Be sure to level your Ordos Hereticus vendor so that you can purchase them every night. Assault: Psykers do not gain bonus attacks when charging if the model carrying the grenade is not locked in combat. Fantastic if you have Arco-flagellants. 1 Basic Traits 2 Expertise 2.1 Assault 2.2 Tactical 2.3 Heavy Gunner 3 ADVANCED STRATEGY 4 Archeotech … Vhane and her retinue, when it comes down to it, amount to an extra sticky squad of Guardsmen. so unfortunately you cannot spam a dozen Knosso Pronds to run around the field causing havoc. Totally foreign style for me though, so it will be interesting. Take the Astra Telepathica, a Culexus or the Inquisition. It can also help shut down more powerful tactics with psychic powers. Meltas and Plasma are a good option, as most armies lack ways of putting more then one in a squad without making the cost skyrocket. Kinda Definitely. Load up an Acolyte squad with Plasma, Melta, Storm Bolters, Combi-weapons, whatever your fancy is, and drive around shooting up your enemy's units while your dudes sit cozy and (relatively) safe. If you want to wield two and hope for the best, go for it! Quite cheap as well. They also all have the CHARACTER keyword, which means they can't be shot at unless they are the closest model, making them better than they appear to be at winning a gun battle. 6 - All enemy models must make initiative tests. fires two less shots at one less strength, Talons of the Emperor (Custodes and Sisters of Silence), Adeptus Ministorum (Sisters of Battle and minor factions),,000/Tactics/Imperium(8E)&oldid=672919. As a result of the unique FOC and Inquisitorial Detachment rules, this section will focus more on how you can be a more effective ally to a main detachment than how well the other factions can act as your allies. If she gets in range to blast one with her Condemnor it stings! If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. I usually only take 1-2 deatchments anyway, so for me it was NBD but yes, she does eat a CP and a detachment but I found it to be totally worth the trade off. There are only a few issues with it. They moved many Inquisition related units to other Imperium factions. A Culexus by itself won’t typically stop most spells, but in combination with other psykers it is devastating. Not to mention the number of heavy support, troop, HQ, elite, and fast attack choices you need to fill out that Force Org. Greyfax’s biggest value is that she is a beast against Psykers (and Daemons as well, though the two often overlap), both shutting down their spells and sniping them if they aren’t careful with terrain. Inquisitorial detachments Also, they have the Lightning Reflexes rule, which is a 4++, because GW is bad at rules, resulting in them being very good at dodging a flamethrower, but completely unable to dodge, e.g., a Vindicare Exitus round. Frontline Gaming sells Games Workshop product at up to 25% off of retail, every day! The real bonus here is that it's a dedicated transport in an Inquisitorial list, where Marine non-Siege armies are stuck taking it as an Elites choice and have to sacrifice a FOC slot.