Erevis Cale. Thanks! Forgive the double post. I have to say that a couple of points were excruciating agony, the kind of hopelessness that I felt for the characters a couple of times the first time I read Ephemera. With Erevis now rescued they all teleport to Ordulin to stop Rivalen Tanthul, who also has a sliver of Mask's divinity and seeks to bring about Shar's will to destroy all of Toril. I through the book and nearly busted it on the wall with rage, yet was happy he met that end. I loved Godborn and all your other FR works. . After I finished the novel, I had to Google about Erevis right away. But i found myself caught up in Godborn almost at once, and during the book i found i caught up to the major events quickly. Surprisingly enough, Cale and Riven met shortly afterward at their usual meeting place in a tavern with Riven sporting a garish scar after being healed, and agreed to let Cale's protection of the Uskevren, and Riven's Zhentarim ties be their little secret. Yes I did read those as well. Forgotten Realms has become “Drizzt realms” with the arrival of 5th edition. Les protagonistes parviennent à se débarrasser momentanément d'un des diables mais, en infériorité, ils sont finalement contraint de battre en retraite dans le bois avoisinant. He lived his life as an escort to the faithful of Amaunator to the Abbey of the Rose, a temple veiled fr… I loved how he manipulated Thamalon. And I think Cale is one of the deepest characters in fantasy genre. Or would that cheapen their authenticity? Alas, that issue remains up in the air. I was at a rough place in life and cliche or not, the Erevis Cale story gave me the strength I needed to get off my ass and put the work in. Agreed. Mr Kemp, you know that I am a huge fan of all of your work. Do you have plans to continue writing for Cale/Vasen and company in future books? Followed by And with my limitations, why would I not just *sense* such things? Rivalen teleports himself and Mephistopheles to Ordulin as well, bringing all the slivers of Mask to one place. Erevis Cale and Jak Fleet infiltrated the lightly guarded guildhouse, destroyed a number of ghouls, and then went on to destroy Yrsillar himself. Still, he doesn't have the dramatic draw like other gods i.e. Erevis Cale Riven has glimpsed the cycle of night she hopes to complete, and he knows she must be stopped. Rivalen Tanthul, grand prêtre de Shar, est le premier des douze princes de Pénombre. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ISBN 13 The Sundering / The Twilight War Cookies help us deliver our Services. I did buy your first Egil and Nix book on my iPad after my last trip to see some of my family in the states. I think I shed a few tears at the end (trying to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t read). Not that you will read this, but if you do, I will post more. Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, is the worlds foremost Table Top Role Playing Game, and one of the longest lived. I like your intelligent and humorous way to write. Realm year(s) Keep doing what you are doing! Originally named Vasen Coriver, he was trained as a thief, assassin, and linguist by the Night Masks thieves' guild. This is a cut/paste of the email i just sent wotc customer service. And thank you for your enthusiasm. Grâce aux éléments qui lui sont fournis par son espion, et maintenant que les protections ont été levées, Brennus parvient à identifier où se trouve l'abbaye et, accompagné d'une douzaine de ses hommes, il se téléporte sur place. Heartstrings were pulled. I have found it much easier to write when I have guidelines and timelines to follow. Vasen is raised under the faith of the newly revealed Amaunator, as a paladin. Arrive cette année là le moment pour Vasen, maintenant paladin d'Amaunator, de reconduire aux Vaux avec trois compagnons tous les pèlerins qui sont clandestinement venus visiter le légendaire oracle de l'abbaye dont il est le gardien. [cite this] Sembie, un état aujourd'hui vassal du Netheril et de ses shadovars, est en guerre contre le Cormyr et les Vaux. Le groupe des quatre se retrouve ensuite à Ordulin, face à Rivalen, et quelques instants plus tard ils sont rejoints par Riven qui amène avec lui Méphistophélès. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Thanks, Dom. But like most, I was at rough patch in my life when I was introduced to your books. And SHADOWREALM is really hard to find in print, so best bet is the three individual ebooks (each is under $5). Cale’s son Vasen—unmoored in time by the god Mask—has thus far been shielded from the archdevil’s dark schemes, alone among the servants of the Lord of Light who have raised him since birth. I’m about ready to burn down the publisher’s offices at this point! In today’s age of D&D books, it seems a rarity to have characters that spans as many books as Cale has. I know he is “dead” and I am super disappointed he had to die, but I can’t wait to see where this all goes. Sayeed et Zeeahd, qui une fois leur chemin trouvé se sont débarrassés de leur guide, arrivent à l'abbaye plus au moins au même moment qu'eux, et l'affrontement inévitable a alors lieu. Cover of The Godborn. I just re-read the part in Godborn where the Oracle (Not wanting to give spoilers in case someone hasn’t read it)went to his father’s resting place and said that he wished he could’ve spoken to him like that when he was alive. Mr Kemp i have not forgotten your work. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the earlier Cale books. Erevis Cale The loyal servant of the Uskevren family, has a terrible secret. Output is a trickle. They really need to stop dragging their feet on this! So excited for this book.