation. Rewards, bonuses and benefits will not be far away when it appears in your Tarot reading. Examine where you are investing your time, energy and resources and make sure you are satisfied with your current progress and receiving a return on those investments.

Similarly, the reversed Seven of Pentacles suggests that even though you may continue to invest a lot of energy into a specific situation, you may not reap the rewards you are looking for. It can also be an indicator that one or both of you is not putting enough effort in. You need to do a cost-benefit analysis of the major tasks involved to bring your project to fruition, as some are taking a lot of your time and energy without bearing the rewards you are seeking. Success comes from hard work and patience, but this card reminds you to take care not to overdo it and exhaust yourself. It is shocking how many people are afraid of success and the changes that it brings. The Seven of Pentacles is a good financial omen as it represents harvesting the fruits of your labour, profits and returns on investments. NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards. He rests on his shovel as he is admiring the seven pentacles hanging from the lush green vegetation. Be patient and appreciate the progress you have made so far. Are you at a crossroads? When either of these cards appears in your reading along with the Seven of Pentacles, the rewards you are about to reap will be multiplied. You do not want to keep putting your heart and soul into something if you won’t reap the rewards for your work – and you have undoubtedly seen that some areas in your life are just energy-sappers. Because he is focused on long term goals… The Seven of Pentacles in a reversed position can also simply indicate that someone is postponing retirement. Alternatively, this Minor Arcana card in a reversed position can represent a lack of effort, procrastination, laziness or aimlessness when it appears in your Tarot Spread. This isn't a card of finality.

You also want to make sure you are putting your attention on the right areas instead of wasting time and effort on tasks that will not deliver any value. Celebrate what you have created and assess your progress so far.
In the Seven of Pentacles, a man leans on his hoe, gazing down at his abundant crop. The meaning of a particular card changes depending on where it lands in the spread of cards. Be careful not to indulge illusion without a balanced view of realistic possibilities. Some Tarot scholars have looked at the resemblance of the shovel’s handle in the Seven of Pentacles and straight stick carrying the knapsack of the character illustrated on The Fool card. The Seven of Pentacles has a deep relationship to the two cards in the Major Arcana that carry the number seven: The Chariot and The Star (numbered seven and seventeen, respectively). Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings Seven of Pentacles Card Meaning. Seven of Pentacles Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings: Seven of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings: with The Tarot Guide? If you are not in a committed relationship, you need to be open to other possibilities, however. In a health context, the Seven of Pentacles is generally a good card. Whichever the case, you need to refocus your energy into achieving what you want. Whatever you have been putting your energy, you will start to reap the rewards.

Seven of Pentacles Description. Use a prioritisation system to ensure you do not waste precious resources on areas that will not deliver results. In a relationship reading, the reversed Seven of Pentacles indicates you have been working very hard on laying the foundations for your relationship but now worry that you will lose all of it. There are three ways to create wealth: one can manufacture it, mine it, or grow it out of the ground. The Seven of Pentacles meaning in a Tarot reading is a time-out. It can also be an indicator that you need to stop and evaluate how your lifestyle is impacting your long-term health and make any necessary changes before you reap what you sow. You arrived to where you are now because of one person: you. If you are currently involved in a venture of diligence or hard work, this card in the future position is a big blessing, but it is not a guarantee.

Weekly Tarot Forecast for July 23 – 29, 2010, 4 Must-Watch Webinars From National Psychic Week, Psychic Predictions and the 2020 Election. The Seven of Pentacles is the card that shows up in the Tarot readings of those pondering a change in their life’s direction. It is a good indicator for those in business as it indicates growth and cultivation. It is a good indicator for those in business as it indicates growth and cultivation. Are you on track? The Seven of Pentacles shows you understand the value of putting in time and energy now for longer-term rewards and have a strong desire to invest in sustainable results. Resting on the tool is finding a new use for the thing that brought you to this point. Have things come to a head recently and there are a few choices of which direction you should take? If you are single, the Seven of Pentacles can indicate that you may be reflecting on past relationships and getting a better sense of what you really want in a future relationship. However, if you are currently in a negative state of mind, the presence of this card in the past position may be confronting you with the fact that you created many of the circumstances from which you now suffer.

It also tells you to be patient.

It can indicate a lack of self-reflection or not taking stock, lack of planning or aimlessness.

The Seven of Pentacles can also simply indicate that someone is nearing retirement. © 2020 Biddy Tarot. Either way, what you’re doing now is not paying off in the way you would like it to. There are seven gold Pentacles sprouting from the vines before him. You may be too focused on work, finances or other factors at the moment and not making enough time for each other, which can lead to a loss of connection. It can also signify that you may be at a spiritual crossroads and have a decision to make about which direction to take next on your spiritual path.

Seven of Pentacles is associated mostly with the constellation of Taurus, as Taurus is a fixed earth sign and the imagery in the card symbolizes sustained, consistent effort. The Seven of Pentacles represents the moment where one realizes that tangible success has arrived, and yet, after all your hard work, there is a moment where you pause and wonder what is to be done now. He has worked long and hard to nurture tiny seeds into this thriving garden and can now take a break to enjoy the fruits of his labour. All is well. After all, the path you take is one that you can choose; you have earned that right.

Plan Your Spiritual Awakening With The 2021 Biddy Tarot Planner, Love this deck?Buy theEveryday Tarot Deck. REVERSED: Lack of long-term vision, limited success or reward. You may be at a crossroads in terms of which direction you take next. In the Seven of Pentacles, a man leans on his hoe, gazing down at his abundant crop. Take stock of what you still need to do to get where you want to be.
It can indicate that you are a workaholic or overworking to the point that it becomes counterproductive.

The Seven of Wands appearing in your reading brings the possibility of an uphill battle to let the world know about your recent prosperity. It can also mean that you may be frustrated that the relationship is not progressing a quickly as you want it to and feel like your efforts are going to waste. Look to the supporting cards for confirmation. Make an effort but don’t be overly controlling or pushy, love needs to be nurtured but also given the room to breathe and grow. Will you be ready to take the fruits of your labor to market when the moment of harvesting your talent arrives? It can also indicate someone taking on too much, overdoing it or being a workaholic.

This card signifies the manifestation of aims, goals or ambitions so now is a great time to do some reflection or take stock of your business/career to date and focus your energies in to achieving your goals.